Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 30 April 2011

As a tribute to my latest obsession, i.e. Celine, I put Celine Mini Luggage in Tri-color as the icon for this month statistic.
Now, where can I find this Celine beauty?

Total handbags: 53

Before and After - GIA Batik


Batik Tulis Lawas 3N

Batik Tulis Lawas 3N

Batik Tulis Lawas 3N

Batik Tulis Lawas 3N

Batik Tulis Lawas 3N Hijau

Batik Tulis Lawas 3N Hijau


Etnisk Medium

Etnisk Medium


photo credit: GIA Batik

The Celine obsession is continued ....

As I am waiting my next Celine bag, i.e. Luggage Shoulder in Tricolor...... Yay!

I adore so much Celine's mini luggage design and its leather. And the mini luggage has been so popular and it becomes the most sought after bag recently. It is very classic yet chic. Ms. Philo also introduces the shoulder version, which looks more casual. The luggage shoulder is not as popular as the mini luggage which I think it's not a surprise. Celine itself was more active in promoting the mini luggage through their ads campaign. I do not think that I have seen the ads featuring shoulder luggage. No wonder that the shoulder version has become under the radar.

To be honest, I initially had a doubt on the shoulder version whether it will be as elegant as the regular version. But hey, I am usually a shoulder-bag person as I don't like to hand carry my bag. For sure this bag will be suitable for my style and I simply need to ignore comments on the facts that it is not as ellegant as the mini luggage. Anyway I will have both styles.... *big grin*

PS. The mini luggage and luggage shoulder somehow reminds me of Hermes' Birkin, where Birkin has the regular one and the shoulder version.

photo credit: Krisylane

YSL store has moved to .......

Got the announcement on the store relocation to
Senayan City Ground Floor
Tel. 021 72782318

It was such a pleasure to meet you, Auntie Betsie

Auntie Betsie occasionally joined the bazaar event @Citos and it was where I met Auntie for the first time.
I was so crazy in buying those cute items and I think the above pictures simply told the end of the story.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Latest bag resolution - To slow down the buying/ordering of batik bags

Lately I have been crazy for batik bags. I kept ordering or buying these bags from various sellers. My favourite batik bag sellers are Batik Chic, Kunthi, GIA and ZIBA Label. Each seller has different style that I like and I think that they are very creative in introducing new bag style or using latest batik trend.
The problem is, when I order these batik bags, I feel less guilty compared to buying those branded bags *sigh* Hence I found it difficult to stop this not-so-good habit.
So I ended up with a pile of batik bags that is amounting to 50 pieces. And I love them all. Every piece of bag has a story to tell. And every piece is very unique. It is truly one of a kind item.

But sooner or later I have to stop slow down this madness. And I promise myself to not buy or order any batik bags starting MAY 2011. If I can control myself within a month, then I hope I can totally stop this addiction.

There are quite few solution to stop the addiction
1. unfriend the seller --> THE ultimate solution
2. ignore any update from seller
3. do NOT open the seller's album at any time

I really hope that I can be successful in reducing (and ultimately stopping) this batik bag addiction.

Wish me luck *fingers crossed*

Bag Acquisition - April 2011

Celine Mini Luggage Shrunken Lambskin in Chalk

Celine Cabas Horizontal Lipstick Red

Celine Zip Wallet in Orange

Tory Burch Ella Tote Canvas Purple

Longchamp Galeries Beige Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Darshan Yellow Medium Short Handle

Moozee Chic Bag Red SS11

Batik Chic Hobo Bag in Batik Solo Pink w purple python

Batik Chic Heritage H Bag Reshape in Batik Lawas Pekalongan Ungu w purple cobra

Batik Chic Heritage Hobo Bag in Batik Lawas Pekalongan w brown python

GIA Etnisk Medium in Batik Solo motif Parang w lime green-orange cobra

Kunthi Mahija in Batik Mega Mendung Buffy w green-purple cobra

Kunthi Mahija in Batik Lawas Sekar Jagad w blue-pink python

Kunthi Mahija in Batik Kawung Mata 2 w red cobra

Ziba Label in Batik Tulis Sragen w leaf green python

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Lawas 3N Hijau w military green python

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Lawas 3N w havana-blue python

Ziba Label Selenia in Batik Lawas Pekalongan w pearl white goatskin


I heart Moozee

Chic Bag Mocca

Shopper Bronze

Zippy Clutch

I have known Moozee since 2-3 years ago when they participated in Inacraft exhibition (forgot the year). As a bag lover, I instantly fell in love with their simple design yet they used beautiful leather in distinguished finish. So the leather spoke for themself. No need fancy ornament. So I bought a cobalt blue hobo bag impusively during the first encounter.
Since then I kept monitoring moozee's collection and there were some seasons that I felt the collection was just not for me. It was collection where the bags were too quirky or to edgy. I like a simple and classic style.

Hence when Moozee has this SS11 collection, I fall in love again. Deeply. The bags are just classic and leather is TDF. So I start dreaming on what bags I should get (more) from this season. (psst, remember that I already got the Chic Bag Red last week). Among their full SS11 collection, these three are on my toplist.

The next thing to do is to find out on where I could get these bags in my city *think and think* Knowing that Moozee is Bandung-based brand, it would not be easy to get one in here *sigh*

Chic Bag Mocca --> I have the one in RED already. Yay!
An ode to the richness of basic earthy tones and texture take spotlight in our spring/summer 2011 collection. Chic bag, the convertible handbags made of genuine cattle hide in three different finish and colors put a new life into a classic shape that will forever make a statement. This one is a vintage. Length 34cm. Width 19cm. Height 22cm. Price 2,000,000.
Shopper Bronze --> I have touched the leather and it was very very soft. TDF it is.
The Shopper tote is constructed of lightweight leather throughout. Just as the season welcomes sunlight, moozee brings out a ray of natural glow to the means of accessorizing with cool reflective surfaces in soft metallic palette. Length 55cm. Width 14cm. Height 34cm. Price 1,250,000
Zippy Clutch --> I think that this will be a chic iPad sleeve
Runway ready ipads. Luxurious, modern and elegant, our clutches bring forward the latest in covering today’s personal technologies fashionably and strut a perfect mix of business and pleasure. Length 31cm. Height 26cm. Price 350,000


A day when I was in the mood for wearing batik bags

Batik Chic Hobo Bag in Pink Butterfly Mega Mendung

Ziba Label Helia in Batik Lawas Parang Garuda
Therefore, within one day I changed my batik bag TWICE. The hobo bag from Batik Chic was really a casul chic and Helia from Ziba Label gave an instant ellegant attitude.
And that day was Kartini Day where quite a bunch of people wore batik or national outfit during the day to respect the spirit of Madam Kartini.

Celine clutch

In royal blue

In vernice black

I have seen Celine's clutch IRL in Celine store and it is very luxurious. Made from lambskin, including the inside lining. Size-wise, it is just right. And I can imagine that carrying the Celine clutch inside our purse will add a splash of nice color when we open our purse.
This clutch is sold out in Celine store here. And I regret that I didn't buy it when the store still had some in stocks. So I hope that I can secure the clutch from FW11 collection, especially the one in royal blue.
Love it!

Price in local store: 5.2m

photo credit: