Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to store Chanel flap bag


Those Chanel bags have cost me an arm and a leg. So it is a must that I take a good care of them especially when they are being stored inside the wardrobe.

Here I explain the process of how I normally do it.

1. Put an insert into the bag
The main objective is to ensure the bag will not loose its shape while it is not in use. In my case, the insert was simply made from tissue paper that we normally get whenever we buy a handbag. I make an adequate volume for the insert according to the bag size/shape and wrap them with the same paper. So the insert looks quite tidy and is easy for handling.

2. Keep the long chain inside the bag
Pull all the chain and carefully fold it inside the bag. Do not let the chain hanging loosely outside the bag. The heavy metal may damage the leather. If the Chanel flap bag is made from lambskin, it is suggested that the chain is wrapped in tissue paper since the lambskin is not as firm as caviar calfskin. The worst scenario that we want to avoid is that the leather has few dents due to metal pressure from the heavy chain.

3. Cover with felt fabric
The fabric is normally given whenever we buy the bag from boutique. If the felt fabric is not available, then in my opinion it is still ok for not doing this step. I would emphasize more on step 1 & 2 since they are more critical than this felt covering.

4. Put the bag inside its dustbag

5. Store inside the box
Whenever we buy the classic Chanel flap bags, it will normally come with a box.


6. If the original Chanel box is not available, then 'improvise'
Not all of my Chanel flap bags have the standard box from the boutique.
In my case then I use a (used) box from dry cleaner which happens to have the appropriate size for keeping the Chanel flap bag. Or I also would not mind to buy a nice and sturdy box to protect the bag.

7. Lastly, store the bag in standing position
Simply never let the bag stored flat inside the wardrobe.

I understand that some women would store their classic flap bags in a more meticulous way. But I have my own method that I find it quite practical and proven to be effective.

Now I can simply wish and pray that one day I can add my Chanel flap bag collection. A medium-sized classic flap bag is very much welcome for the new addition as it has been on my top wishlist for ages. *fingers crossed*

What's on the lounge chair

This picture was taken around 'a month ago' when both bags were actively in use during that week.

Bag Acquisition - June 2013

No new bag acquisition in June as I am still on a bag ban.

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