Monday, April 30, 2012

Bag Inventory as of 30 April 2012

Good Bye Babies

Bag Acquisition - April 2012

Celine Trapeze Olive

Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote Black

Longchamp Jeremy Scott 'Paradise'

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Cyclamen SS12

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Orange SS12

Longchamp Mary Katrantzou Small Short Handle SS12

Longchamp LM Metal Rosegold Small Short Handle SS12

Longchamp Patch Pony Medium Short Handle FW11

Longcham Le Pliage Cuir Pouch Cyclamen SS12

Longcham Le Pliage Cuir Pouch Orange SS12

Aiyla Croco Clutch

Aiyla Red Croco Wallet

Moozee Two-to-Tango bag in Fuchsia

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Victoria Beckham black structure leather tote

I like Victoria Beckham handbags and am so eager to touch its leather. I can imagine that the leather is so exquisite and soft to the touch. Now at NAP I saw a black Victoria leather tote. So classic! Yet I am quite curious abought the weight of the bag. My initial thought is that the bag must be rather heavy considering it is a full leather bag, has leather lining and a structured bag (which may require hidden sturcture in between the lining and the external leather). Well, just think about Hermes Birkin which is already heavy when the bag is empty.

Currently NAP features Victoria structure leather tote in black and yellow. Last month I made a special post for the yellow Victoria leather tote as I love it instantly. I am still drooling over this, and if I can choose between black or yellow, well I will obviously pick the black one.

Price GBP2,105 at

image from

Today's finds: purple wallets

From today's visit to the local handicraft exhibition, I rather impulsively bought 3 wallets all in purple colour. A travel wallet (with contrast orange zipper) from Moozee (made from lambskin) and 2 snakeskin wallets from Aiyla (made from python and cobra skin).
Aiyla is the brand where I recently bought croco clutch and wallet (also from the handicraft exhibition). While Moozee is my favourite local brand as they make unique handbag design by using excellent quality of leather.

Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutch

One of my favourite past times is to browse around (NAP). And today I noticed a cute clutch from Olympia Le-Tan. The name is quite strange to me so I google-ed around and got fruther info that she’s one of the Parisian ‘It’ girl that has ‘past resume’ for toiling in the Chanel design studion, working as a D.J. and as a writer for French fashion magazines. Now she has a new job title as a designer when she launched handbag collection that were inspired by first-edition covers of her favorite literary classics. Then the book clutch has instantly become a hit.

So I am one of those who is immediately smitten by this cute book clutch. I noticed that gradually I changed into a more clutch-person nowadays (but I am still a bag fetish obvioulsy). I thought that hugging or holding a clutch is the easiest (and lightest) way to dress up or to look stylish and somehow it can be a chic booster for the entire look. When carrying a clutch, one hand is like ‘glued’ to the clutch and somehow it can affect our body movement differently in the most ellegant way.

The book clutch has dimension of 14cm x 20cm x 3.5cm and each ‘book’ is produced in limited number of 16 only. It is made from canvas with exquisite embroidery details, brass structure and Liberty print lining. Note: Liberty is a London department store at Regent Street and also famous for its fabrics. They claimed that the Liberty design studio creates and re-works classic prints every season, inspired by nature, architecture, heritage and the store itself.

The book clutch price is GBP900 or EUR1,140. But by the time I made this post all the book clutches at NAP have all ben sold out and when I checked out the website, many of them were sold out or have to be pre-ordered. Hmmmm, it is indeed a strong evidence that Olympia Le-Tan book clutch is a hot fashion item.
So, where can I get one of those book clutches, please?

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's finds: croco clutch and wallet

I recently attended a local handicraft exhibition and found a booth (brand Aiyla) who make handbags, wallets and clutches made from exotic skin. Mostly they made the handbags from croco or ostrich skin, I have to say that the craftsmanship is pretty excellent.

When I saw this croco clutch, I was immediately sold. The colour is so classic and versatile and the clutch is simply unique!! See photo below on how to open the clutch, i.e. by 'unroll-ing' the layers of croco skin. I can imagine that one baby crocodile has been used to make this beautiful clutch.

Oh, and I also took home this gorgeous red croco wallet *love* On the way back home from the exhibition, I immediately changed my wallet from Bottega Veneta foldover wallet into this striking red croco wallet.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celine Fall 2012: some of my favourite ones

If I have to choose one, than Trapeze with blue suede wings is the winner....

All images from tPF

Katie Holmes and Hermes Steeple canvas tote bag

image from

image from Hermes

I have made a previous post in here about this Hermes Steeple Tote bag. Well, as a tote bag lover it is not a surprise if this canvas bag can make my heart beats faster lol

And seeing an old photo of Katie Holmes having a good time with her family and toting this bag, it really makes me want the bag and a beach holiday. Yes, I need a holiday *scream*..... I wish I can have a getaway just to relax on the beach and to unwind mind body and soul *sigh*

Kate Moss and Chanel boxes at the Ritz Paris

image from Vogue

OMG, I can clearly magine when those Chanel boxes are filled with Chanel goodies.....  bags, wallets, custom jewelry, shoes...
And the Ritz's room is just beyond amazing. It surely make everyone staying in that room feels like a French king or queen

By the way, the room featured in this photo is named as 'Coco Chanel Suite'

Monday, April 23, 2012

Inside those small orange boxes

2 out of 3 boxes...

In the past 2-3 weeks, I have gone H shopping that resulted in 3 small (and happy) orange boxes (first reveal was posted here). They were actually his and hers, but I will keep 'his' til next month when his birthday is due ;)

So 2 (out of 3) orange boxes belong to me and they are my new CDC Rouge Casaque GHW and Clic H White PHW.

I know very well that Hermes bracelets are very addictive!!!!