Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reese Witherspoon and Hermes Garden Party Canvas

I understand very well that Mrs. Toth has a vast collection of handbags. I often made a post about her handbag in this blog because I simply adore her collection

In this photo she carried a Hermes Garden Party Canvas in black (and her adorable son Tennessee). Well, this black tote bag is not her only Garden Party. Previously she was seen carrying the same bag (i.e. canvas version) in natural colour. Please check here.

Hermes Garden Party has been in my wishlist in the past 3 months. I have been thinking to get one. An all leather Garden Party would be a nice addition to my handbag collection. But honestly I don't mind getting the canvas version as long as it has the colour combo that I like.

Now I just keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can own one this year *wink*

Note: current Garden Party canvas bag price is EUR1440

images from and hermes

Bag of the day: Goyard and Tulisan tote bags

I was in the pilates studio on the other day, and brought 2 bags as usual. One bag is for the pilates gears/outfit and the other one is my handbag (i.e. Goyard St. Louis).

Goyard St. Louis has been my favourite daily bag in the past 2-3 months. It is very lightweight and the material is easy for maintenance. Recently I have been thinking to get another Goyard bag and I would not mind if it is another St. Louis. I simply love this tote bag.

The question now is what colour should I pick? *wink*

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Inside my bag: Fendi 2jour Orange

They are my usual stuffs or my daily survival kit whenever I am on the go.
As always I carried some pouches where each one of them had specific functions.

Red-pink pouch is for keeping cosmetics/band aid/medicine
Green pouch is for keeping the tissue
Black pouch (with small elephant prints) is for keeping the power bank

The red Bottega Veneta continental wallet was recently purchased in December 2013 (check here for its first reveal). This has become my favourite wallet as the size is very compact and it is small enough to go inside my favourite Celine trio bags (in black, red, indigo blue and saffron).

Recent beauty haul

The first bottle is the cleansing gel and I just noticed that the cleansing gel is now coming in a new (sleeker) bottle. Nice.... I like it!
While the second bottle is the hydrating infusion and this bottle will be my first trial as recommended by the beauty sales assistant. Although the name may seem quite sophisticated (and confusing lol), but basically this is a booster which is to be used before applying the holy Creme de La Mer.


Bag of the day: Fendi 2jour Orange

Occasionally I still got few compliments (from strangers) whenever I wore this bright orange bag ;)
Maybe it's due to its colour or maybe the ladies that I met knew about Fendi bags ...
Anyway, any compliment (not only about the bag) would always make me happy and I think giving a sincere compliment to others would give the same 'happy effect' as I usually have ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bag of the day: Balenciaga Work Outremer and others

It is common that when I leave the house I would carry several bags, where each bag has its own purpose.
Like today, I intentionally prepared 3 different bags. One is for my handbag (Balenciaga), another one is used as a camera bag (because I don't favour the masculine-looking camera bag) and last one is my pilates bag (Tulisan tote bag).

I do not always carry a DSLR camera whenever I leave the house. It is heavy and my photography mood is not always in good condition. But today was special, where I promised to take some photos of my daughter while she's at school. Luckily it was sunny in the morning and I had a wonderful photo session. At the school field I chased around my daughter and her friends and begged them to pose and smile and to look at to my camera for 5 seconds just before they ran away. After doing this kind of  'exercise' (i.e. chasing around the kids/standing on my knee frequently while carrying the heavy camera) for another 30 minutes, I sweated a lot and I thought that I successfully burnt several hundred calories lol

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bag of the day: Balenciaga Work Outremer

It was my light breakfast (cappuccino and a slice of apple pie) this morning at my favourite coffee shop. I had a quick coffee session as I needed a strong morning booster before I gave a lecture at the campus.

Thanks God that today was sunny and traffic was ok.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Bag of the day: Tulisan tote bags

The picture was taken at the pilates studio's locker room.
I brought 2 bags today. One bag is for my handbag (the one of the left) and the other is for my pilates gear/clothes bag (the one on the right).

