Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 31 July 2011

Anya Hindmarch 4

Balenciaga 13 (*New Velo Black RGGH and Part Time Coquelicot RH)

Bottega Veneta 6

Celine 4

Chanel 6

Hermes 5

Jil Sander 1

Louis Vuitton 3

Miu Miu 4

Prada 2

Proenza Schouler 1


August was a busy bag blogging month

I was personally quite surprised that I managed to blog actively in July. LOL. I made >35 posts in a month. Wow, that is a new record for me.
My posts were very much random and they depended on my mood to write, to browse around in finding bag inspiration and to take pictures of my own collection. Well I guessed that it was due to the fact that in July I found back my old rythm where I could have more time to do those things. Yay! To illustrate: my baby is big enough so I didn't have to attend him most of time, the older kids were quite occupied (and happy) with the new term at their preschool/kindergarten, and I am already in better physical condition (thanks to excessive pilates exercise). Those contributed to a situation where I feel that I want (and CAN) to a lot of things, including updating my bag blog.

Yet for the coming month of August, I am sure that I would not be able to write more than errrr, 15 posts. Hahaha... So, we'll see *wink*

photo credit: Google search

Good Bye Babies

My Work Nuage was on duty

I carried my 2yo daughter's pacifier inside my Work Nuage. If I go out with her, this thing is a must :p

Bag Acquisition - July 2011

Balenciaga Velo Black RGGH (FW11)

Balenciaga Part Time Coquelicot RH (FW11)

Longcham Le Pliage Fuchsia Medium Short Handle (SS11)

'ET Club'  Electric Blue Python Hobo Bag

Kunthi Batik 'Treasury Box' Mahija Jeans in Batik Lawas Semarangan w orange python

Kunthi Batik 'Treasury Box' Mahija in Batik Adik Baji Pagi-Sore w shocking pink-blue python

Kunthi Batik Wallet in Batik Cirebon w lime green watersnake

Coquelicot enjoys her first sunlight

These card organizers are cute

I always need another wallet to carry my cards (discount card, hospital card, membership card, etc). And it was not easy for me to find the perfect one.
To meet my requirement, my card wallet/organizer must have (at least) 10 card slots, small enough, great craftsmanship and NOT in black/dark colour.
And I found a nice one from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy and bought one last month. I loved it, hence I ordered more. So these are card organizers from my second order from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy. They are just cute!!!

Mandarin vs. Fire Opal vs. Hermes Orange


These are the handles of my Longchamp Le Pliage bags. And they got entangled ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coquelicot is in the house

Sang vs. Coquelicot

The bag was just received this afternoon. YAY! So I have not had the chance to take photos under the natural lighting. Definitely I will take more photos when the weather is nice.

However, these (indoor) photos are able to display the true colour of Coq. It is very very bright chilly and bloody red. Glad that I made decision to opt the bag in regular hardware.

The comparison photo with Sang shows that Coquelicot is indeed a much brighter red.

Still love both reds of course ;)

Another wallet from Cottonpurr @Etsy

My Cottonpurr wallets :)

It is my second wallet from Cottonpurr @Etsy. I adore its simple design, being lightweight, colourful fabric and super excellent craftmanship. It has (only) 6 CC slots which is ok for me as I always carry not more than 6 ATM/Credit cards.

Purchased for usd45 and I am sure that this will not be my last wallet from Cottonpurr....

Thursday Friday's Miu Miu inspired bag

Hey, the bag is so cute. It is a Miu Miu-inspired canvas tote bag with a twist. The craftsmanship is quite ok. It is lined in cotton and there's no raw edges inside the bag.

Bought (pre-ordered) for usd65 through their website (forgot how much the shipping cost was) and waited for more than 1 month to arrive. Great packaging and communication from the store. I was advised when the bag was ready for the shipment.

Now I wish to get the exact bag in Birkin-inspired theme. Too bad, that is was already discountinued :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Easy Duo

Yup, these 2 are my beloved YSL Easy bags. Very versatile, durable, easy to wear, roomy, lightweight and has no logos.

The black one is in smooth leather with patent, and the blue one is in crest (textured) leather.
Between these 2 types of leather, the crest one has less weight than the smooth one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(More) YSL wishlist: YSL Easy in Mutiple Colours






Ocean Blue



Textured Leather Easy in Multiple Colors

New Iconic Medium Easy satchel in tumbled leather is both easy and chic. Bag features stitched Y design, complete top zip closure and brass feet for protection. 13H x 17W x 7D. Made in Italy. 208314AEK0G
Price: USD1,495
Pssst, This type of leather (textured) is often called 'Crest leather'

YSL Easy in crest leather is my favourite one. Very durable and surprisingly it is very lightweight. I owned 2 Easys already, but I still would not mind to get another one in Red or Cognac.