Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 31 March 2011

Total handbags: 51

Longchamp - March Shopping Haul

From the SS11 collection
  1. Victoire Powder Medium Long Handle
  2. Le Pliage Palm green Medium Short Handle
  3. Arbre de Vie White Medium Short Handle

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before and After - GIA Batik



GIA Etnisk Medium w purple cobra

GIA Etnisk Medium w pink-lime green cobra
GIA Etnisk Medium in Batik Solo motif Parang w lime green-pink cobra

photo credit: GIA

Bag Acquisition - March 2011

Balenciaga Work Nuage RGGH

Celine Mini Luggage Smooth Calfskin Black
Longchamp Arbre de Vie (Tree of Life) White Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Palm Green Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Victoire Powder Medium Long Handle

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Tulis Solo with brown-dark blue python

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Tulis Lawas 3N w red python

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Lawas Parang Gurdo w red brick python

Ziba Label Calcia in Batik Tulis Lawas 3N w red python

Ziba Label Selenia in Batik Lawas Kawung Gurdo w red lizard

Batik Chic Hobo in Batik Bledak Mataram Buketan w havana python

GIA Etnisk Medium in Batik Lime Green w lime green-pink cobra

GIA Etnisk Medium in Batik Buketan w purple cobra

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My first encounter with Longchamp was 2 decades ago

I knew Longchamp for more than 2 decades ago when for the first time my dad bought my mum a Longchamp leather satchel. At that time I was still a high school student;) I remembered that the leather of my mum's bag was very supple and the style was classic. It was my mum's favourite bag.

Fast forward to 2006, My husband and I was travelling to Europe (Italy and France) and we had a stop at Longchamp's counter at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. It was during a summer sale and the Longchamp sale was simple crazy in terms of prices (so so cheap). And I saw an huge Le Pliage bag in shocking pink colour that drew my attention instantly and it was sold at an unbeatable price (soooo cheap, but I can't recall how much was it :p). Before getting the bag to the cashier counter I remember that I was thinking on how it would be a very handy bag to carry our extra stuffs back home. Hence without further thinking, I bought the bag which later I found out that I bought the extra large le pliage.
The bag was immediately used during our return journey to our hometown and I observed that how durable the bag material was. Well the bag got minor marks on its nylonm but it was acceptable as the bag was put in as checked in luggage.
Since then, I highly acknowledged the bag from Longchamp and gradually started to get the bag for my collection, until now.

Now, I am on a mission to collect Longchamp's special edition bags and I hope I can achieve my aim. *thanks to ebay and online shops*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cath Kidston Recent Shopping Haul

Candy Flowers Regular Tote
Cherry Book Bag

Still from the post Christmas sale event from Cath Kidston (errrr, it's the 3rd batch), I ordered these bags from the website.
And now I keep looking at the website to check the new release items, especially handbags... arrrrgggg, how come that I become addicted to CK now :(

Longchamp Darshan



NEW FROM LONGCHAMP - SPRING 2011. Longchamp looked to India for inspiration this season and the Darshan collection brings a French twist to the heart of Hindu culture. This flowery print is in perfect harmony with Indian traditions. Flower petal necklaces are laid down as offerings to the Gods during ceremonies. White, symbol of purity, is associated with Sunshine Yellow or Indian Pink, both fresh and luminous.
This flowery print is in perfect harmony with Indian traditions and makes a fun and flirty accessory to summer wardrobe.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where can I buy a Jil Sander bag in my city?

Jil Sander Market Bag

Color: Narcissus

Color: Azalea

Jil Sander Market Bag has two top handles, a detachable navy shoulder strap and an internap pouch pocket.
Size: W 35 x H 43 x D 15 cm
Handle drop: 24 cm

Price: GBP494


Current Obsession - Celine Mini Luggage in Black

MK-Olsen carried Celine Mini Luggage in Black

source: bagsnob, tPF

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hermes SO Kelly

So Kelly 22 Croco Rouge H
So Kelly 22 Croco Amethyst
So Kelly 26 Ebene

So Kelly 26 Ebene
So Kelly 26 Bleu de Prusse

So Kelly 26 Bleu de Prusse

 source: tPF

Balenciaga FW11 Colours

Balenciaga Work Nuage RGGH

I have been a Balen addict in the past 2 years. My collection has been growing tremendously by 1 one year of obsession. Iut at one point of time, I started to cut back. Yes, It was at the peak of my collection where I had "seven teen" Balenciaga bags in various styles and (of course) colours. Yup, no typo here, it was 17 Balenciaga bags like a year ago *big grin*
Now I only have 10 Balenciaga bags where I keep the styles and colours that I favour most. But the 10 Balenciaga bags were only yesterday statistics, as I Just acquired a brand new Work Nuage in Rose Gold Giant Hardware.
Bought from HGBags and Nuage happens to be the hottest colour from S/S11 collection. It was not a love at first sight. But rather I took quite some time to consider whether I should go to this colour.
But when I opened the box today, I was so speechless Nuage is so pretty. So, definitely there was no regret *smiling*

Hence, as per today, I have only 11 Balenciaga bags. I plan to take the family pics, but I simply too busy nowadays and have no time to do it......

Price USD1,695