Both bags are from Tulisan.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bag of the day: Longchamp Le Pliage Plumes

I am completely aware that I have been inactive in the past 6 months and have made a very minimum blog post. Now it is already March and I wish to start blogging actively. To achieve my simple blogging goal, I plan to regularly post my bag of the day and I have intentionally created a new label for it.

Well, this is my first post on the topic of 'bag of the day' :) 

Pssssst, please check the previous post about the same bag in here.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My first bag in 2014

Last month, I made a quick stop at local Celine store just to clarify about the gossip of near-future price increase (and the rumour was true.. hiks). Inside the store I noticed that they displayed some small leather goods (mostly wallets) in beautiful saffron and I simply love this new spring colour. My sweet SA understood well that recently I had been more interested in trio bags (not luggage or trapeze) and she quickly disappeared into the back room. When she returned she shown me this gorgeous saffron trio and I knew immediately that this baby would come home with me.

At that time I was in a hurry to pick up my kids from their school so I asked her to quickly finalize the transaction. And it was the fastest purchase I have ever made in Celine. In total I only spent around 10 minutes inside the store and when I left the store, I carried a small paper bag containing this trio. What a happy ending....

Inside my bag: Dior Miss Dior Promenade

The bag was acquired a few months ago (check here) and honestly I quite like its compact size.
Whenever I use the bag, I have to change the wallet because a normal continental wallet would not be able to go inside this small bag.
And this time, I intentionally left the wallet at home and used a Bottega Veneta card case and a money pouch from Tulisan instead. No bulky wallet inside the bag and I got the bonus of having a lightweight bag for the day.

Inside my make up pouch

Inside my make up pouch

La Mer skincare (moisturizing cream, eye cream, sun block)

Make up from Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay

For the luminous skin. All are from Giorgio Armani, except the Bobbi Brown concealer (in a small black case)

Loose powder from Giorgio Armani

For the lips

For the eyes

For the cheeks

Eye make up remover from Bobbi Brown and moisturizer for my dry hands from Kiehl's

This is a very very very late posting. My apologize.

I wish to share what I had inside my make up pouch when I was travelling. So here are some photos from my India trip in September last year. Well, it was around 5 months ago, and gosh, time flies so fast. 

I have been a loyal user of La Mer skincare products for more than 5 years. All of my skincare products are from this brand. To be honest, they cost me quite a fortune. But after 2 decades of trying and using various skincare products I found out that La Mer products are the most suitable cream for my skin type. I noticed that since I used La Mer's creme de la mer, I never visited a dermatologist. So let's just say that I have saved some money from not visiting the dermatologist (and saved my time too! Doctor queue was always long), hence I think it is quite acceptable that I have splurged on this skincare brand. My daily routine is to apply Creme de la Mer, eye cream and sun block in the morning. It's such a simple regime.
Now let's talk about my make up. Currently I like Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown products. I love their colour palettes (for eyes especially) because they offer natural-look finishes and the textures of their make up products (eye shadow, blush on, lipstick) are just divine and long lasting.

I can summarize that my make up regime is also simple. For me, the most important things are to get protected and luminous skin and to have balanced eyebrows. I have asymmetric eyebrows (i.e. different arch, thickness and shape), so I desperately need to have them 'equally drawn' lol. The rest of my make up stuffs are used to add colors to my face (especially lips) so that I do not look too pale. However for daily activities (especially for school runs) I rarely applied the eye shadows or blush on. I would apply them on my face when attending a more formal event (not when I am going to kids' school). And please notice that I do not carry mascara inside my make up pouch. It is intentionally excluded. Because mascara is the last item that I would use. Somehow, applying mascara never works well for me. I sweat a lot and tend to have oily skin around the eyes. Therefore if I put on mascara on my eye lashes (even the waterproof one), they would smudge quickly. I have tried many mascara brands including the high end brands, but this smudge issue always happened. Well, maybe I need more practice on that mascara department, but now I am quite content with my look without the mascara and for an indefinite period I will leave this issue unsolved... lol

Bag Acquisition - February 2014

Celine Trio Saffron SS14