Thursday, September 29, 2011

LV wallets

Current LV wallets
  1. Monogram Canvas Sarah wallet
  2. Epi Casis Zippy wallet
  3. Epi Red Elise wallet

Tryptique vs. Trapeze

I am super curious with these two new releases from Celine for its FW11 collection.
I wish I could try both bags at local Celine store.
But now Celine store in my city only has Tryptique. There is no confirmed news when or whether Trapeze will be available :(

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've had enough of Louis

1.5 years ago....


I have confessed in this post, that I used to be a Louis Vuitton fanatic.

But things have changed in the past 1-2 year. So my Louis Vuitton family has decreased significantly LOL....  I have gradually (or slowly) let go of my LV bags until I can achieve this stage. It was not an easy things to do for a bag fetish like me, but I did it. Yay!

Now I am pretty much content with my small Louis Vuitton family....

After few months of not getting any new batik bags, finally I fell off the wagon....

Okay, I confessed that I failed to keep up my promise bag resolution. But this batik in Hokokai print is just beautiful.

Without further ado, I am presenting my new batik bag from Lovely Batik in Flawless GM style. The beautiful and colourful Hokokai print is gorgeously matched with blue cobra skin.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inside my bag today

The bag
Longchamp Great Wall of China

The contents
  • Celine orange zip wallet
  • Longchamp red leather card wallet
  • Make up pouch from Sea Breeze Studio @Etsy
  • Matching mirror and pencil/pen case from Jim Thompson
  • Tissue/wipe clutch, made from Amy Butler fabric
  • Strepsils --> coz I have very bad sore throat :(
  • Blue white-board marker --> very important item when I am working ;)
  • A7-sized note book --> very handy to write down the shopping list or things to do
  • Receipts --> a gentle reminder that I have to be more organized with receipts

The occasion
Work, work and work

Orange anyone?

I noticed that a number of gorgeous orange handbags were released by my favourite brands:
  • Bottega Veneta Large Veneta Topaz
  • Jil Sander handbag Orange
  • YSL Easy Orange
  • Proenza Schouler PS1 medium Tangerine
  • Victoria Beckham shopper tote Orange

And let's not forget to mention the rumour of Celine Fluo Orange Mini Luggage for FW11 collection. This should be a very gorgeous classic bag. Head turner is guaranteed. But too bad I dont have its photo yet :(


I adore Victoria Beckham handbags

It is now official that I have lust in my heart for these bags from Victoria Beckham collection. The style is minimalist yet it emphasizes the exquisite material and exellent craftsmanship.

I want I want I want....
Hmm, I guess I shall start planting more money trees in my backyard then....


I adore these VB handbags

Recent beauty haul

No much stuffs were bought actually (thanks God!).

These are just essential make-up items:
  • MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in 'Love Thing'

Longchamp Great Wall of China

The bag in special print of 'Great wall of China' is only released in Hong Kong and the colour is 'Grape'.

Thanks to DH who successfully snapped this limited edition bag in HKIA :)

Now I want the Statue of Liberty (and Miyajima) edition and where can I get one? ;)

Another trial for my new bag closet

The last 3 weeks 4 weeks have been very hectic and I never changed bag during that period. I continuously wore my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull and this has been my loyal bag companion.
So when I visited the house project, I let my loyal LV Neverfull to sit in the future bag closet while I took closer inspection to the house' finishing stage. For sure the closet is dusty!! But no need to worry as the monogram canvas material can be easily cleaned/wiped.

I noticed that the Monogram Canvas colour really matched with the wooden closet and wooden floor (in the main bedroom area). And I further imagined if the bag closet is already filled with bags from various brands. That will make a nice view for a bag fetish like me. Hahaha... I have soon to decide which shelves are designated to which brands and I do hope that my bag family can be stored in just one bag closet.

For next trial I am thinking to bring few bags and I can see how many bags can be stored in each shelf :p

Btw, this is the second trial/test for the new bag closet. Previously the closet has been tested and posted here.

Robinson Satchel goes gold

I have already had a Tory Burch Robinson Satchel in navy. But seeing the same bag in gold has made my heart beats faster....
So for now I just put this bag in my never ending bag wishlist


Well, this Burberry bag is not my cup of tea.....

I have been contemplating in the past 1-2 weeks whether to keep this bag or to give away to my mother. Please check here.

And a decision has been made that this bag is now resting in my mother's wardrobe. My mother has been a Burberry fans for more than 2 decades. And she looked excited when I presented the bag for her, hence I am sure that she will take a good care of this bag....

