Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 30 June 2011

Anya Hindmarch 4

Balenciaga 11

Belen Echandia 3

Bottega Veneta 6

Celine 4

Chanel 6

Chloe 1

Hermes 5

Jil Sander 1

Louis Vuitton 3

Miu Miu 4

Prada 2

Proenza Schouler 1

YSL 2 (*New YSL Easy Bag Crest Leather Blue)

Duchess of Cambridge is travelling with Cath Kidston and Longchamp

During her recent official trip to Canada (with Duke of Cambridge, of course), she was spotted to bring Longchamp Le Pliage and Cath Kidston luggage bags.
The yellow tag attached to Cath Kidston bag is titled HRH Duchess of Cambridge.

source: the bag hag diaries

Good Bye Babies

Longchamp Gallery

Cath Kidston Summer SALE

Spot Open Tote

Winter Meadow Open Tote

What do I get during Cath Kidston Summer SALE?

Summer Blossonm Carry All Tote --> paid GBP15 from GBP25 (picture N/A)
Spot Open Tote --> paid GBP50 from GBP60
Winter Meadow Open Tote --> paid GBP33 from GBP60

photo credit:

Bag Acquisition - June 2011

YSL Easy Bag Crest Leather Blue

Bottega Veneta Continental Wallet in Fire Opal FW11

Tory Burch Stacked Logo Summer Leather Tote in Cognac

Longchamp Victoire Black Medium Short Handle

Longchamp I Love Paris Medium Long Handle

Longchamp Planetes Croco White Medium Long Handle

Kunthi Batik Naya Jeans M 'Treasure Box' in Batik Adik Baji hijau w green cobra

Kunthi Batik Naya M 'Treasure Box' in Batik Hokokai Modern w blue python-red cobra

Kunthi Batik Sinom S in Batik Mega Mendung Butterfly Turquoise w turquoise cobra

Kunthi Batik Clutch in Batik Mega Mendung Butterfly Turquoise w turquoise cobra
Kunthi Batik Wallet 'Treasury Box' in Batik Adik Baji w lime green watersnake

Kunthi Batik 'Treasury Box' Mahija in Batik Adik Baji krem
Kunthi Batik 'Treasury Box' Mahija in Batik Lawas Semarangan

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My precious ORANGE collection

I went to Irwan Team Salon and Mahija from Kunthi was my companion

The bag accompanied me during my hairdresser visit last week :)

Matching Bottega Veneta bag and sandal

They are in Magma colour, from SS11 collection. Magma is salmon pink if I can describe.
The sandal was from the recent shopping haul during BV end of season sale in June 2011.

Shopping haul from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy

Bottega Veneta Fire Opal and comparison with Hermes's Orange

Last week I went to BV store just to check out their FW11 collection. I saw Resina, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Periodot, Ametiste, Corniola, Rust and Fire Opal.

Resina is quite similar with Curry, but Resina has more yellow undertone (I compared curry and resine side-by-side in the store. Lucky that I wore my Curry Sloane at that day).
Sapphire is a nice striking blue that I also like. But I recently bought YSL Easy bag ini similar blue undertone so that I refrained from inspecting further.
Ametiste is a cute pink but not as soft as baby pink.
Corniola is simply too bright. It is a super bright orange-ish red.
Tourmaline is very very very dark blue that I initially thought it was black lol.
Peridot is a fresh green, but it only one level darker from my beloved Assenzio. Hence I did not make any attempt to inquire further.
Rust is a brick red or terracota colour.
Fire Opal is a super gorgeous orange that I fell in love with the colour at the first sight. It is like Hermes orange. The shade of orange I adore so much.

The store did not have many items in Fire Opal. I saw Large Veneta Fuzzy in fire opal which in my opinion is very beautiful. The fuzzy makes an edgy twist for the classic veneta. But I still hesitated about the fuzzy as I have 3 kids that I am afraid they will love to pull out the fuzzy part from the bag lol

And there is this continental wallet in fire opal that I could not be part with. Hence tha wallet came home with me

I am still curious for Topaz orange which is also part of FW11 collection. The SA promised to contact me if Topaz large veneta is available in the store. I really want to  make comparison Topaz vs. Fire Opal. I think I have decided to get another large veneta in orange, either fire opal or topaz.

These are some prices as of June 2011 that I can still remember.
3way convertible tote 36.5
Large veneta fuzzy 24.5
Large veneta regular 21.5
Continental wallet 7.3

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kunthi Batik Special Project: Turquoise Mega Mendung Butterfly



photo credit for 'Before' part: Kunthi

Saturday, June 18, 2011

YSL Easy Bag


This is my recent shopping haul from YSL during its end of season sale in early June.

After searching and browsing around this bag style in YSL website, I just noticed that the color is simply refered to 'BLUE'. It is such a very basic color naming.
I think YSL needs to learn from Balenciaga or Bottega Veneta in naming the seasonal colours of their bags LOL.

Anyway, the bags has been continuosly used since the purchase, and this is a great everyday bag. Easy access, double zipper pull, sluchy, great colour and unique (not so many ladies are seen carrying this bag style). Not forget to mention that the leather is divine! No wonder that it is named 'EASY"

A cool and classic everyday carryall

Tory Burch Stacked Logo Summer Tote in Cognac

This is from Tory Burch's SS11 collection, and I am expecting this tote bag to arrive any time soon ;)

Bag details :
Double leather handles with 7" drop
Leather logo with gold studs.
Top snap closure.
Interior zip and two open pockets.
18" W x 12" H x 6"D.
Style Number: 21119697
Colour available: cognac (as shown above) French red and black.
Price USD465

I think that this is a nice (and cool) tote bag as an alternative to LV Neverfull :)


Saturday, June 4, 2011

For a good cause: donating my bags for charitable purposes

I have donated these bags for the purpose of charity.
Hope they will bring joy to whoever get them.