Monday, October 31, 2011

Bag Inventory as of 31 October 2011

Balenciaga 11

Bottega Veneta 5

Celine 7 (*New Mini Luggage Smooth Calfskin Lipstick Red AND Grained Calfskin Red)

Chanel 6

Hermes 5

Jil Sander 1

Louis Vuitton 2

Miu Miu 4

Prada 2

Proenza Schouler 1



Bag Acquisition - October 2011

Celine Mini Luggage Smooth Calfskin in Lipstick Red

Celine Mini Luggage Grained Calfskin in Red

Tory Burch Robinson East/West Tote in French Red

Longchamp Le Pliage Great Wall of China Medium Short Handle

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celine Mini Luggage: Lipstick Red and Red

This may look insane that I hauled TWO (almost) identical bags at the same month.
But when it comes to Celine Mini Luggage, then any bright colours will do good for me. Especially red. One is Red grained calfskin and the other is Lipstick Red smooth calfskin.

So these two versions of red are the latest addition to my (fast) growing Celine family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My excitement is building up

Another 2 days to go! Yay!

photo credit: google search, wikipedia

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Robinson duo

It is no longer a secret that I like the Robinson lines from Tory Burch.

So far I like both styles that I currently have: satchel and tote bags.

The tote bag is really great for a working bag. Documents, books and ipad can be easily put inside the bag.
While the satchel is my fave when I go out with the kids. It is roomy and can be worn as a crossbody bag.

More RED bags in October

I just can say that I am sooooo excited that I have successfully hauled these (almost) identical bags;)

A red Robinson

My waiting is over.
Made an order a month ago, and my Tory Burch Robinson East/West tote in French red is here. Yay!
Really love the leather which is quite similar to Prada saffiano collection.

I think bags from Robinson Collection is one of the best from Tory Burch handbags ever released. The style is versatile, leather looks luxurious and price is still acceptable for a middle brand (MSRP USD550). It is highly recommended!

Now I wish that a new colour in dark purple is released for Robinson lines ;) 
"Hey Ms. Burch, would you please produce a Robinson bag in dark purple?"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Victoria Beckham bags (that I like)

My bag wishlist is just getting longer after seeing these babes from recent VB collection *sigh*
Another Victoria Beckham bags

For sure, these places are on our itinerary

When in Paris...


and in Barcelona...


Both factory outlets are conveniently located just outside Paris (La Vallee Village) and Barcelona (La Roca Village), the 2 cities that will be our major stops.
So, we surely will do our best to make a half day stop in each of these chic shopping outlets....

Good news is, both outlets provide 'Shopping Express' (shuttle bus) service from the city centres. So convenient!

source: and

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Countdown to Girls Euro Trip 2011

Another 14 days, and we (3 girls) will have fun in Europe.

Rome - Madrid - Avila - Sevilla - Cordoba - Barcelona - Paris

Colour transfer.... Puff!!.... and it's gone

See that darker area in the middle... It's colour transfer from my jeans :(

Puff!! and it's gone...

Shine like a new bag

There was an urgent situation as I posted here. But my bag cleaner was able to do the magic. Yay!!

The Hermes Vibrato Orange is clean now, and I have learnt my important lesson: be careful when wearing dark blue jeans with Hermes Herbag Vibrato.

I hope this will be the last incident for this bag

Saturday, October 1, 2011

(Another) Longchamp Great Wall of China

Today I just received (via post) my recent order of Longchamp Limited Edition 'Great Wall of China'. Yay!

And now I still want those Statue of Liberty and Miyajima limited edition bags. So can someone buy me tickets to JFK via NRT please?

My weekend reading

Ordered from;)

Bag Acquisition - September 2011

Burberry Nova Check Medium Tote

Longhcmap Great Wall of China 'Grape' Medium Short Handle

Lovely Batik Flawless GM in Batik Hokokai w blue cobra

Bag Inventory as of 30 September 2011

Balenciaga 11

Bottega Veneta 5

Celine 5

Chanel 6

Hermes 5

Jil Sander 1

Louis Vuitton 2

Miu Miu 4

Prada 2

Proenza Schouler 1


Good Bye Babies