Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Balenciaga arm candy

I looooove wearing Balenciaga leather bracelet or cuff, especially in gold giant hardwares. They are edgy and chic at the same time. Whenever I had one of them on my wrist, most of the time I worn it solo, i.e. no bracelet stacking. Just like in here.

My current collection is all in neutral and blue colours and I am hoping to gradullay grow my collection by getting some in bright colours (Thinking of red and purple).

From left to right: gris perle in gold metallic edge, bleu paon in silver metallic edge, beige nougatine in GGH and bleu mineral in GGH

Orange Accessories

Showing off some of my orange accessories.

The wallet is in fire opal from Bottega Veneta's FW 2011 collection and the envelope clutch is in mandarin from Balenciaga's SS 2009 collection.

Gosh... I just realize that I have had those clutch and wallet for years and I still love them now.

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Celine Trio Grass Green


Disclaimer: This is not a recent purchase made in August (or even last month). But I think this little beauty deserves a special post. So here it is.

I am presenting my new Celine Trio from Summer 2014 collection. It was bought in Celine Hong Kong (The one at Pacific Place, Admiralty) a couple of months ago. Check the reveal post here.

I really really love its fresh green colour. I am not a 'green person' but this baby has won my heart. I was sold immediately when the SA showed me this trio. I was told that this is 'grass' green and these pictures do not do justice. The colour is more beautiful in real life that makes the bag easily become a head-turner or a conversation starter lol.

Now I am officially a Trio-addict and this is my 5th Celine Trio. I still have several wish list for trio's colours (e.g. violet purple, bubblegum pink) and am hoping that one day Phoebe Philo would introduce them in one of the Celine's future collections *fingers crossed*

Recent beauty haul


These were my beauty haul around 3 weeks ago. They were all repeat purchase for many times. Definitely those are among my favourite make-up/skin care products.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another new arm candy

It is very obvious that I am a bracelet addict when it comes to jewelry. Wearing bracelet is so much fun and I can easily stack or mix and match them. And the most important thing why I like to wear bracelets is that because I can 'see' it while I am wearing it. It is unlike wearing earrings or necklace where only the other persons can see those jewelries attached to my body.

So this month I think I have already made some bracelet hauls. Around 2 weeks ago I got 2 Valentino rockstud bracelets (check here) and now I just acquired a Balenciaga cuff in Bleu Paon with silver metallic edge. It is from FW2014 collection as I was told that the metallic edge series released in FW2014 collection are all in 'silver hardwares'.

Since I still have a wishlist of Balenciaga black cuff in gold metallic edge, so I guess that I have to patiently wait until the next season when (hopefully) the metallic edge series will be in gold hardwares.

Red Accessories

These are my favourite red accessories when I attend a formal event/reception. Normally I just need to add a little black dress then I am ready to go...

What's on the lounge chair

These 3 bags were very very busy last week because they were on duty. I wore my Diorissimo when I had lunch session with dear friends and when I spent the Saturday night with DH. Whereas Givenchy Pandora and Celine Trio were actively used when I went out with the kids or run some errands.
Currently the Givenchy Pandora has been my favourite daily bag in the past 2 weeks. Honestly I never thought that an odd-looking bag (i.e. it has asymmetric shape) can be so comfortable and easy to wear. The leather itself is so wonderful and durable. Well, I had to thank to DH for introducing me to this great bag that lately has become my favourite bag.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My new personalized Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir

Around 3 months ago, Longchamp local store had an event where they accepted custom order of personalized Le Pliage Cuir. I surely could not miss such opportunity, especially the offer was only a short period of time.

