Saturday, April 27, 2013

My favourite clutch: Saint Laurent Y Clutch

My clutch collection has been very minimum and I have been thinking to slowly grow my collection. My wish is to have few clutches in several neutral/basic colours (thinking of black, beige, red and blue).
When I saw YSL Chyc clutch in YSL store last year (and it is now labeled as Saint Laurent Y clutch), I knew for sure that the clutch would meet my basic requirements, i.e. the clutch is big enough that a continental wallet can go inside it and its magnetic closure would make it easy to open. Yet I just held the thought of buying it as I had other bags on my top wishlist.
But this year I can not wait any longer, so I decided to get the clutch. Two clutches.
I am now excited to share my recent Saint Laurent Paris haul: Y clutch in red and light beige. The red one is in texture leather while the light beige is in smooth leather.

Saint Laurent Paris Y Clutch in red
Saint Laurent Paris Y Clutch in light beige

Most of the time, the clutch will accompany me for attending wedding reception. For such an event, I will carry basic stuffs like bellow and leave everything else at home (no power bank for instance):

Bottega Veneta continental wallet (the wallet is thin enough so it can easily fit inside the clutch), mirror, lipstick from Bobbi Brown, smart phone and a green pouch as a tissue pouch.

The green pouch has tissue (wet and dry) inside

A roomy clutch

Recent beauty haul

From Giorgio Armani:
  • Eye shadow palette #6 (Note: I love GA eye shadow. The texture is just right, not too powdery and not too creamy. This #6 is now my favourite palette.)
  • Flash lacquer #202
  • Luminessence bright revelator BB fluid with SPF 50/PA+++

From Bobbi Brown:
  • Brow pencil #6 Ash
  • Lip colour #23 Soft rose

Monday, April 22, 2013


My favourite flavour: rose petal

A bite of Laduree macaron could instantly bring back my sweet memories of Paris.
And I am so so excited that now I could get Laduree macarons in Hong Kong. Yay!

A piece of Laduree macaron (especialy rose petal flavour) is not only my favourite (and sinful) indulgence, but it is also my favourite object of still life photography. Don't you agree that they always look beautiful from every angle or position?

Beautiful window display at Harbour City

What a lovely and sweet view

Celine Trio in the perfect shade of red

I have been wanting to get another Celine Trio bag after I got (and was pleased with) my first Trio in black (check here).
And now my waiting is over. I was instantly smitten by this bright red colour from this season and I have no difficulties to make a (purchase) decision. For my own note, the colour code for this shade of red is 27ED and I am not sure whether this is a seasonal or classic colour.

Recent findings: croco wallet in havana

I love handbags that are made from exotic skins. In my own definition, exotic skins would include python , ostrich, lizard and crocodile skins. For me, the luxurious exotic skins will speak for itself and we don't need to choose one with a complicated model or with too many metal hard wares  A clean line and minimalist look will suffice  I don't care if it has no brand. Currently I do own few handbags made from python skin, wallet and clutch made from crocodile skin. And I still have a wishlist to have a clutch made from lizard skin or a hobo bag made from ostrich leather.

And recently I just added my exotic collection when I got this beauty. It is a wallet made from REAL crocodile skin in havana colour. And yes, it has no brand yet the craftsmanship is very good (well at least it meet my meticulous quality check lol). Unexpectedly I got it during my recent trip to China where my favourite souvenir was usually a few packs of Chinese jasmine tea.

I was then told that for handbags or leather goods made from crocodile skin, basically they will use the skin from either the back/shoulder or belly (stomach) part. I was not aware at the beginning, but in fact now I have wallets made from crocodile skin from both parts and can now do a comparison. The back/shoulder part is a rough surface while the belly part has smooth surface and it shows a more luxurious look. The price of goods made from belly part is much more expensive (at least double) than the shoulder part. When we see the premium designers that make crocodile bags (just think about Hermes Birkin), then surely it is made from the belly part from the best crocodile skin.
Below is the comparison photo of my croco wallet that are made from back/shoulder and belly crocodile skin.

Left: a wallet made from shoulder part of crocodile skin (rough surface)
Right: a wallet made from belly part of crocodile skin (smooth and soft surface)

Brunch at Beanstro

This visit took place 3 months ago in January 2013. Yet I have been super busy in the past 3 months hence I almost forgot to make this post.

The restaurant is located inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. And it has a great spot as it is located next to the lagoon.

And now, the food!
I could comment that they served all great meal for brunch and for all day diner. But please excuse me that I could not recall the name of the dishes that we ordered on that day.

Finally allow me to share the bag that accompanied me during the short trip. To be honest I rarely used this bag for travelling purpose since I heard so much comments about the leather that may not be considered as travel-friendly. It meant that before this trip I had the concern about the bag would easily get scratches/rubs from frequent airport security checks/scans or from my own kicks while on the plane (ehm, the bag must be stored under the seat in front of us, hence it is very prone it will get some kicks from my own shoes).
However my hypothesis was not right. The bag could survive the trip! The leather was not as fragile as I initially thought. So yes, it has passed with flying colour to be a travel companion. In fact I am thinking to take my Balenciaga Work Sang for my next trip.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bag of the day: Chanel Jumbo Black

This bag has been one of my all time favourites *love*

Monday, April 8, 2013

Inside my bag: Celine Trio

Last weekend I opted to wear Celine Trio since I was quite occupied with the kids' activity. Whenever the Celine Trio is on duty, I always carry much less stuffs. To illustrate, I simply ignored my make up case and it turned out that I could survive the weekend without those items from the make up pouch.

What's on the lounge chair

These are the bags that have been actively used in the past 4-5 days. I intentionally put them in our bedroom lounge chair for an easy change from one bag to another.

Last week I just returned from an overseas trip, and Proenza Schouler PS1 medium in midnight blue was the perfect travel companion. It has many zip pockets that are very handy to keep underground/metro card, passport, hotel card, etc. I will make some posts based on my recent trip.
Then during weekend, I was occupied with kids' outdoor activity, and decided to take Celine Trio out as it was very hassle free. When I am wearing my Celine Trio, I can use my hands to hold/carry the kids.
And today I was in the mood for a formal look, so Chanel Jumbo in black was just a nice match.

I just realized that I took all dark coloured bags, like dark blue and black lol. See my previous bags that were on duty in here.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I adore these Victoria Beckham bags

Victoria in powder

Victoria in purple

E/W Victoria in sunset

E/W Victoria in powder/black

Liberty in grey

Cross body zip pouch in black on black

My admiration towards Mrs. Beckham's fashion style and collection is growing steadily in the past 2 years.
In particular I adore her handbags collection. I think the handbags are all meticulously designed and carefully crafted by using high quality leather and hardwares.

These are some of my favourites from her S/S 2013 collection.

images from

Bag Inventory as of 31 March 2013

Bag Acquisition - March 2013

Saint Laurent Cabas Classique Y Blue

Saint Laurent Y Clutch Red
Longchamp Le Pliage 'Great Wall of China' Indigo in medium long handle