Drooling over this 797 satchel from Tory Burch Spring 2012 collection

Tory Burch goes colour blocking and this yellow-themed bag (from her 797 collection) has successfully made me drooling over it :p
I want it..... But have to patiently wait til its release in Spring 2012 *sigh*

From Tory Burch Spring 2012 fashion show held during NY Fashion Week.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I adore this orange beauty

I have been a secret admire of Jil Sander bags. But it is so sad that there is no other store in my city that carries Jil Sander collection *sigh*

As I have been bitten by the orange bug recently, then my fave from its FW11 collection is this orange satchel. The look is minimalist but the leather looks devine. it seems that the leather speaks for itself!!! Looks super luxurious and classic.

The website describes this bag as follow:

The reduced application of fitting underlines the pureness of this bauletto. Its beauty is emphasised by the fine hight quality of calf leather, in orange colour or  black.
  • Zip closure
  • Internal pockets
  • Double handle
  • Embossed logo detailing
Composition: 100% Leather
Length of strap: 30,0 cm, Height: 23,0 cm, Depth: 17,0 cm, Width: 38,0 cm
Item code: FW850032 WL585600
Price: USD1,650


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anya Hindmarch 3way convertible bag

Recently received a newsletter from Anya Hindmarch.
The new bag is smartly designed. Adore it. So I just put this on my wish list, especially the orange one.

A compact version of the Maxi Zip Satchel. It has the same stylish chunky zip detail, which when opened reveals cleverly labelled pockets for storing all those every day essentials. Worn on the shoulder, or long across the body, this is an ideal bag for every day.
Specifications & Materials
Leather bag chunky zip and tassel closure. Detachable nastro strap and logo lined.
W27cm x H19cm D6cm
Velvet Calf
Velvet calf is new for AW11. It is beautifully smooth and buttery in feel; leather in its most natural form.


Fuchsia, I am in love....

Just realized that I have several bags in fuchsia color.
I guess I might have more fuchsia bags compared to pink bags. Oneday I will take a group photo of my pink bags, just for fun.
  • Tulisan Atelier Box  in 'Delightfully Yours' print
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tate medium tote
  • Jil Sander hobo bag
  • Tina Mitra 'Suci' python bag
  • Kipling satchel
  • Longchamp Darshan
  • Longchamp Le Pliage

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My first Burberry bag: Nova Check Medium Tote

Love its pleats

2 large zipped pockets. Wallet can be securely stored inside the zipped wallets

Inside is beige canvas lining

Wide/big zipper pull is a great attribute. Easy to open the zipped pockets

Embossed Burberry label inside the bag


I was a Burberry virgin. Until today.

I unexpectedly ordered this bag from my a local reseller. A post here was made when I just completed my order a month ago. I was drawn into its feminin pleats at both sides of the bag. And when the bag was received today, I was not disappointed at all. This will be a good daily bag for doing some errands. I like that it has few small inside pockets (mobile phone pocket, small zipper pocket and side pocket) and 2 large zipper pockets.  But I am not sure whether I can handle the light colour of Nova Check canvas. It is a classic check pattern but I noticed that the canvas material is prone to any stains.

I am now seriously contemplating whether it is meant to be part of my bag family or not. If not, then I would give the bag to my Mom who has been a Burberry aficionado for many many years.

The bag I purchased is Made in China. It is very COMMON for Burberry bags that are made from check canvas patterns (nova check/haymarket) to be manufactured in China.

And I want to highlight the fact that Burberry does not specifically name their bags!!! Most of the bags are simply called "Nova Check Tote Bag". LOL
Sometime it is confusing when I am about to ask someone to buy the style that I preferred without getting the proper name. It will be a helpful situation if Burberry has a name for each bag released. They should learn from it more senior brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes who have creatively named the bags.

So, to keep or not to keep, that is the question......

Colourful batik wallets

Houston, we've got a problem....

Yesterday I went out for a dinner with my best friends. I wore my favourite jeans and Hermes Herbag Vibrato Orange.
But then I soon found out that my Hermes Herbag (the back side) got colour transfer from navy blue jeans. And it is quite obvious!!! What a disaster for a bag.

So today I already brought the bag to a reputable bag cleaner which happens to have a shop in my neighborhood. They said they have dealt with this problem before and can remove the stain.

Now I pray hard that the stain can be removed permanently and the cleaning treatment doesn't damage the vibrato leather.