Saturday, January 31, 2015

Proenza Schouler PS1

Proenza Schouler PS1 is one of my favourite handbags for traveling. I have two PS1 bags and I consider each of them as a keeper. The red one (the label says as 'Dark Red') was bought in 2010 when Proenza Schouler PS1 just became an instant hit for handbags. Then the blue one (it's 'Midnight Blue') was purchased in 2012 while I was in Hong Kong (check here for its first reveal).

Obviously both bags have gone to many places. I love the fact that the leather is very durable and it has many useful pockets. My favourite is obviously the back pocket (with zipper!). Having this pocket is very handy. It's the place where I keep my mobile phone or boarding pass while I am traveling.

Please check these bags while they're visiting many places here, here and here.

Recent beauty haul


I love Tom Ford cosmetics....
A couple months ago I got a few colour shades of its lipstick (check here) and I still wanted more!!!
Now I just added my Tom Ford cosmetics, for lips and eyes. I got 'True Coral' and 'Scarlet Rouge' for the lipsticks. Both are in bold colour but both look nice when I apply them on my lips.

And for the eye shadow palette, it's 'Cocoa Mirage' eye colour quad which instantly has become my favourite for daily eye make up.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Balenciaga Cuffs

Today is the second day in 2015 and I have scored three new bracelets. Well, when it comes to bracelets, I am basically very weak. I can easily make an impulsive decision to buy one or two, especially if it is from my favourite brands like Balenciaga, Celine, Valentino and (sometimes) Hermes. Today was no exception.

Initially I just planned to see the new Balenciaga bleu roi in metallic edge series, but when I left the store, I carried the white paper bag lol

So, these 3 cuffs were coming home with me. They are Gris Fossile, Bleu Roi and Rose Peche, from Spring Summer 2015 collection. Honestly I still wanted another cuff in rose berlingot (in giant hardware), but it was not available in store today. Rose berlingot is a gorgeous magenta pink and sometimes it reminds me of amethyst (but in much lighter shade). For sure it is beautiful pink/light purple.

I definitely will make another visit to Balenciaga store in the next 2 or 4 weeks and hope that the cute rose berlingot cuff is available.

Gris Fossile

Bleu Roi

Rose Peche

Chanel Vintage Flap Bag

The acquisition for this Chanel bag was made in November last year, but I was so busy in the past 2 months and could not manage to draft a post for this black beauty. So, here is another late post from me.

Without further ado, please meet my (new to me) Chanel vintage flap bag. This length is 9inch and it is a medium size. I have been hunting this bag for nearly one year, and I can't describe how excited I am when I can finally get one in excellent condition (not 100% perfect but it is still amazing). Yay! *happy dance*

I have put a Chanel vintage flap bag on my bag wishlist since early 2014. But as the mission was to hunt a vintage item (i.e. old stuff) it was quite challenging to get one in great condition. Most of the time I saw bags which corners or leather or metal were damaged. And sometimes the hologram sticker (and authenticity card) was no longer available. Well, it was almost impossible to get a perfect Chanel vintage bag. So, the key is to be patient (in hunting the One) and to keep expanding the knowledge about Chanel vintage bag (because Chanel has released so many versions/styles of flap bags from 2 decades ago). It was an overwhelming process for me, but I enjoyed it.

Since I owned this piece, my admiration towards vintage stuff has been growing steadily. It is a proof that an excellent product can stand for such a long period of time. The craftsmanship and materials used were in high standard so that the bag is still wearable until today.

I can conclude that acquiring this bag was one of my (bag) highlights in 2014. But I don't think I would stop now as I am planning to put another Chanel vintage flap bag on my 2015 (bag) wishlist. Maybe the one in maxi size would be a nice addition to my Chanel family.... So, let see how this quest will end *wink*

Bag Acquisition - December 2014

It's zero acquisition in December 2014.
I can conclude that throughout 2014 I have been a good girl as I was very selective in getting the new bags. That's simply because I want to scale down my bag collection. It means that I only keep the bags that I really really like and those that I will wear quite often *wink* I plan to continue this mission in 2015 and plan to not have a long (bag) wishlist  *fingers crossed*
So, wish me luck as sometimes I can make an impulsive decision when it comes to buying a handbag lol