Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Today I went to Celine store and.......

I am super excited!!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celine zipper clutch: one of them is mine

These may not be the best photos I have ever had/received from SA, but one of these clutches is MINE :)
My sweetest SA is holding one for me and I will soon go to the Celine store to pick it up;)
Can't wait!!!

One of those days when I .....

It was one of those days when I went to campus to give a lecture on Account.............. (errrr, this is not an interesting subject to be discussed in my bag blog lol)

And it was one of the weeks where I did not frequently change my handbags (i.e. I was so lazy to change handbag. Check my post here).

So, Hermes Kelly 35 Etoupe was my bag of the day ;)

Longchamp shopping haul

Some of the goodies that I scored in March 2012 ;)
All are from Spring Summer 2012 collection

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yellow yellow on the wall, who's the fairest of them all

image from NAP

image from NAP

I have been closely watching VB's handbags in the past 6 months and I have to say that I love her design more and more... The leather, the classic and minimalist design, the unique hardware/locking system.... Can't say more

And now I saw these yummy sunny yellow structured tote bag and shoulder bag, that I want to cry "I want I want" *sigh*

souce NAP

Etsy shopping spree

The last batch of my (recent) Etsy shopping spree. These are from my favourite shop, Oktak.
I have previously bought the framed clutches from her (posted in here) and I love her craftsmanship!!! So excellent. Hence no wonder that I kept looking at (and buying from) her shop ;)

Thanks Aki!

Another recent beauty haul

From my favourite brand for skin care, La Mer Radiant Serum.

Recent beauty haul

From my favourite line for foundation, Giorgio Armani. This time I got
  1. Face fabric, second skin nude make up SPF12 (#2)
  2. Luminous silk foundation (#7)

And my complete Giorgio Armani foundations ;) including the Designer Lift, smoothing firming foundation (#7)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

At Botanic Garden

It was a sunny and (rather) hot day, but we opted to have a picnic lunch at Botanic Garden.
And we were not alone. As we chose to sit next to the pond, then some ducks and birds approached us. So I could not help myself but to take picture of those timid and lovely creatures.

By the way, my bag of the day was Goyard St Louis Orange. See how comfortable it was sitting on the wooden bench :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My favourite dessert platter

I am fully aware that this post is not related to any handbag issue, but I intentionally make this post to show my favourite desserts in town.

I love every dish served beautifully on the wooden tray. They are great for 2-person sharing. Unfortunately I forgot the name of each dessert :( 

Every dish was so yummy. Addiction is guaranteed!

Yummy panacotta!!

Another coffee time at Starbucks

It was another sunny afternoon when I met my friends at Starbucks coffee shop.

My bag of the day was Chanel Jumbo Black Caviar and Perigot bear bag shopper (i.e. an eco bag) in blue-white stripes. This Perigot eco bag has different fabrics from the red-white stripes that I featured on the other day in here. This one is made from cotton fabrics.

See the close up of this cute eco bag.

Lounging cosily

It was one of the weeks when I changed handbags quite often. Sometimes a decision to change a handbag was quite impulsive (helloooo... I am also impulsive shopper. Remember?). It means that it was often in the last minute before I left home. In that case, I had to spend extra 5-10 minutes to quickly take out the bag (stored inside the dustbag) from the closet, to carefully take out the bag out of its dustbag and to move the contents from the previous bag into the newly chosen bag.

However, sometimes I did not have time to put the previous bag inside the dustbag and to return it to the closet. And when the next morning/day I impulsively changed another bag (again) and did not immediately return the previous one to the closet, then I would have more than one bags that have not been stored properly. I normally just 'dumped' the bags on the lazy chair in our bedroom. I consider that it is still 'safe' as the lazy chair is not closed to the windows and those bags were not affected by the sunlight passing through windows.

Hence it is not a surprised that I would have 3 bags laying on our lazy chair, just like on these pictures. They basically were waiting to be stored inside the dustbag and returned to the closet. On that day when this pic was taken, I wore my Goyard St Louis bag that was not featured on this lazy chair.

So the 3 of them were just lounging cosily, enjoying our comfy lazy chair and became couch potatoes lol

Etsy shopping spree

My other guilty pleasure is shopping at Etsy. I always love and appreciate handmade items and Etsy is a heaven for everthing handmade.

On the week when I was sick and spent most of my time on the bed, I frequently checked my favourite shops at Etsy. I then impulsively shopped few items (well, all were pouches in different sizes that have different functions).

I always like small pouches. They make my life simple and colourful. I use them for storing make up, medicines, mobile charger, baby diapers, kids' toys, MRT card, tissue, store discount cards, etc... that I bring inside my handbag. I am the person who does not really like to use a bag organizer. I much prefer to have few small and useful pouches inside the bag.

These pouches are from different Etsy shops. Yet I especially like items from SeaBreeze Studio whose owner (Yukiko) is residing in Japan. And this loot is not my first purchase from her. Previously I made 2 purchases from SeaBreeze Studio, as I posted here and here.

From 'lindakleijer' @Etsy

From 'seabreezestudio' @Etsy

From 'cottontopquilts' @Etsy

Thursday retail therapy

My best friend just moved to her new house and I has been invited to her housewarming party on this coming Sunday. So I was looking for the perfect housewarming gift. To be honest I have no idea on the design or theme of her new house. This could be classic, minimalist, tropical minimalist or Javanese traditional design. Finding the right gifts that would match (and be used) for the new house design is not very simple then.  Well, initially I thought that I could give her kitchen utensils/tools or coffee maker. But, she claimed that she had enough of dining or kitchen utensils. Hence, housewarming gift hunting was a bit of challenge for me.

I was glad that I know Tulisan who is known in designing nice stuffs for home interior with unique prints. I then headed to its store and finally I considered the toy box will be the right gift. My friend has 2 boys aged five and three years old. So a toy box will certainly be useful in her new house to keep the boys' toys. Yes, mission accomplished!

Toy Box in 'Lucernia Life' print
Image from Tulisan

BUT, my shopping spree did not end on this toy box only. I also took home two bags from Tulisan latest prints: Mimosa Love and Butterflies of Victor. hehehe....
Another mission was accomplished! Successfully accomplished!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hermes bracelets: a new addiction

These are my current Hermes bracelets collection. And I just realise that I have acquired them (only) within 5 months since my very first purchase of a Hermes' Kelly Double Tour (KDT) in late October 2011. My latest acquisition was Clic H orange phw in last February.

I guess that I might have a new addiction lol

The interesting part is that 5 months ago I bought Hermes bracelets in size M as it fit me very well. But now I prefer to wear size XS of Hermes bracelets :D Hmmm, it should not be a surprise since I have successfully dropped my weight for a few kgs in the past 5 montsh. Hence my wrist also became smaller and require smaller size of bracelets;)

By the time I am writing this post, I have had a wishlist for the next (two or three) Hermes bracelets purchase... For instance, another clic H should be coming very soon :D