Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent shoes haul


This month I splurged on shoes *big grin*
I am the person who normally lives in her flat shoes. Wearing high heels is quite a challenge for me, so most of my working shoes are wedges. The highest heels that I could bear is when I am wearing my Christian Louboutin Prorata 90. I simply can not go higher than 9cm or my legs will suffer. I sincerely would admire those ladies who can stand for hours in their 120mm Christian Louboutin heels. If that's the case for me, then I would just give up within 15 minutes.
Anyway, without further ado, these are my recent shoes haul.
Christian Louboutin You You 85 Patent Calf in Souris

Christian Dior Declinaison Defile Pump 80 in Black

Tory Burch Sally 65 Snake print in Brazil nut


Recent Hermes haul: Clic Clac Rouge Corail

This is my recent haul from Hermes that comes in a small orange box. To be honest, it was rather an impulsive buy.

I simply love the colour tone of this rouge corail (or coral red). It is not too 'baby/bubblegum pink' and it is such a subtle colour which will be easy to match with any colours.

Random shots from Bali

In February my DH and I went to Bali with our best friends for a weekend getaway. So here I wish to share a few snapshots that I managed to take while we were in Bali.

The theme during the trip was drinks and food lol. In fact I have made 2 special posts about our favourite (casual) eating places in Bali. Please check here and here.
Colourful umbrellas at Seminyak beach during sunset. There are plenty of cafes around the Seminyak beach which are good place for casual and low-key sunset watching.

Beautiful drinks from various cafes and beach club that we visited.

A visit to Mozaic beach club. This can be a nice alternative to Ku De Ta or Potato Head. This beach club is under the same owner of upscale Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud.

Bold and unique murals at Sea Circus Cafe, Seminyak.

And we stayed at this very nice boutique hotel in Seminyak area, located in front of the Samaya. We had a pleasant stay and I love its quiet atmosphere (psst, they do not allow any kids below 16 year old to stay at the premises).


What's on the lounge chair

They were the busiest bags during this week: Saint Laurent Cabas Classique Y in blue, Fendi 2jours in orange and Celine Cabas in lipstick red.

Cabas Classique Y and 2jours were great bags for working while the slouchy cabas was just perfect when going out with the kids.

See my previous bags that were on duty in here.

Cafe Moka: a nice place for brunch in Bali

These photos were taken during a weekend getaway with our best friends.

Cafe Moka is our favourite place for having a brunch or for coffee time. The cafe has several establishments around the island, but we always prefer the one located in Jalan Raya Basangkasa.

What I like most about the place is that they offer a vast selection of menu which are all excellent for all day dining. They also have beautiful and delicious cakes, scrumptious pastries, freshly baked breads and yummy quiche!

From several visits to this place, I always ordered their hearty pancakes and fresh juice. It may sound such a simple food but it was my preferred dish for breakfast/brunch before we hit the beach or went to a beach club.

While I was there, I simply could not ignore the display of their cakes and pastries. Aren't they all beautiful and mouth watering? And trust me, I always had a hard time to choose one from their abundant beautiful cakes.

The ambiance is just warm and cozy and I can sit there for hours while thinking about the next cakes that I should order lol

And of course I have to display my holiday bag who served me very well during the trip.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Recent Hermes haul in a small box

Nicole Richie and Fendi 2jours calf hair

I believe that Nicole Richie was carrying a large Fendi 2jours multi coloured calf hair (note: the large 2jours does not come with the long strap).
The multi colour/colour block theme is still being carried forward by Fendi to its 2013 collection, but this season we get 2jours colour block in plain leather (i.e. no hair or fur).

Honestly, this 'hairy' bag is slowly growing on me. However I do understand that it is now become very rare to get one like Nicole's as it was from past season collection.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am drooling over Anya Hindmarch Bathurst


I have been a loyal fans of Anya Hindmarch for almost a decade. Started circa 2004, I got myself an Anya Hindmarch Be A Bag tote. It was the popular photo bag and a big hit during that time. That year was the beginning of my bag addiction and further down the road I finally managed to 'collect' around 6-7 Be A Bag with various photos/print, like dogs, cats and grannies. I do still keep 2 of them (with cat and dog photos) as these 2 bags have some sentimental values for me.

Since then, I classified Anya Hindmarch as one of my favourite brands and regularly checked the website. Most of the time I was drooling over their bags which I believed to be made with excellent craftsmanship. And now I could not help myself from making a special post for this elegant bag.

It is named Bathurst, as inspired by the 1st Baron Bathurst, a renowned 18th Century politician and the bag is made from box calf leather. This type of the leather reminds me of Hermes box calf leather which is often used in belt or bags (like Kelly or Birkin). In my opinion, the bag has the 'Kelly' theme, i.e. a classic bag in boxy shape with handle and long strap. Yet Anya Hindmarch has added some elements of fun to the bag, like bi-color long leather strap and enamel lock featuring a discreet lucky clover. The enamel clover portrait inlay has given a sense of cuteness to the bag, and I like it.

Bathurst can be considered as a small-sized bag. Its dimension is 21cm x 17cm x 8cm and a continental wallet might not be able to go into the bag. The bag is lined in soft suede and has few useful inside pockets. Its quoted price is GBP1,195.

The website also provides the interesting history of 'box calf' leather which is worth quoting.

Calf is a young hide, highly valued for it’s smooth and regular surface. Named after Joseph Box, a 19th century London shoemaker, Box calf is a very traditional leather identifiable by its unique subtle square markings on the grain. This is achieved by softening the leather and lightly creasing it by folding grain to grain and then working the fold across the leather to and fro. Anya Hindmarch's box calf has a “aniline” finish which maintains the natural feel of the skin.

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