Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Retail Therapy

You can call me an impulsive shopper today;)

I am excited for my purchase of the day. They are Celine 'trio' in black and thin belt in army green with unique locking system. *so happy*

Sally and Kelly

They are my favourite combo, Hermes K35 etoupe PHW and Tory Burch Sally lizard-print taupe SHW.

Sally wedges from Tory Burch is very comfortable for daily wear. I can stand in front of the class (errr, when I am teaching^_^ ) for 2-2.5 hours on this pair of shoes without getting any blisters on my foot or getting tired.

Sunday morning at the park

It was a sunny Sunday morning and we decided to go to the park with kids. My kids were all excited to walk around the park and to feed the pigeons. I noticed that the most of pigeons were shy as they kept staying inside their comfy houses.

I brought Tulisan's canvas beach bag from 'Mimosa Love' series. The bag is very very roomy with a lot of pockets inside and it served as my camera bag as well lol. Beach bag is one of my favourite bag style from Tulisan.

And by the way, the bag's print truly matched with the park's theme: birds!

Showing commitment to my new year's resolution - part two

This post is still related to my new year's (bag) resolution, i.e. I wish to reduce my bag collection (both branded/designer or non-branded bags), gradually.

Last month I managed to give away a dozen of batik bags to some close relatives. So this month I have also decided to let go some bags and they have found new homes (at my cousins' homes). They are non-branded/non-designer bags but I have acknowledged for their great craftsmanship and design. And I am proud that they are all locally made!!!

Well, I guess I am on track for my new year's (bag) resolution, right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Afternoon tea time

I just finished working in the afternoon and suddenly I had a huge craving for fresh sashimi. So I headed to my favourite Japanese restaurant that serves very nice sushi. The good thing is that the location is not too far from my workplace :)

Hence I had my afternoon tea time (alone) by enjoying hot green tea/ocha, fresh salmon sashimi and scallop sushi. *happy and refreshed*
I still continued working though, i.e. doing some reviews on student's assignment.

And by the way, my bag of the day was Hermes Kelly 35 Etoupe PHW.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the hunt of a classic 'box handbag'

This is my original inspiration: the cabin crew's handbag. Don't they just look just classic and chic? (psst, I am referring to their box-shaped handbags, NOT the luggage :D )

image from Google search

This is my holy grail which I doubt I will have the heart to get a new one for myself (ehm, considering its price tag :(  )

image from Jak&Jil/Purseblog

And these are some nominees which I have not decided yet ;)

Proenza Schouler PS11
image from Proenza Schouler
Celine Box Bag Medium
image from Celine

YSL Chyc Shoulder bag
image from YSL

Friday, February 24, 2012

What's inside my Goyard St Louis?

To make the bag more cheerful, I have put a cute bag charm from Tulisan. A flower shaped bag charm with a hint of orange to match the colour of the bag;)

And inside the orange St Louis I carry:
  • Bottega Veneta foldover wallet in cioccolato. This style of wallet has been my favourite wallet! Good bye to zip or continental wallet.
  • Longchamp card wallets. Very handy to keep those discount cards :D
  • Prada green make up pouch
  • Tulisan red small pouch (from 'Mimosa Love' series) to keep my daily medicine
  • Jim Thompson round mirror
  • Jim Thompson pencil case
  • Moleskin fuchsia notebook

From fashion runway to my closet

image from purseblog
I saw the bag for the first time from a picture of Tory Burch fashion runway back in September 2011. And I love it instantly!
So the bag has been on my wishlist for almost 5 months and I am now excited that finally this is officially part of my bag collection and has been resting in my closet for 1-2 days.

By the way, the name of the bag is not easy to remember: 'Tory Burch Patent Croc Print 797 Satchel in yellow'. Or I simply call it '797 satchel croc' :p
By the time I made this post, the bag is already sold out from Tory Burch's website. Hehehe

And here are more pictures of the bag

In love with Goyard St Louis

I have been eyeing Goyard in the past 4 months. While I was in Paris 3 months ago, I 'almost' bought a Goyard St Louis bag. But I was in a rush to another appointment at that time, so I skipped a visit to Goyard store. I was quite disappointed at that time :(

Fast forward to February 2012, I had the chance to get the bag. Yay! And I opted orange without further consideration. The size? It is PM and it is perfect for my petite frame.

