Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bag Inventory as of 31 January 2012

Good Bye Babies

I have been trying to keep achieve my new year's resolution, i.e. to reduce the number of my bags gradually.
Hence, in January I managed to give away a dozen of batik bags for my close relatives.
This has made a significant reduction of my bag collection and now I have more spaces in my closet ;)

Bag Acquisition - January 2012

Mulberry Mini Alexa Conker

Longchamp Autour D'Ha Long (SS 2012) Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Orange (SS 2012) Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Planetes Hazelnut (FW11) Pochette

Kunthi 'Nalini' in Batik Lawas Sogan w black phyton-brown cobra

Longchamp and the future queen

image from BBC
I found this old photo which is quite inspiring.
The future queen was wearing a small Longchamp Le Pliage bag to her graduation day. And she looked beautiful!

Summary of 2011 bag acquisition: the story continued

I made the first post in regards to my 2011 bag acquistion in here that described my premium designer handbags obsession. In short, throughout 2011 I bought a few bags and I got a little obsessed over one or two brands (ehm, like Celine).

But, other than those names mentioned in the previous post, I also had huge craving over Longchamp and I flirted with Tory Burch as well.

So in this post I wish to display my acquisition for those two brands throughout 2011. Frankly speaking, I have a very weak spot for Longchamp's colourful Le Pliage bags. Hence it was not a surprise that I bought quite a few (errr, like twenty something) of this iconic bag. Some of them (the limited edition ones) were acquired through eBay ;)

As for Tory Burch, I like their tote bags and bags from Robinson collection. Tory Burch tote bags were proven to be the perfect companion for weekend or going to a pilates session. And the Robinson collection's bags were just perfect as working bags.


Tory Burch

Showing commitment to my new year's (bag) resolution

Ok, I have made a new year's resolution (please check here) that I wanted to reduce the number of my bag collection, gradually.
By mid of January 2012 I have started something simple in order to commit to my plan. It is a small step where I have reduced my batik bags collection. Yes, I did it!

These batik bags have found new homes. They were given away to our close relatives and now they are being loved and cherished by the new owners ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Confession of a Celine Luggage addict

Well, these pictures speak a thousand words ;)

My bag of the day

On a sunny afternoon, I was having a "sashimi time" in a nice Japanese restaurant. I also brought my work as I had to do review on student's assignments.
As it was a quiet afternoon, so I quite enjoyed my time in the restaurant. Sashimi was fresh and served in generous portion. Japanese green tea had the strong tea flavour, the type of tea that I like :)

And my bag of the day was Mulbery Mini Alexa Conker :) 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's inside this small orange box?

What's inside this small orange box? (Previously revealed here)

It is a Dandy Pavane in black tadelakt with GHW size XS. Yay!

Prada vs. Jil Sander: tote bag with long strap



They are really look alike. And I like BOTH!
However, when I noticed further on the bag sizes, Jil Sander bag (L39 x H20 x D17 cm) has bigger dimensions than Prada's (L33 x H23.5 x D14.5 cm).

So, given my small/petite frame, I think the one from Prada will suit me better.

Should I put this bag (the Prada one) on my bag wishlist? *think think think*

Jil Sander GBP1,187
Prada GBP1,090

source: NAP and Prada

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday date night

We just came back from our Saturday date night. Instead of watching a movie, we just had a casual dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant. The restaurant served very nice okonomiyaki and it had the best homemade green tea parfait.
Too bad I did not take some photos of their delicious food. I was so starving that I ate the food immediately upon their arrival at our table.

Tonight I wore my Anya Hindmarch python flap bag. This is the first python bag that I ever had and I still love it.

New Year's Resolution

My 2012 new year's resolution for being a bag fetish is very very simple.

I humbly wish to reduce the number of my bag collection.
I think I just need to focus on several brands or styles that I really really like and have to regularly change my bags. I should not let my bags unused for more than 3 months. If that happens, then I must consider whether the bag is worth keeping.

Hmmm, it does sound simple.... But I will definitely need a strong will to achieve that....

So, let the force be with me.

A small orange box that came home with me yesterday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mod pics: Mulberry Mini Alexa Conker

It is pretty obvious that I recently made a number of post in regards to this new babe. The reason is because I really really like this crossbody bag. The bag is proven to be child friendly, i.e. excellent bag for a day out with baby or toddlers. When I have kids that I need to watch or look after closely, then having a small and lightweight bag has removed my other anxiousness (i.e. enduring a heavy bag over the shoulder or babying a bag).

And my favourite outfit for the bag is a simple white tee and skinny jeans. Then I am ready to conquer the world lol....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prada's arm candy in ostrich

Top: cobalt blue - pale blue - agaves green
Bottom: red - coral - ochre

The price is set at EUR 3,950 (OUCH!!)

But this is ostrich, baby!! Part of exotic leather. A different league from calf, buffalo, cow, lambskin, etc etc.....
I am still dreaming to own an ostrich bag (whether it is designer or non-branded bag). And if I have the chance to own one (if I had the money trees growing at my backyard) then I will definitely opt the one in Ochre.


Botega Veneta fire shock washed cervo loop bag

Unique 'washed' effect

I am super drooling over this bright and strikingly gorgeous hobo bag. The fire red and shock pink really compliment each colour very well. And it is not a boring bag since the unique 'washed' effect has succesfully highlight its beauty.

My only curiousity will be whether the size is too big for my small frame.... 

Net-A-Porter says
The color-clash trend has staying power and Bottega Veneta's bright red and pink braided leather hobo bag is an easy way to add vibrancy to your look. Match it with an equally as bright outfit for maximum impact. 
  • Red textured leather (Deer)
  • Braided top handle
  • Pink braided trims and stitching, gunmetal hardware
  • Internal pouch and zip-fastening compartment
  • Fully lined in taupe suede
  • Designer color: Fire Shock-Shock
  • Width 18"/ 45cm
  • Height 16" / 40cm
  • Depth 4" / 10cm
  • Handle Drop 3" / 7cm 
  • Weighs approximately 3.3lbs/1.5kg

And Net-a-porter quotes its price for GBP 2,312.50  *ouch!*

source: NAP

Recent beauty haul

From Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
  • Luminuous silk powder #6.5 tawny
  • Sheer lipstick #09 dark mauve
  • Gloss D'Armani #400

Bottega Veneta Cruise 2011-2012

The entire collection is truly eye candy. Gorgeous bright colour. I am drooling over this collection.
My fave style would be the classic Large Veneta bag in steel or fire.
But I am quite interested in fire shock washed cervo loop bag. It is gorgeous and the bag will make a strong statement for any outfit:)

From left to right:
Sunset intrecciato nappa cross body bag
Fire intrecciato nappa clutch
Dakar shock buffalo leather nappa bag
Plaster fire buffalo leather nappa tote
Plaster turquoise buffalo leather nappa cross body bag
Fire intrecciato nappa julie bag
Dakar sunset buffalo leather nappa tote

From left to right
Sunset plaster washed cervo cross body bag
Fire shock washed cervo loop bag
Plaster fire washed cervo tote
Shock fire washed cervo bag

Nappa nastri lido bag shown in
tourmaline palladio, shock palladio and chene palladio (L to R)

From left to right:
Shock intreccio memory nappa bag
Fire intreccio memory nappa bag 
Sunset intreccio memory nappa bag

And these are my favourite bags from Cruise 2011-2012 collection.

Large veneta bag in fire, shock, turquoise, sunset, steel

Fire shock washed cervo loop bag

images from bottega veneta