When I decided to get my personalized Le Pliage Cuir, I was simply overwhelmed with the colour combination that Longchamp offered in Le Pliage Cuir. At that time Longchamp offered its Spring Summer 2014 colours for the personalization products (see first photo above), which means bright pop colours such as pink, orange, yellow, red, etc, and those the colours that I love. So I knew that the making of personalized bag would be challenging for me lol

In the first step of making the personalized Le Pliage Cuir, I had to choose the model or size, but it was an easy task as I had decided from the beginning that it will be a medium Le Pliage. Then the second step was very challenging as I had to select one colour for the main body. I decided that it had to be a bright colour so I did not look further at brown, black, taupe, dark blue ones. I simply narrowed down the colour option because I already had Le Pliage Cuir in yellow (here), red (here), orange (here), fuchsia (here) in my current collection. Hence there was only one option left: P.I.N.K.

After I selected a medium size Le Pliage in pink, then I jumped into the lining decision. From the beginning I knew that I must have the lining in bright yellow as in the regular Le Pliage Cuir bag we would never ever get a yellow lining. Again this part of lining selection is an easy job for me.

And the next few steps are full of FUN. Yes I had fun in choosing the colour combination for the handles and flap, tabs and long strap. Before placing the order, I spent like 1.5 hours inside the store to play around with the colour swatches and finally came up with following final decisions (1) orange for handles, flap and tabs, and (2) dark blue for the long strap. In the last step I decided that I had to have my initial perforated on the main body. After placing and confirming the order all I had to do was to wait (impatiently) lol for approximately 3 months.

Therefore when I received my personalized bag last week, I was very satisfied and excited with the bag. Now I am eager to get another one especially the Fall Winter 2014 collection offers amazing purple tones such as bilberry or amethyst. I wished that the local store could offer another opportunity for custom order again *fingers crossed*

On my wrist

This Balenciaga Triple Tour in Bleu Mineral is one of my favourite leather bracelets, and I like to match it with simple outfit such as white t-shirt and blue denim.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My favourite black clutch

This Givenchy Antigona clutch in black croc-stamp is my favourite black clutch....
It may look small, but a continental wallet and iphone can fit inside the clutch compartment. And since it is a compact clutch, it is easy and comfy (and not too heavy) to be hand-held during a formal standing party

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New arm candy

Oh yeay... another impulsive purchase was successfully made last week.
When I saw this duo in the store, I can't help myself  but to immediately ask the sales assistant to wrap these rockstud bracelets...

Bag of the day: Diorissimo in Bleu Persan

Last week I paired my Diorissimo Blue Persan with beige pumps from Christian Louboutin. This pair of beige/nude Prorata 90 pumps is one of my favourite shoes. It is comfy and flattering my feet.

I'll tell you something. I am the person who lives in her flat shoes most of the times. I can't stand the height of those killer heels. Frequent sessions of pilates does not help me much on this issue. So yes, most of the pairs in my closet are flat/ballerina shoes and wedges/mid heels simply for comfort reason, and I think that I would not force myself to change this fact haha

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My favourite armcandy

This combo is my favourite because the white Clic H and Rockstud/Vavavoom bracelet match very well with my white gold bracelet. The metal combination of white gold-palladium-gunmetal is just perfect for daily wear.

What a nice surprise

Oh yes, I got this nice surprise from DH around a week ago. When I opened the white cotton dustbag, I instantly adored its bright purple colour. This is my first Givenchy bag. And after one week of wearing it, I love the bag even more. Very comfortable, easy to access to the main compartment, easy to open the zip while the bag is on my shoulder, gorgeous leather (and looks durable too) and relatively lightweight. Well, those are some criteria that are important for me when I choose a handbag, especially if the bag is for everyday use. And this Pandora  has passed with flying colours lol...

I will share more pictures of this baby soon ;) As always it is not easy to capture the real purple tone from a handbag. In the past I had some technical issue with my other purple bag when I took photos of them. If the lighting is too bright then its red-tone will come out. And if the lighting is too dark, then the blue-tone will get stronger. So I have to be in a proper lighting or time for the (bag) photoshoot session. Next week I will do my best to capture this purple baby and will share it here ;)

Friday, August 8, 2014


By definition, Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply colour, texture, and protection to the lips (from wikipedia).

