Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bag Inventory as of 31 May 2012

Good Bye Babies

Bag Acquisition - May 2012

Longchamp Victoire Leopard in Medium Short Handle

Today's afternoon treat

Macaron oh maccaron, I simply never get enough of them.
And I am now dreaming of Laduree's macaron.

This tasted good too!
But I forgot the name of this yummy cake

My afternoon treat!

Have a guess, which bag is mine?

I had lunchie with my dear friend at our Japanese favourite restaurant, and it was then followed by a coffee session (or hot choc session for me) at Monolog.

After a fruitful long discussion and chatting and gossiping, I now have a new wish list. But it is nothing to do with handbags or food or travel.

So here are some hints of my new wish list: vanguard vs. manfrotto, CPL and 100mm *grin*

Celine Winter 2012: these bags are on my watch list

If I have to choose only one, then I will pick the multicolour trapeze with red (suede?) flap.
One can never have enough red bags, I have to say. Red is such a classic pop colour and it does not look boring at all.

all images from tPF

Lucy Liu and Celine Trapeze Black Croc Stamped

Seeing her in THAT bag, it has truly inspired me to get one.
I am not sure on the size of her bag. It looks a medium sized trapeze but she just did not put the long strap.

images from

A rare find: Longchamp Victoire Leopard

The bag was released in F/W 2008 (if I am not mistaken). It is made from camel wool material (it looks like felt matrial too) and the highlight is the Longchamp rider in leopard frint faux fibers (it feels like pony hair on the touch).

I managed to acquire this rare pre-loved beauty (in excellent condition) from a sweet friend/reseller from the other side of the world. So excited I am!

Today's finds: woven pandanus clutch

They are locally made and beautifully designed. The clutch has brass details that gives the elegant boost. The clutch is also lined with thick cotton material which is another plus point.
The other good news is that they come in various great bright colours. And finally I settled for these orange and fuchsia woven pandanus clutches.

The clutch will be a great companion for a casual cocktail party and it is large enough for a continental-styled wallet to be fit in.

Morning coffee time

It was during a morning coffee time, at Starbucks. I chose a grande hot green tea (just the simple hot tea, not that green tea latte drink ;)  ) and financier vanilla. Both were my booster during the day (well, until lunch time).

I have worn Celine Trapeze Olive since Sunday and I kept praising this bag. The leather is sooo devine and the design is so edgy yet functional.
I like the wing that peeked out from the main body. There is a 'hole' on the wing where I can easily take my cellphone or small items out. Not need to open the main flap ;)

Travel Journal - Part 2

We stayed at 2 hotels in Hong Kong: Disney Hollywood Hotel at Disneyland Resort and Langham Place Hotel at Mongkok.

Too bad that I did not take any pictures while staying at Holllywood hotel. So please pardon me for not posting any pictures from Hollywood Hotel. Yet I can conclude that we were satisfied with the hotel. It is a big room (2 queen-sized beds are provided), Disney-themed amenities that kids love are supplied daily, Disney Junior Channel is available at TV programme and breakfast at Chef Mickey Restaurant is pretty good.

Greeted by Mickey statue inside the Hollywood Hotel
(the only (blurry) pics that I took while staying at Hollywood Hotel :( )

For hotel in Hong Kong, my first option was Conrad Hong Kong (Convenient location, above Pacific Place mall. So at that time I immediately made a shop visit list. hahahaha). But, according to my husband who stayed there for his few business trips, the room would be too small to be occupied for 2 adults and 2 kids.

So at the very last minute he decided to stay at Langham Place Mongkok, a 5 star hotel, after having good recommendation from his friends that had brought the kids staying at Langham Place.
And we are impressed with the level of details and services that the hotel had to offer.... No wonder that Langham Hotel has an excellent rating at Tripadvisor. It is now #5 hotel from 366 hotels in Hong Kong based on travellers feedbacks at Tripadvisor.

I have to say that we did not explore Mongkok neighbourhood at all. We felt that the area was too crowded if we have to go with 2 toddlers. Not child friendly area if I can say. Instead we simply take a cab or MTR to go to places that we prefer (MTR station is at basement level and accessible through lift. Very convenient.).

When it comes to feel a great hotel experience, it's all about the details that could impress us

How cool it is that they name the concierge as 'X-TEAM' (sounds like X-MAN team lol)

Receptionist desk
Love the ornament!

Mozaic stone tiles
Lobby at the night with candles all over the place.
I have to continuosly remind my kids for NOT blowing out the candles.

Cute sculpture at hotel entrance
Hotel Lobby

The Atrium at Langhamp Place Mall

Mirror details at room
A sweet note/tips provided daily (with different tips everyday) whenever a houskeeping lady offered us extra towels or amenities or additional mineral waters (which I never refused the offer lol)

Glass walled bathroom.
It turned out to be a useful design. While kids were having their loooong bubble bath (as well as watching Disney Junior Channel on TV), I could watch them from the bedroom.
But no worries, it has a thick roller blind which can be rolled up or down easily. So when the adults took turn to use the bathroom, no one can have a peek ..... lol

My favourite sweets, Mochi Sweets. The shop is available at Langhamp Place shopping mall.
Langham Place is a nice mall (It has Seibu and H&M, if I am not mistaken) and it is accessible through sky bridge from the hotel lobby. But, I did not visit this mall as kid's itinerary was rather full :((

My favourite flavours will be caramel macchiato, mango mousse and peach mousse.

Messy table. The bags were proven to be very handy. The Celine Trio was so comfortable as a city bag. While Prada saffiano is big enough for the important stuffs during the flight (It fit an iPad!).
Both were perfect companions for kids holiday.

I have to say that I did not do any personal shopping. Zero shopping. Our itinerary was quite full for kids enjoyment and everyday we managed to have a quality afternoon nap at our hotel room (up to 3 hrs) LOL....
But, we feel that when travelling with kids (with toddlers especially) we have to follow their pace. We think that taking a sufficient nap and having the meal on time for the kids are very important routine for them (else they will get cranky by 5pm). So, we simply stick to their routine whenever possible.

How about the parents? Well, as long as we observe that the kids are all well (not sick), happy and excited, we are simply beyond happy. Happy kids = happy parents, right?

Mission accomplished!!

Travel Journal - Part 1

Some 'Hidden Mickeys' that I snapped at Disneyland ;)

Yummy Mickey-shaped pancakes

Beautiful Chinese Lantern, inside a restaurant in Disneyland

Helloooo Slinky....

The view from the cable car at Ocean Park. Niceee....

And Celine Trio inside the cable car ;) This Trio is such a handy bag when I explored the theme-park. I had my hands free so I can push the kids' stroller comfortably, or chase them faster.... lol