Compared to LV Neverfull, Goyard St Louis is more lightweight and slouchier. The canvas is very durable for a normal daily use. Hence it is no wonder that this bag has become my favourite tote bag *wink*

By the way, I really like the handle design of this tote. Small and sturdy. The way the handles are sewn to the main bag's body is also unique. See last picture above!

Orange Clic H

Ok, that's it! I won't keep any longer on what's inside this small orange box posted previously (err, posted yesterday)  ;)
It's my frist Clic H in orange PHW (size PM) that I got around 3 weeks ago.
This has been my daily companion since then and I have started to think the next color for Clic H or Clic Clac.
I am afraid that I have become addicted to Hermes' bracelets lol

Mary Katrantzou: my favourite line from Longchamp SS 2012 Collection

The first time I saw the prints on the internet few months ago, I instantly fell in love. Now I have difficulties to decide on which bags that should be part of my collection. It is really hard to choose from those all beautiful bright prints.... sigh

About the designer (from Wikipedia)
Mary Katrantzou (born in 1983 in Athens) is a Greek fashion designer who currently lives and works in London.

She moved to the United States in 2003 in order to attend Rhode Island School of Design to study architecture. She then transferred Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where she completed both her Bachelor and Master. During her studies, she managed to sell some of her prints to Bill Blass. Graduating from her Bachelor course in 2005, Katrantzou switched her focus from prints for interiors to fashion prints. Whilst collaborating with Sophia Kokosalaki in 2006, Katrantzou managed to build up a portfolio for the Central Saint Martins Master Fashion Textiles course. In 2008, she opened the Saint Martins graduating show. Her collection was nominated for the Harrods and the L‘Oreal Professional Award. Supported by a Newgen (talent identification scheme created by the British Fashion Council in 1993) sponsorship for six full seasons (S/S 2009 - A/W 2011), her first Prêt-à-porter collection was shown at the autumn/winter London Fashion Week in 2008.
Her collections are now available worldwide in over 60 high end fashion shops. A collection for Topshop launched for London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2010 and was available in shops in February 2011. Katrantzou‘s work has been featured in publications including Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and Grazia. In 2010, she was awarded the coveted Swiss Textiles award, succeeding Alexander Wang who won the award in 2009. She is one of the designers of Città dell'arte Fashion. Hannah Holman is one of the better known models who recently walked in one of Katrantzou‘s shows.

Images from

A favourite place for a tea addict

As a tea addict, I feel so excited whenever I am offered hundreds of tea selection from around the world. This is the feeling whenever I paid a visit to TWG tea salon. This time, I managed to visit the one in ION Orchard.

Those light yellow tin cans were always arranged nicely (and neatly) on shelves and they certainly gave a nice view for me ;)

Bright colourful Longchamp SS 2012 Collection

Black - White - Honey
Green - Turquoise - Deep purple

Green - Deep purple

Autor de Ha Long
Chocolate - Paper

Le Pliage Cuir
Black - Navy - Taupe - Natural
Turquoise - Orange - Red - Cyclamen

Black - Beige

Le Pliage
White - Khaki
Cyclamen - Turquoise

Longchamp never failed me for its Spring Summer collection, including this year.
For SS 2012 collection, I love seeing those bold colours and I am pleased to see some variations on the classical Le Pliage line.
I am also excited to experience the new Le Pliage Cuir line. Sadly, the local Longchamp stores have not received any shipment of this new line. I have imagined that the leather will be as soft as Balenciaga, and if this is true then Longchamp will win my heart again.

One line that I did not see this season is the Victoire line. It would be so refreshing if Longchamp release the Victoire bags in spring colourful theme.