Sunday, August 26, 2012


My current wallet collection ;)

From Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Burberry and Prada

On my wrist

On my wrist today I wore Hermes Clic H orange and diamond bracelet.

Yellow Frangipani in Full Bloom

Frangipani (Or Plumeria in Latin) is my favourite flower and tree to grow in my own garden. I especially love the sunny yellow frangipani.

In the current house that I live, I have planted 2 trees of yellow frangipani. And during dry season, they bloom very often. The formula is simple to have a nice blooming frangipani trees: more sunlight more flowers. So ensure that the trees get direct sunlight and there is no obstruction.

These blooming flowers are currently taken place at my house. I love seeing these fresh yellow flowers (and they smell nice too!).

Having admired these flowers, I then spoke to myself, "Do I I have any yellow bags?" After 5 seconds of thinking I remembered, "Yes, I do have few yellow bags."

So now I am presenting my yellow bags lol

  1. Celine Cabas Small Horizontal Citrine
  2. Tory Burch 797 satchel patent croc print yellow
  3. Longchamp Le Plieage in curry
  4. Longchamp Le Plieage in mustard

Top: Longchamp Le Pliage in curry
Bottom: Longchamp Le Pliage in mustard
Tory Burch 797 satchel patent croc print yellow

Celine Cabas Small Horizontal Citrine

Inside my bag: YSL Chyc Cabas

The bag is YSL Chyc Cabas medium in dark green (check my special post in here). It is my recent bag acquisition that so far got a very good feedback from me. I am just happy and satisfied with this bag.

I carried the usual stuffs in my bag, except that now I use my new Chanel Camellia bifold wallet. It was a birthday present from my dear husband (check the reveal in here). Love it! Love you honey!

Inside my cosmetic pouch, I had few make-up stuffs, tea bags, band aid (very important  when wearing new pair of shoes) and sanitary napkins (not shown here, as it is still kept inside the pouch, hehe).
And I like this compact and lightweight cosmetic pouch from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy (check my Etsy shopping haul in here).

Make up pouch bought from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy

MAC pressed powder
MAC eye brow pencil
Bobbi Brown lipstick
Shu Uemura blush on
Shu Uemura blush brush
Bond no 9 parfume vial
and a foldable comb

Tea bags, band aid and (another) mints

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bags of the week

In our bedroom, we have a lazy chair that was originally intended for watching TV and doing some light readings.
But, recently the chair has different function. Neither I nor my husband used it for cozy lounging, instead my bags occupied the chair. It just became a bag lazy chair lol

Well, this is the spot where I place the bags that are currently on duty. Typically I changed bag (at least) twice a week in order to rotate my many bags :D

So, here they are, my bags of the week: Celine Trapeze black croc stamp and YSL Chyc Cabas medium in dark green.
See them in various places like in here and here :)

Chanel Camellia Wallet

A recent birthday present from my husband, a lovely Chanel Camellia bifold wallet in turquoise. Just the right colour to brighten my days. I simply adore it!

Thank you Honey!

An afternoon break

It has been a holiday season in the past 1.5 weeks and we decided to just stay at home and to enjoy the quiet city (as everyone is rushing for the homecoming trip). And when it comes to holiday, it is always the mother who gets busy all the time. Everyone from kids to husband would call me whenever they needed something or when an incident happened lol

So it was good when I could 'escape' for an hour or two and had an afternoon break (alone) at may favourite coffee shop, Antipodean. A cup of cappuccino (from excellent coffee bean) and a bowl of fresh fruit yogurt have successfully gave me a boost for my afternoon energy and mood.

Oh, and my bag of the day was YSL Chyc Cabas medium in dark green. The bag surely get busy recently as it is among my favourite bags now.

Happy holiday!

Simple breakfast

Well, this is another post that features food and bag lol

It was during a rather hectic morning (for running errands) that I managed to make a stop at my favourite coffee shop, Antipodean. I had a 30 minute break to enjoy a cup of excellent cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake.

