Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prada Saffiano Lux Tote Bags

From left to right
Top: Caramel - Sand (Sabbia) - Clay Grey (Argilla) - Cameo (Cammeo)
Middle: Pale Grey (Pomice) - Chalk white (Talco) - Burgundy (Granato) - Light blue (Ottanio)
Bottom: Cobalt blue (Cobalto) - Cornflower blue (Bluette) - Red (Fuoco) - Papaya

These tote bags are already famous by using a generic name of Prada Saffiano Lux tote bags. As part of Prada Classic Collection these bags have been available throughout several seasons and there were seasonal colours released from season to season (I have seen one in fuchsia. So nice!). They come in different styles and sizes. By the time I made this posting, the bags in papaya colour had the most complete sizes and styles on the website.

Papaya Saffiano Lux tote bags in different styles and sizes

If I have to choose one for myself, then I will opt for a medium-sized tote bag in black (Nero). The medium size is just perfect for a petite girl like me (height 5'1"), and black is just so classic and very versatile. However I have not decided on the style between the medium-sized bag with and without "two outside pockets with zipper closure". Actually this long description of the bag has a special code of BN1786 and BN1844 respectively.

BN1786 in Black, EUR1180
Medium tote bag 'with' double zipped pockets

Image from

BN1844 in Black, EUR995
Medium tote bag 'without' double zipped pockets

Image from

Well, we can never go wrong with another black bag, especially if it is a Prada classic tote bag.
Since I am now finalizing my 2012 bag wishlist, then I am seriously considering whether this Prada classic tote bag should be part of the list or not...

Should I or should I not? *wink*


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OMG... these Prada small leather goods are sooooo cute!

image from Prada

If I had the chance to choose from those cuties, then my picks will be the little girl in blue dress keychain and peony pink iPad cover.

Saffiano calf leather keychain with metal details.

Saffiano calf leather iPad case in peony pink.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dilemma #1: I really want Gris Poivre, but I already have a bag in similar colour

Images are from

I am seriously thinking to get a Balenciaga Giant Velo Silver Hamilton in Gris Poivre. The colour is very versatile and I have read few positive comments about mini giant hardware and Hamilton leather which made me want this bag even more! It was told that Velo in mini giant hardware is quite lightweight (compared to that of giant hardware) and the Hamilton leather (goatskin) is thicker than regular agneau leather. This is such great news for me. Hence I am so eager to own a bag from Balenciaga Holiday collection.

The thing is that I have already had a bag which has similar colour and the style is also look alike (i.e. long strap and short handle). It is my Hermes Kelly 35 in etoupe. This fact made me unsure whether I should get a Gris Poivre Velo or not. I do not fancy other colours in current Balenciaga Holiday collection so there is no plan B for me, like getting the bag in alternative colour ('maybe' Bordeaux is ok, but I still prefer GP).

My argument to get another bag in a similar 'taupe-ish' colour is very simple. If a lady can never have enough of 'black' handbags, so there is nothing wrong if someone owns more than one bag in versatile/neutral colour like 'taupe/etoupe/gris poivre' *grin* 

Well, who knows, that oneday I may become a lady who can never have enough of taupe handbags lol

Hermes Etoupe vs. Balenciaga Gris Poivre

Some of the names that I met during weekend

Some of my favourite brands that I spotted during Brightspot Market 24-27 November 2011.

Recent beauty haul

MAC beauty haul:
  • Limited edition matte lipstick in 'Such Flare!'
  • Select sheer pressed powder in NC20
  • Gently off eye and lip makeup remover

    Saturday, November 26, 2011

    Moozee goes color blocking

    I saw the bags yesterday at Brightspot Market and instantly thought that I had to have one of those.

    So after having a state of total confusion for making a decision on preferred color combo, I decided to take two Moozee's Three Tone bags.

    Friday, November 25, 2011

    It's so me !

    Snapped this pic today at Moozee's booth @Brightspot Market.

    This Hermes store is worth a visit

    One might get fooled by a store facade like this

    A giant pumpkin was on the front window display!

    Just a year ago, Hermes opened a new store in Rive Gauche which address is 17 Rue de Sevres, 75006 Paris. This is the 3rd Hermes store in Paris and the 1st Hermes store opened in Rive Gauche.

    So, when I spent a sunny afternon for a stroll in Rue de Sevres, I managed to pay a visit to this store. From outside it did not look as grandeur as the flagship store in Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore. But once I was inside the building, Hermes just wow-ed me. Upon opening the main door, I immediately smelled fresh flowers, and yes, they had Hermes florist inside the store. I saw amazingly beautiful fresh flowers (could not recognize most of the flower names though) ready to be taken or bought by any walk-in visitors. Fresh roses in a wide variety of colours were on display as well as white and purple orchids. And since it was the end of October, they also had pumpkins ready to be carved with the Halloween theme. I just never thought that I would find an Hermes store selling Halloween-themed pumpkins!

    Then I walked down further until I found a staircase that led to main store area. It was just a huge open space! Really really huge. And the design is quite different from most Hermes stores that I have visited. Natural-coloured woods were used to decorate the store and all areas were brightly lit. The main area displayed mostly Hermes furnitures (bed, dining table, sofa, etc) and housewares (plates, cup, glass, napkin, tablecloth, etc). The arrangement of these furnitures/housewares was superbly done. On the upper floor, I saw a designated cafe area (with arranged tables and chairs) that served light food and tea/coffee. How unusual! In my opinion, the overall applied design has made the store look modern, instead classic.

