Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 31 May 2011

Anya Hindmarch 4
Balenciaga 11
Belen Echandia 3
Bottega Veneta 7
Celine 4 (*New Luggage Shoulder Tricolor Canvas)
Chanel 6
Chloe 1
Hermes 5
Jil Sander 1
Louis Vuitton 4
Miu Miu 4
Prada 2
Proenza Schouler 1

Total Handbags: 54

Longchamp Gallery

I am feeling blue

Garden Party Canvas Blue

Garden Party Leather Sky Blue

I just browsed around Hermes website, and was stunned by these 2 blue bags. To be honest, I never seriously tought of having a Garden Party bag. But the blue ones look so sweet. I was recently advised that wearing a Garden Party is so effortless (i.e. lightweight, comfy) and simple. There is no hassle for fastening or unfastening the buckle like those in Kelly or Birkin. We can just throw in the stuffs inside and the snap fastener will secure it. And I think there is no need to specially 'baby' the bag as we should do for Birkin or Kelly. This will be a nice day-to-day bag that is comfortable, roomy and chic.

So, I am now contemplating whether Garden Party is worth acquiring *think think*

Garden Party Dip-dyed canvas in blue with fjord calfskin leather
14"x 10.25" x 6.5"
Silver and palladium hardware, Clou de Selle snap closure
Ref. 063079CKAA

Garden Party Sky blue buffalo skin14"x 10.25" x 6.5"
Chevron canvas lining, silver and palladium hardware, Clou de Selle snap closure.
Ref. 056075CK7R


Bag Acquisition - May 2011

Celine Luggage Shoulder Tricolor Canvas

Tory Burch Robinson Satchel Navy

Tory Burch Ella Nylon Tote Yellow

Longchamp Arbre de Vie Navy Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Grey Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Orange Small Short Handle

Longchamp Eiffel Tower Navy Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Darshan Pink Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Planetes Nite Medium Short Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Curry Medium Long Handle

Longchamp Le Pliage Lagoon Medium Short Handle

GIA Batik Cassy in Batik Lawas 3N w blue-red cobra

GIA Batik Etnisk M in Batik Lawas 3N dasar hijau w red cobra

GIA Batik Etnisk M in Batik Lawas 3N dasar putih w blue cobra

Kunthi Batik Mahija in Batik Lasem Gendongan w red-blue cobra

Kunthi Batik Clutch in Batik Lasem Gendongan w red cobra

Kunthi Batik Wallet in Batik Lasem Gendongan w red cobra

Kunthi Batik 'Treasure Box' Mahija in Batik Lawas 3N Solo biru-putih w burgundy-white cobra

Kunthi Batik 'Treasure Box' Mahija in Batik Lawas Pekalongan ala Demakan
w navy blue watersnake and peach cobra

Kunthi Batik 'Treasure Box' Mahija in Batik Lawas Sogan Klasik
w dark blue-dark brown watersnake

Kunthi Batik Wallet in Batik Mega Mendung Buffy w turquoise cobra

Kunthi Batik 'Treasure Box' Naya Medium in Batik Adik Baji w pink-purple cobra

Kunthi Batik 'Treasury Box' Clutch in Batik Gajah Birowo w black cobra

Was I able to achieve my (last month) bag resolution?

Last month I made a bag resolution to stop slow down in buying more batik bags. It has been very very difficult for me to keep up with my resolution.
My favourite batik bag seller has come up with new design which I like. The antique batik used in the bag is getting more beautiful than ever with the latest trend of demakan, adek baji, pekalongan. All antique! Oh gosh, these have caused me such difficulties to not jump into the batik bag hip.