I am a simple lady when it comes to lipstick. I would wear around 2-3 same shades for a period of time (i.e. 1-1.5 years), then I would get bored and switch to another brands/colours. So that's the main reason why I have a relatively limited lipstick collection. I rarely buy lipstick impulsively. I will buy ones if I am running out of my favourite shades and even I would buy the very same colour code.

Currently I really love the ones from Giorgio Armani (those in red cases). I have been on GA lipstick for almost a year. I love its texture and it lasts long enough during my busy day. However, now I am thinking to get a new colour shade, and I feel excited already.... ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Inside my bag: Bottega Veneta Large Veneta in Assenzio

This assenzio green is one of my favourite green. I remembered that this colour was from SS11 collection and I love it til now. It is a keeper for sure

I wore the bag 3-4 days ago and decided to bring minimal items inside the bag. Hence I just carried the essentials such as wallet, make up pouch and card wallet.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bag of the day: Celine Croc-embossed Trapeze

Since the release of Mini Trapeze in early 2014, I have been contemplating whether I should switch my medium Trapeze to the Mini version. I like the size of mini Trapeze, which is more suitable for my petite frame. And with the option of 3-colour combo, that mini version just becomes a super cute handbag. My SA also mentioned that the mini Trapeze was flying off the shelves quickly nowadays yet she promised that she could help me finding the perfect colour combo that I wish for.

Sometimes there is this evil idea that I could have both Trapezes (medium and mini), so that I just need to get a mini version (and keep this black beauty). However I further thought that I only want to have one Trapeze. And to tell you the truth, most of the time this bag stays in her dust bag inside my closet and I rarely took her out especially while I went out with the kids. I would rather use Goyard St Louis as my trusted bag for going out with three kids.

So that's the reason why I have been actively wearing my one and only medium Trapeze and continuously thinking 'should I or should I not' switch to the smaller version. Just like today. This bag was on duty again, and as expected I fall in love again with this classic piece. I like the fact that the leather has become softer and it is no longer a stiff leather. And the smell of Celine leather is just divine.

So yes, this baby will stay in my closet for a longer period of time... I hope that I have made a sound decision this time.... *fingers crossed*

Friday, August 1, 2014

On my wrist

Today I am wearing a Clic H and a Kelly Double Tour ;)

My broken Celine Trio

About a month ago my red Celine Trio got an incident and the pictures above depicted what actually happened. Its long strap was broken and separated from the trio's main body. Oh noooo ... It was surely a horror story for all bag addicts.

The story behind the incident was that I was on a trip with my kids and brought this bag as my handbag. At that time my bag was definitely overloaded. I simply put too many heavy items inside the bag (i.e. power bank, 2 mobile phones, wallets, 4 passports with the covers, etc), then this incident was inevitable and happened while I was on the plane.

Of course I was shocked and weeping but not too long as I soon realized that the broken strap was due to loose stitching. I positively thought that it can be fixed. And yes it can. Upon returning from my trip, I went to Captain Fix, and voila on the following my red Celine Trio looked perfectly fine like nothing bad had ever happened to her. I specially requested them to use a red thread to attach back the long strap and I also brought my other Celine Trio as a sample for them to fix my red one. With this approach, I can get my bag back into flawless condition again. I believe that the repairman at Captain Fix did a wonderful job as I noticed that the stitching that they did was pretty neat (and strong!). The next 2 pictures displayed my Celine Trio after the repair and I took the photos while I was still inside the Captain Fix shop to pick up the bag.

So yes, my story has a happy ending and I have two lessons learnt , i.e. (1) I must not put too many heavy items inside a Celine Trio (2) it is important to get to know a trusted bag repair shop.

And after this incident my love for Celine Trio is unchanged (until today, it's one of my favourite handbag) and I still consider that this bag is a great one for travelling or for running some errands around the city.