    However, I had to say that the leather goods collection in this beautiful store was quite disappointing:((  At that time they did not hold many stocks. In fact, I saw only quite a few of bags on display (less than 10 bags). On the accessories and small leather goods sections, the displayed items were also very little. I asked the SA for the item that I was looking for and he replied that they were running a very low stock (for leather goods) and suggested that I should go to the flagship store in Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore (which I had done already;) ). But if a visitor wants to get a set of bed sheet or towel or dining ware from Hermes, he/she might get some good selection in there ;)

    As anticipated, I was not allowed to take any pictures inside the store:(( So I just googled and found plenty of good-quality photos of the store interior.

    All store interior images are from Google search

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Repetto oh Repetto

    One day I visited PP and upon entering the (north?) entrance I saw this signage at Papilion duo. As I was quite early for my appointment, then I casually entered the store simply to check for their bargains.

    30 minutes later, I came out from the store by carrying a white paper bag and put a big smile on my face :D

    Well, this is an example on how I can be an impulsive shopper. But I really could not resist myself from getting this pair of Repetto ballerina shoes at 30% off.

    The pair of Repetto shoes that came home with me was in warm and natural leather colour. As always, the leather is very very soft. Comfort is guaranteed.

    And, this is my small and happy Repetto family.....
    Two of them have been excessively used during my pregnancy and they're still in good condition and wearable until today.

    Let's have a break

    Alone having a cup of hot caffe latte (without sugar) at my favourite coffee shop was really a nice break after a full day of working.
    Then I quietly continued my work in that coffee shop without any major disturbance. I think I worked quite a bit more effective in the late afternoon or very late night LOL
    Gosh, by looking at the contents of that brown envelope I could not imagine on how many exam papers left that need further review. Deadline was actually due 2 weeks ago.... Sorry, students :((

    A small bag that has made my life simpler and lighter

    Although I am petite, but I am a big-bag kind of girl. For example, I always prefer to carry Balenciaga Work or Chanel Maxi Jumbo or Large Veneta or Celine Mini Luggage as my daily bag.

    But, I recently endured back-and-shoulder pains (due to carrying those heavy suitcase and camera bag), and I do not want to burden my body by hauling another heavy bag. So this small bag from Chanel has been my preferred bag in the past one or two weeks.

    It is lightweight, made from nylon, very slouchy, in dark colour and worry free. And the diamond stitch pattern makes the bag 'very Chanel'

    And I am surprised that I can survive without bringing the bulky cosmetic pouch and thick (discount) card wallet. I feel like I am having a simple life when carrying a small and lightweight bag like this lol

    Recent beauty haul

    From Bobbi Brown
    • Long-wear gel eyeliner in black ink (#1)
    • Face powder in soft sand (#5)
    • Brush - ultra fine eyeliner (not featured on above photo)

    Recently I got a recommendation from my friend that gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown is superb. So I really hope that this one works well for me *fingers crossed*

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Honey, can I get this 'pumpkin' Victoria tote bag as my late Halloween treat?

    Image from NAP
    Image from NAP
    Image from Wikipedia

    Victoria Beckham Victoria Tote in Pumpkin-Black Leather

    Description from
    Victoria Beckham's expertly crafted signature tote gets a vibrant color-pop this season with this statement contrasting black and pumpkin leather design. Play up the mood-enhancing hue by teaming with shades of camel and chocolate brown.

    Pumpkin and black leather, matte finish, two top handles, internal zip-fastening and pouch pockets, light-gold hardware, feet, fully lined in nude leather. Zip fastening along top. Comes in a dust bag. Leather: Buffalo.
    • Weighs approximately 3.5lbs/ 1.6kg
    • Width 16" / 40cm
    • Height 11" / 28cm
    • Depth 7" / 17cm
    • Handle Drop 7" / 18cm

    Price: GBP1,729


    Although Halloween is over, I really adore love this pumpkin (what a halloween theme colour!!) tote bag from Victoria Beckham. It is a structured bag but the buffalo leather looks soft enough. So I guess the bag can slouch beautifully when someone wears it. The style is very classic yet it conveys a strong minimalist look. The use of 2 tone leather in contrast black-pumpkin is the most distinguished case that makes this bag screams 'chic' very loudly.

    Honestly having seen this VB bag on NAP reminds me of Hermes Victoria tote bag. Infact, both have quite a similar name of 'Victoria' bag. What a coincidence!

    Image from Hermes

    So, Honey, can I have this 'pumpkin' Victoria tote bag (the one from VB) as my late Halloween treat? Or maybe as a new year or anniversary or (very) early birthday present? Any excuse will do good for me;)

    A cup of cappuccino on Sunday afternoon

    Having a cup of great cappuccino (it was Illy), hanging out with best friends and planning for the next holiday getaways (as our medium-term plan) and gourmet fiesta (as our short-term plan) was among the best ways to spend a gloomy Sunday afternoon.

    I am now highly looking forward to having the next getaways with my best friends.... It will be crusing to the eastern islands.... Yay!

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    One of the reasons not to skip breakfast

    A great breakfast is a good way to start my busy day;)

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    My 'Pretty' collection

    I am a flat shoes junkie and I have successfuly become addicted to these pretty flat shoes from Pretty Ballerinas....

    It is one of my favourite brands for flat shoes and originally came from Menorca-Spain. The brand has focused themselves to make classic, stylish and comfortable flat shoes. The craftsmanship or material used is so excellent that the shoes will last longer and still look pretty. Some of those shoes have been used during my pregnancy (very suitable for my fat swollen feet) and they are still wearable and pretty until now.

    And I always love their pink boxes. They are super cute!

    My latest 'Pretty' haul has been posted here, which was the result of shopping outlet visit in Barcelona.