During that day I wore a Tulisan's tote bag from the recent print of Celosia Cristata.
Definitely I love its bold print and vibrant colour!
For me, a tote bag is always a good companion for a day with a non-stop route like kids' school, supermarket, laundry, bank, cake shop (to order a birthday cake for my daughter), a quick stop at campus and back to kids' school. Well, I was just a busy bee as usual ;)

Red velvet and rainbow cakes


Red Velvet Cake

Rainbow Cake
My bag of the night: Celine Trapeze Black Croc Stamp

Obviously, food and bag are my favourite things :D

2 weeks ago, I had dinner with some close friends at Goods Diner, a place where its red velvet and rainbow cakes (and burger) are quite famous among those cake lovers like me. And yes, I was so satisfied with these two cakes. They just had the right mix of taste (not too sweet) and texture (neither too soft nor too spongy). Good for me. And good for my tummy.

My bag of the night was Celine Trapeze Black Croc Stamp. This Trapeze bag has been continuosly on duty in the past 2 weeks.
It's chic (well, it is Celine's IT bag lol) and worry-free (obviously for being a black bag). Love it!!

Ramadhan 2012 giveaways

These bags have got new homes. Yay!
I have given them away to my relatives (cousins, aunties, etc)
Well, this is part of my 2012 new year (bag) resolution, where I want to gradually reduce my bag collections.

And do check out my last year giveaways in here.

Batik Chic, Python bags, Ziba Label, Cath Kidston, Moozee

Thursday, August 16, 2012

My obsession is still going strong

The saga (er, the obsession) is not over yet!
Now I am drooling over this gorgeous poppy red mini YSL Chyc Cabas. The combination of red leather and gold hardware is simply to-die-for.

The bag screams 'CHIC' loudly. Definitely I will put this on my (bag) wishlist!

Price GBP1,029


Inside my bag: Longchamp LM Burgundy

During my recent overseas trip, I brought my loyal and (rather) new Longchamp LM Burgundy. (Check my previous post in here)

The contents of my bag at that time were
  • 2 wallets (Prada grey wallet for foreign curreny and LV for local currency)
  • passport (covered in green Coach passport case)
  • small orange flower-print case for MRT pass card
  • dark blue pouch for keeping the airline tickets and hotel voucher
  • small pinkish pouch for portable charger
  • Jim Thompson pencil case
  • Jim Thompson small mirror
  • Moleskin fuchsia small notebook
  • make up pouch (from Etsy)
  • mints (Ice Breakers and Alba)

Aaden and Kaitlin

I like Tory Burch shoes, especially its flat and pump shoes.
These Aaden (flat and pump) and Kaitlin (flat) are my latest acquisition from its Independence Day sale (last month).

And I have to say that these shoes are all very comfortable.
Definitiely they are worth buying!!

Aaden pump

Aaden flat

Kaitlin flat

La Mer Addict

Well, I am a devoted La Mer user for more than 5 years, especially its "creme de La Mer mouisturizing cream".

Victoria Beckham Three Tone Shoulder Bag

My latest craving from Victoria Beckham's collection is a shoulder bag in 3-tone colour of maroon, black and ecru and made from buffalo leather. Inside is fully lined in lambskin. The bag has 3 compartments, internal snap fastening and pouch pockets.

Price GBP1,500


Travelling in Longchamp

I tried to change handbag whenever I had the opportunity of travelling by airplane, so that I can 'test' the bag and make a verdict if the bag is really suitable for travelling purpose.

From the recent trip, I brought Longchamp LM in burgundy from FW 2012 collection. Being a Longchamp canvas/non-leather bag it was already a travel friendly bag, and this LM series bag has coated fabrics that was proven to be durable.

I saw no scratches/rubs on any parts of the bag after being used and abused for 3 days. And I wish to highlight that this bag from LM series looks much more durable than the Le Pliage series.

And while waiting for our flight to take off, I was quite hungry but none of the food at airport's restaurants appealed me. So I just had dessert at Bakerzin instead.

I ordered Profiteroles and a cup of hot chocolate. And it turned out that it was a giant Profiteroles with 4 scoops of soft vanilla ice cream!

Profiteroles or cream puff (US) or choux à la crème is a choux pastry ball filled with whipped cream, pastry cream, or ice cream. This treat is usually very sweet. The puffs may be decorated or left plain or garnished with chocolate sauce, caramel, or a dusting of powdered sugar. (Wikipedia)

See how big my profiteroles was!