Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bag Acquisition - August 2013

Dior Lady Dior Large Black GHW

Dior Diorissimo Small Bleu Persan SHW

Proenza Schouler PS Courier double sided Black Krishna

Longchamp Planetes Plum FW13

Balenciaga Family

These are the remaining Balenciaga bags that I currently own.
They are one small happy family and I am happy and content with my current collection.

In the past (circa 2009-2010) I was a true Balenciaga addict and owned up to 17 Balenciaga bags with various styles/hardwares/colours. However since I have been a Celine convert and loyal to Celine in the past 2 years, then I had to let go most of my Balenciaga bags. Now I only have 6 Balenciaga bags and love each one of them.

These 6 bags that I cheris comprise of:

2009 Raisin Part Time RH
2010 Outremer Work RH
2010 Sorbet Part Time RH
2010 Sang Work SGH
2010 Black City RH
2011 Coquelicot Part Time RH

Now I just realize that the last Balenciaga bag I bought was in July 2011. It's like 2 years ago. Wow, time flies so fast...

Recent beauty haul

I have been running out of my trusty eye cream for around 2 weeks. So I had to get a new jar for the replacement.

So here it is, La Mer eye concentrate....

My 2nd Dior: Diorissimo Small Bleu Persan

I never thought that I would score TWO Dior bags in a month. Phewww....

Well, honestly I have not bought any new bags in the past 3 months (on a bag ban!) and I have started to let go some of my collection. So, I think it is a good chance (and reason) that I start venturing to a new brand or style *wink*

When I came to Dior store last week, I did not have any intention to buy one. I just wanted to make some enquiries about Diorissimo (like size, leather types and colours) as I never saw it in real life.
Then the SA showed me a Diorissimo medium in bleu persan. I really love the colour at the first sight but then a medium size was too big for my petite frame (just 5'1). The SA said that they had a very limited stock for Diorissimo small and did not have one in bleu persan. At that time I felt a little bit disappointed for not being able to see one.

So I left the store empty handed and had a nice lunch with a friend. In the middle of the lunch, the SA called me and excitedly confirmed that the store actually still had a Diorissimo small in bleu persan. Just like the one that I want. Wow! I suddenly felt my excitement was getting stronger and I quickly finished my lunch.

I then came back to the store and was warmly greeted by this stunning baby. Well, I loveeee it. The size is perfect and the colour is amazing. The bag was calling my name loudly lol that I could no longer stand it....

At the end I helplessly gave my credit card to the SA and asked her to wrap this baby for me.

So that's the story for my 2nd Dior... with a very happy ending. I hope that one day I might be able to gradually grow my Dior collection.

See my first Dior here, also acquired this month...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Proenza Schouler Family

They are one small happy Proenza Schouler family: PS1 medium dark red (2010), PS1 medium midnight blue (2012) and (the newest one) PS Courier black krishna.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham 'Seven'

In her handbag department, Victoria Beckham just released a new style that is named (not surprisingly) 'Seven'. Seven is the middle name of her cute daughter Harper, i.e. Harper Seven Beckham.

The shape of Seven reminds me of her already-known Victoria tote bag (like here), but this is in a much smaller version and looks cute. The size of Seven (categorized as small bowling bag) is W27 x H20 x D18 cm. So size-wise the bag is sufficient enough for carrying our daily essentials (the continental wallet can certainly fit into Seven).

The bag price is EUR1,350 and currently available at (blue) and (yellow).

images from, and

One of the best packaging

Yesterday I went to Dior boutique and bought something *wink*
I think Dior provides one of the best packaging when we buy something from the store. And I am super excited with this purchase.

Well, I never thought that I would get two Dior bags in a month after I did not have any new bags in the past 3 months (pssst, check the other Dior haul here). In this case, the quote "good things come to those who wait" is so true, because it happened to me.

Definitely I will arrange a separate post to share my excitement and reveal latest purchase ;)

Bag of the day: Proenza Schouler PS Courier

In the past one week, my new Proenza Schouler PS Courier Black Krishna was getting very busy. I have been actively wearing the bag to many (casual) occasions and the bag was proven to be very handy. I simply adore it. Lightweight, easy opening, useful back pocket, adjustable strap, soft and durable leather and gorgeous contrasting orange leather lining. So then what could I ask for more for a daily bag?

I could wear the bag in 3 styles: in short and long strap settings, and in cross body. Note that I have a petite body frame just 5'1".

So after a week of wearing it, I can conclude that I am happy with PS Courier. Now I can not stop thinking about the PS Courier pony which look very luxurious *sigh*

Check more photos for this bag here.

Michelle Williams' Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign for Capucines

For sure Ms. Williams has been very busy attending Louis Vuitton photoshoot sessions. She was the face of W bag as well as this gorgeous Capucines bag. As always Michelle looks lovely and I love her pixie hairstyle that has inspired me to have (almost) similar hairstyle starting this year *smile*
I have to confess that I fall in love with this bag after seeing Angelina Jolie (check here) and Diane Kruger (check here) carrying it. My hesitation for the bag is simply for its steep price. MM Capucines is EUR3,500 and GM Capucines is EUR3,800.
images from Louis Vuitton

Afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hong Kong

So, this is another long overdue post. My apologies.

My DH and I went to Hong Kong in April following our short trip to Guangzhou (check the highlight of my Guangzhou trip here and here). We spent the days in Hong Kong for meeting my best friend (used to be my colleague at office who is now working in Hong Kong) and for visiting our favourite restaurants (those spicy crabs at Under Bridge restaurant in Wanchai is super delicious and has become our must-visit place in Hong Kong). Definitely we had a great time in Hong Kong and as always our highlight in Hong Kong trip is always about the food and food (and a little bit shopping of course).

And this time we managed to have the famous afternoon tea time at The Peninsula Hotel. Yay! After many failed attempts to get a table (due to our late arrival for the high tea session where the queue already reached 40 people and all tables are occupied), we were finally able to get a table and be served. The trick is to come early. The afternoon high tea session at The Peninsula Hotel is started at 2PM, and at 1.30PM we were already queueing. By the time we arrived at hotel at 1.30PM there were already 25 queues in front of us, but we were quite confident that we could get a table. And yes we did get a table after 25-30 minutes of queueing !

What I like best while having the tea time (other than enjoying the scrumptious snacks and cakes) is people watching. Our table is quite close to hotel main door, so we had a great view to watch beautiful, gorgeous and well-dressed guests who came in to the hotel or get off from their expensive super cars.

So in this post I wish to share the beautiful hotel lobby and excellent afternoon tea set that we had.

The classic decor

The silverware for serving

The view from my table

The food


During that trip (i.e. visiting Guangzhou and Hong Kong) I brought my loyal Proenza Schouler PS1 in Midnight blue. It is such a versatile bag and very good for travel companion. The leather is very durable, the pockets are quite handy and for sure I don't have to 'baby' the bag during the trip.

I am thinking to bring the same bag (but in red) for my next trip to India ;)