So, have I successfully achieved my aim? In slowing down the ordering of more bags --> Yes, I made it! I had less bag custom orders in May compared to that in April. But I still have many bags displayed on my blog this month and I have the reason for it *wink*

The bags displayed on May bag acquisition was actualy from last month orders in April. They are not from custom orders made in May. Simply put, I have stopped ordering more batik bags. Yay! But, I still can not resist when beautiful batik bags in ready stock status are calling my name. It was not a surprise when I snapped 2 beauties impulsively from my favourite seller *grin*

I can guarantee that next month there will be much less batiks bags are included in my bag acquisition list. I have not made many custom orders in May, so I do not expect more bags will be displayed here next month *fingers crossed*

Angel Purse

Belen Echandia Angel Purse in Blue Crash

I have adored this purse from Belen Echandia since I knew BE. And I still like the purse until now. But, I never made it mine as I skipped many BE sale events in the past 2 years.

In the next BE sale, I would seriously think to get one of these from BE's online store. So this is the reason why I blog this stuff, as a reminder to myself on my wishlist.

Details of the purse:
  • Inside divided into 2 sections
  • 8 credit card slots
  • Leather lined
  • Gold Foil stamping on interior: 'Belen Echandia'
  • Handy wrist strap
  • Purse Size: Height 10 cm/4 inches
  • Price: GBP175
Definitely this is NOT a cheap purse. I think it was the main reason why I hesitated to grab this during BE sale. Pricey.

photo credit and source:

Chic pouches from Kailochic @etsy

I am recently addicted to etsy. Isn't it so refreshing by looking at or browsing around those cute handmade items?
So my recent purchase at etsy was from kailochic. The first pouch is a cosmetic pouch that has the matching chic mirror. And the second pouch is glasses pouch, to keep reading glasses ot sun sunglasses.
The reason I chose these 2 pouches was simply the colour. I just love orange (blame it to Hermes) and can't help myself if I see something cute in orange. LOL

Fall in love again with Longchamp

Last year or last season, I didn't pay too much attention on Longchamp. At that time I was focusing myself on finding my holy grail bags like Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga. However my ignorance to Longchamp was soon ended when the SS11 collection emerged in boutiques/online shop or discussed in forums. I simply could not resist the bright spring-summer colours.
So I took the plunge to jump into the Longchamp wagon, and it was unstoppable since then. The photos are quite self-explanatory as they depict my purchases from the SS11 collection.

Now, I am curious on the next season collection. But knowing that it will be FW11 collection which is normally dominated by dark-winter colours, I currently do not expect too much that I will fall again ..... *fingers crossed*

What do I get during Longchamp Sale?

I successfully hauled these babies during Longchamp's end of season sale recently. They are curry and lagoon le pliages, nite planetes and pink darshan.

Cute pouches from Oktak @etsy

Vute pouches from Oktak @etsy....
I use the medium frame pouch (dark blue one with red flowers) for my cosmetics on the go, and the small roundish frame pouch (the grey polkadot) as a coin purse.
A highly recommended seller. The packaging is so toughtful and craftsmanship is excellent.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Waiting (im)patiently......

It's Robinson Satchel in Navy (left) and Stacked Logo Summer Tote in Cognac (right)
I have ordered these 2 Tory Burch bags and all I have to do now is to wait patiently.....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shopping at Etsy is easy

I love etsy.
The place is the source of creative ideas of all handmade items. My fave will be (of course) anything related to purses *grin* To be specific I like to see things made from colourful fabric, such as these 2 small purses. It's wallet from cottonpurr and trifold cardholder from cassylainetotes.
By the time I am writing this post, I have oreder more beautiful handmade stuffs from Etsy *wink*

Please browse further for more beautiful handmade items at

Mahija was having a holiday in Bali

Where:  Villa Gembira @Villa Bugis, Seminyak, Bali
When:  2-6 May 2011
What to do:  Just chill out all day long

Aaarrrrrggghhhhh.... It's MINE..... Yay!

Finally, after several days (errg, 2 days) of contemplation, I made a decision to grow my Celine family a little bit faster by adopting this Luggage Shoulder in Tricolor. The bag is made from smooth calfskin and canvas. It is roomy (as roomy as Work) and lightweight and comfy.
Celine has successfully made me addicted to its bags.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Before and After - Kunthi Batik



These are my recent custom order from Kunthi. I requested a set consisting of Mahija bag, clutch and wallet, made from red-blue-white lasem with red cobra.

photo credit: Kunthi