Friday, October 31, 2014

Tom Ford Rosie

Yay! I got a new sunglasses from Tom Ford two days ago. This is called Rosie and described as an oversized butterfly sunglasses.

After I bought Tom Ford lipsticks (check here) for the first time (and I immediately loved them!), I started to visit the Tom Ford website more often as I was working on my beauty wishlist. Then I started looking at the eyewear collection and I knew that the Tom Ford sunglasses would be on my top accessories wishlist. There are so many fantastic sunglasses offered by Tom Ford, but I finally choose Rosie because of its unique 'X' effect in the centre. Surprisingly Rosie is very lightweight and of course it is very stylish.

I still have another Tom Ford sunglasses on my (expanding) wishlist, named Carola (check here). I do hope that Carola can soon join my accessories family lol *wink*

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Daily dose of cuteness

From my recent trip to Hong Kong, I made a stop at Laduree shop in order to buy the cute bag charm/key chain. And of course I would not leave the shop without getting a box of macarons. Until now, my favourite flavours of Laduree macarons are salted caramel and rose petal... nom nom

See the special Hong Kong box below. Isn't cute? It has the background of Hong Kong famous skyline.

My bags are on Purseblog

Recently my bag is being featured on website, in its regular #PBWIMB post. Yay! I am super excited. Click here for the link.
The bag was Hermes Lindy in orange with some orange accessories in it (including a Bottega Veneta continental wallet in fire opal).

And this is in fact my second bag being featured on Around 3 months ago, my Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in midnight blue was also on

Check here for the link to Purseblog for my Proenza Schouler PS1.

Celine Trio Family

Without further ado, please meet my Celine Trio family. I can't believe that now I have 5 Trios already and I still want more lol (thinking of purple and hoping Ms Philo would release purple in the coming seasons).

The first Trio that I bought was the black one in 2012 (check here), followed by the red one in 2013 (check here) and the blue one was then added (check here). And this year I got saffron Trio from Spring collection (check here) and grass Trio from Summer collection (check here).

Trio has been my favourite bag for going out with the kids. It is roomy, very lightweight and the leather (made of lambskin) is surprisingly durable. Love it.

I am pretty sure that this small happy family will have a new addition in the near future *wink*

Gold armcandy

I just love this gold armcandy consisting of Celine Knot, Hermes Clic H and Tory Burch double wrap.
Definitely it will become one of my favourite bracelet stacks.

See my favourite stack in silver here

New armcandy: Balenciaga and Tory Burch

This month I did buy any new handbags, but I splurge on bracelets instead lol

So here are my new bracelets from Tory Burch and Balenciaga:
  • Tory Burch double wrap in gold leather with gold studs
  • Balenciaga edge cuff in black with pale-golden hardware
  • Balenciaga cuff in rose aubepine with gold giant hardware

Think Pink

This is to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, the pink October.

And for all the ladies who are currently fighting against the disease, please keep your spirit up!

You are beautiful
You are strong
You are worth it

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tom Ford Lipsticks

I have heard so much about Tom Ford lipsticks that so many ladies have given positive reviews for them.
I was therefore super curious with these highly appraised lipsticks and finally felt excited when I had the chance to visit Tom Ford beauty corner at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. Definitely I was overwhelmed with the colour options for Tom Ford lipsticks (not to mention that I also like their beautiful eyeshadow palettes lol).

So at the end I decided to take home these 4 colours:
  • Casablanca
  • Crimson noir
  • Negligee
  • Flamingo

I have used two of them and so far I love the texture and colour. For sure I want more of Tom Ford beauty products. More lipsticks and eye shadow palettes are already in my wishlist *wink*

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My very first Celine Nano

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce my very first Nano. I bought it in August as a self birthday present (I am a Leo!). The colour is Coquelicot which in my opinion is a true red colour and I instantly fall in love! I got it from the local Celine store and the SA was kind enough that she kept this bag for me for 2 weeks as I was out of town. The leather is called drummed (it is basically grained leather) and with gold hardware. Beautiful indeed.

I do love Nano very much that I wish to get another one early next year. I am hoping that next Spring Summer collection Celine will bring bright coloured Nanos. I like a mini bag like Nano in bold/vivid colour instead of getting black or blue. I have been eyeing a yellow Nano and wish that Ms. Philo will release beautiful yellow (like sunflower yellow) in the next season.

Once I carry Nano more often, I think that the Mini looks so huge on me lol. I still love the Mini though and am so excited that my Minis now have a smaller (and cuter) sister.

Please check the previous post here.

Celine Knot Duo

Last month I impulsively scored the gold Knot bracelet from Celine (check here). Then it turned out that the bracelet is very versatile and easy match for bracelet stacking. So this month I decided to get the silver Knot (check here for reveal).
And now I am happy with these two Celine Knots. Yay! For sure I will use them quite often for my arm candy.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Inside my bag: Celine Trio

When weekend is coming, normally Celine Trio is out for duty. So here is one of my favourite weekend bag and what's inside my Trio. Wearing a yellow bag can instantly boost my mood as its bright colour can remind me of a hot sunny day. So this Saffron Trio has been my preferred bag recently.

Whenever I am wearing my Trio I just bring the very essential items. And definitely I do not take any make pouch lol. I sometimes switch the wallet that is small enough to go inside this mini bag. This activity may be full of hassle (removing cards/notes/coins/receipts, making sure that the previous wallet is empty and storing the previous wallet properly in the box). But in the end I have a pain-free shoulder during the weekend for carrying a lightweight purse.

Have a nice weekend....

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Recent beauty haul

I have been using La Mer moisturizing cream for nearly a decade. I simply love its texture and it is very suitable for my skin condition which can get dry easily. I normally bought the 30ml jar of Creme de La Mer moisturizing cream (I finish that jar for 3 month of regular use). But from my recent purchase, I was offered a special package that is worth the money and it includes the 60ml jar of my favourite moisturizing cream and also the eye concentrate.

So here are the skincare products that come in that small green box:

Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream / The eye concentrate / Blanc de la Mer whitening essence intense / Blanc de la Mer cleansing foam / Blanc de la Mer infusion / Blanc de la Mer whitening lotion intense.

I am always happy if I buy skincare that comes in small package. I would re-use the small bottle/jar once I finish the product and refill them with cream/liquid face wash for travelling purpose.

Black croc-stamped bags

This is my small family of black croc-stamped bags (and clutches). I used to have a beautiful Celine phantom in black croc-stamped, but I decided to let it go since it was way too big for my petite frame. Sometimes I missed that beautiful bag though. But then I am now content with this small happy family.

Please check my old Celine phantom in black croc-stamped here and here. I believe that she has found a new beautiful mommy who will use her more often than I did.