Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hilary Duff and Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere

Hilary Duff is another celebrity who is spotted for wearing a Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 25. I believe the colour is orient red. A lovely shade of red. Bright and pop colour.
I like seeing her in this red bag as it shows that the bag can be a great (and chic) casual bag. Well, who doesn't love wearing a practical and gorgeous sling bag while your hands are fully occupied to carry the most adorable accessories (Isn't baby Luca cute?).

Another celebrity that also wore the same bag (but in different colour) is Mrs. Timberlake (a.k.a. Jessica Biel). Check her photos in here.

By the time I made this post, the bag price is EUR1,800.

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Just received it today

I am super excited!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kate Moss and Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Suede Bag

It seems that Ms. Moss' bag has been regularly used by her. The bag looks very slouchy as the result from frequent wears.

The bag has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I simply never get bored with this duffle-styled Sofia Coppola bag. It is just a classic duffle bag (made from suede calf leather) that is very easy to wear or to match with any day-to-day outfit. The only thing that I dislike about this bag is its steep price. I don't think I am willing to splurge USD4,650 for a duffle bag *sigh*

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Those bags are lounging cozily

These were the bags that I wore last week and I temporarily put them in our bedroom's lounge chair for the whole week. By doing this, it helped me when I wanted to quickly change the bag without having the hassles for taking the bags out from their dustbags.

So last week it was indeed a Celine week as I opted to wear Celine Cabas Citrine, Mini Luggage Cobalt Blue and Edge Medium Black (Edge is my latest bag acquisition, so check out more photos of Edge in here).

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Goyard Marquises Tote in Grey

The grey colour was just recently introduced by Goyard in December 2012 and I really adore this grey Marquises Tote.

Officially this bag is now on my wishlist. I wished that I could go to the nearest Goyard store to see the grey tote bag in person *sigh* (which is very impossible as there is no Goyard store in my city *frown* )

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Inside my bag: Celine Cabas Citrine

Last week I wore my Celine Cabas Citrine. This cabas style is the one with zipper and the size is just right for my petite frame (height 5'1)

I am the person who loves small (and colourfull) pouches to organize my bag or to keep my bag tidy. The bag organizer simply does not work for me. I also changed the pouches regularly as I got bored easily. It is no wonder that I like to collect small pouches regardless it is from high-end designers or from Etsy/local brands.

So without further ado, these are my essential items that I carry everyday.

Wallet from Tulisan
Recently I bought another 2 wallets from the same brand. I simply love it as the wallet has bright-bold print and big compartments (for cards and money).

Pencil pouch from Longchamp
This has been my loyal pencil pouch after I got rid of the one from Jim Thompson

Pouch from Jim Thompson
This pouch is to keep my power bank. I simply can not leave home without this item

Mirror from Jim Thompson
It has a matching print with my power bank pouch.

Tissue pouch from Smiggle
Smiggle is an Australian stationery brand and I love this brand for its unique and cute designs. I bought this one from the shop in Singapore. The original title is media pouch, i.e. to keep iPod, but I purposely use it to keep tissues (wet and dry).

Card wallet from Etsy
It is a handmade card wallet which I bought from a reseller at Etsy (I love Etsy!). It can fit up to 20 cards and this is the place where I keep the discount/loyalty/membership cards. My wallet is only for money, ATM card, credit card and ID card/driving license (and sometimes receipts).

Sanitary pouch from Etsy
This cute pouch is to conceal my sanitary pouch.

Make-up pouch from Tulisan
These are my important survival kits which I keep inside a make-up pouch
  • Make up from MAC and Bobbi Brown (lipstick, blush on, pressed powder and eye brow pencil)
  • Mint
  • Toothpicks (because I am currently wearing tooth braces, it is very critical that I have this ready in my bag)
  • IKEA measurement which I got get it for free from any IKEA store. It assisted me during any online shopping session lol so that I can have better imagination on the dimension/size of the bag/dress before I hit a 'Buy It Now' or 'Add to shopping bag' button.
  • Safety pin and paperclip. The safety pin is for a wardrobe malfunction situation, while the paperclip is very useful when my iPad has problem and I have to do a reset (the paperclip is to open the sim card compartment during the reseting process).

And lastly, a Mini iPad
This is another critical gadget that I always carry inside my bag (So happy that I recently convert from iPad 1st version to mini iPad. It gives less burden to my shoulder when I have it inside my bag).

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Jessica Alba and Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch

I wonder what she kept inside the pouch as it is quite a small bag. Yet her white PS1 pouch really complemented her grey-white outfit and I quite like her casual chic ensemble in these photos.


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bag of the day: Celine Edge Medium

I have been using the bag for more than a week, and I am in love. It is such an easy bag.
Easy to open, easy to carry on the shoulder (very comfy), easy to get stuffs out of the bag (I could use one hand to take out wallet while the bag stays on the shoulder) and easy to maintain (the leather is quite sturdy and durable).

The bag may look simple yet it serves very well as a daily bag. Celine Edge also looks quite chic and it is not as common as its sisters (i.e. luggage or phantom or trapeze). In my case, the bag has passed the test with flying colour and definitely it will be worn more often.

See more photos of this Celine Edge Medium in here.

Denise Richards and Celine Cabas Bicolor

Another celebrity was seen with Celine Cabas. In these picture the Bond girl looked very svelte and her Celine Cabas complemented her look.
But hey, her bag is very very similar to the one that Reese Whiterspoon wore in here.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My new found love: Celine Edge Medium

I never thought that I was instantly smitten by this bag. Having seen the bag from Celine's website only made me more curious than ever. I was glad that I had the chance to see the bag in real life and it was an instant love!

The leather is simply amazing. It is thick enough and it has small/very faint grain (which sometimes it reminds me of Hermes' togo leather). The bag is so easy to wear. The zip can be easily open while the bag is still on my shoulder (the long leather tab attached to zipper pull is a great help to open the zipper). And the small back pocket is very very useful to keep my mobile phone or parking ticket. While the bag is worn over the shoulder, it doesnt loose shape shape (thanks to its thick leather) and it doesn't feel boxy at all!

This may look like a simple bag but in my opinion the bag was carefully designed so that it has smart and luxurious details that makes me constantly amazed. This Edge bag is totally a great refresher after the ubiquitous mini luggage and trapeze. So for sure it is a keeper for me ;) I can't wait to see what colours that Phoebe Philo will offer in Fall 2013 collection.


Jennifer Garner and Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Duo Bag


Jennifer Garner was carrying her chic Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Duo Bag in steel colour. The bag looked a perfect one for going out to a local market/supermarket with family. It is not a big bag yet it can fit quite a few essential items. For sure a continental wallet, car key and a pack of tissue can go inside the bag.

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