Monday, December 31, 2012

Bag Inventory as of 31 December 2012

Good Bye Babies


Bag Acquisition - December 2012

Cambridge Satchel Company 11 inch green

On the lounge chair

This is the lounge chair in our bedroom that is very rarely used by us. The initial purpose was to use it for reading and a reading lamp has also been installed behind the chair. But nowadays my bags always occupied it lol. Well, it is a place where I temporarily put my bags that are being actively used for one or two weeks while others are kept in the dustbag inside the wardrobe.

So today I have these 3 bags sitting on the lounge chair: Bottega Veneta Mini Cabat lilac, Chanel Reissue in black and Celine Mini Luggage in black. Definitely they have been very busy in the past 2 weeks :)

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Bag of the day: Celine Mini Luggage Black

I had to run some errands today, including dropping off the kids at the in-law's house (they're staying overnight at in-law's house) and picking up some food for new year's eve celebration.
The plan is that we are going to a NYE event at our friend's house and everybody has to bring some food to share. I am looking forward to this event as we are going to meet some friends that we have not seen them in a long time.

Today I opted to wear Celine Mini Luggage in black. I had this for more than 1.5 years and this is still one of my favourite black bags. I just noticed that the leather has become slouchier, but it is not an issue for me as I can now wear it over the shoulder more comfortably.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recent Balenciaga haul

From various forms of accessories, bracelet and ring are my favourite items. The reason is simple, because I can 'see' and enjoy having them in my arms. As for earrings or necklace, I can not easily see and will definitely need a mirror to 'look at' them lol. Else these earrings and necklace are worn for the enjoyment of other persons haha

So it is not a surprise that I frequently displayed what's on my wrist (the latest one is here) and I never had my wrists empty. Collecting bracelets (especially Hermes) has simply become my recent obsession :)

In the past one year I have been addicted to Hermes bracelets and never had enough of them (check here for my latest Hermes bracelets collection). And I just realized that I do not have any Balenciaga cuffs, until now.

I was immediately sold to this Balenciaga Triple Tour due to its gorgeous combo of Bleu Mineral and gold hardware. Bleu mineral is one of Balenciaga's Spring Summer 2013 colours. The bracelet is beautiful in real life and will be a perfect match to my favourite dark blue jeans.

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A cup of cappucino on Saturday morning

I brought my Cath Kidston saddle bag (recently acquired, please check here) for going out with the kids on Saturday morning. While the kids were playing (or running aroung the park), I enjoyed a cup of cappucino as my morning booster.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dakota Fanning and Celine Trapeze

I adore her while she was a child star. Now she has grown up and has her own style. And I do like her for her choice of bag especially this Celine Trapeze. Definitely her red flap Celine Trapeze is a head turner and gave a pop colour on her winter outfit.

The bag is from Winter 2012 collection I love its contrast red-tan-white combo leather.

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Recent haul: Lanvin shoes

These are my very first Lanvin shoes and I am very satisfied and happy.

I recently bought (during their end of season sale *big grin*) a pair of wedges in patent havana and a pair of ballet flat in rose (fuchsia). Both are very comfortable and the chevre leather (goatskin) is quite soft. The shoes can easily break in and I have worn them without suffering any blisters.

Lanvin has been widely known for its flat shoes and I have been eyeing them and had them in my wishlist for quite some time. And now I am excited that I successfully (and impulsively) acquired a pair of them during Lanvin end of season sale. Yay!
This Lanvin ballet flat in rose (fuchsia) is soooooo comfy. I could chase around my kids in this pair of shoes lol. I have to admit that this style is true to size, so I have asked for my normal size 37 and it fit comfortably.

Allow me to confess that I normally 'live' in my Tory Burch Sally wedges that have 5cm heels. Sally wedges have been my reliable working shoes in the past 2 years and I had a few pairs of Sally in my shoes closet. Therefore for venturing a new style of high heels shoes (or wedges) I always make comparison (based on comfy level) to Tory Burch Sally.

In the beginning I was quite hesitant for trying this pair of Lanvin wedges. I was so 'scared' to its 8cm heels. But surprisingly this pair of wedges in 8cm heels caused no pain for me. I wore the pair for the first time for 2-3 hour strolling/walking, and I survived without suffering any pain/blisters. So the shoes have passed the test with flying colours lol and immediately become my favourite in the past one week. Please note that I had to go a half size down for this pair of Lanvin wedges.

I can conclude that they were happy purchase and I am very sure that these are not my last pairs of Lanvin shoes lol

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bag of the day: Hermes Lindy 34 orange

Lindy 34 has become one of my favourite weekend bags. It is very roomy and comfy to wear *love*

Reese Witherspoon and (another) Celine Cabas bi-color

Obviously Celine cabas is one of Reese's favourite bags. I recalled that she has been spotted carrying three different Celine cabas (horizontal and shoulder cabas), all are in bicolor. Check here for black-tan version and here for black-yellow version of her Celine Cabas.

Now recently she was seen toting another Celine bicolor horizontal cabas in red and tan while she did some shopping with her husband. Among her three Celine cabas, this red-tan horizontal cabas is my favourite :)  (pssst, that's because I also have the same Celine cabas in monocolor red *grin*)

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Wonderful afternoon high tea at InterContinental Hong Kong

This post is based on my recent visit to Hong Kong in September. I was very busy after returning from the Hong Kong trip, hence only now that I manage to create this special post.

One of my agenda during the trip was to have an afternoon high tea at The Peninsula Hotel. However after 3 (failed) attempts to get a table at its famous tea salon, my husband and I had to give it up simply because of its very long queue. We normally arrived at The Peninsula around 2.30-3.30 in the afternoon and the queue reached up to 30-40 people. Lucky for those who stayed at the hotel because they could have the privilege for having the afternoon high tea in a special/reserved area that always had vacant tables *envy* Anyway, we did not want to waste our time for queueing and after the 3rd unsuccessful attempt we looked for alternative for having a nice afternoon high tea.

We got an advice (errr, from some reviews/comments via google search lol) to go to the Lobby Lounge at InterContinental Hotel in Kowloon that was only 5-10 minute walk from The Peninsula. So, InterContinental Hotel we went to. Upon greeted (no queue!), we were allocated a nice table with  spectacular view of Hong Kong Island and the view was unobstructed. Splendid!

We immediately ordered a high tea set for 2 and I was excited when our order arrived. It was beautifully presented and there were plenty of snacks for up to 3-4 persons lol. The set consist of 3 tier cake stand, a bucket of homemade scones (4 big scones) with fresh cream and jams, and 2 teapots. I admired the beautiful canapes (sweet and savoury) on the 3 tier cake stand and they all tasted fresh and delicious too. I soon forgot about our failed high tea mission at The Peninsula Hotel lol

In the afternoon the hotel also provided a live music performance that gave us a very nice instrumental background during our tea time. What could I ask more for a perfect afternoon tea: stunning view, nice music and delicious food.

A bucket of homemade scones

Beautiful canape
Love the homemade scone!

And what a stunning view that the hotel has offered! This is the view that I enjoyed from our seats. Isn't it spectacular? I could stay hours and hours enjoying the view, do nothing but watch the ships or Star Ferry crossing the busy Victoria Harbour.

The Lobby Lounge at InterContinental HongKong offers a relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect for an afternoon hangout.

And my bag of the day was Chanel Biarritz which also served as camera bag ;)
Love the bag so much as travel companion and the bag has been well tested for its reliability and durability during travelling.