Sunday, December 25, 2011

Officialy I am now a fold-over wallet convert

In cioccolato

In cioccolato

In sapphire

In sapphire

In the past, I used mostly continental or zip around wallet. Both styles of long wallet can accomodate my needs to keep cash, ID card, driving license, receipts and cash/credit cards. So I ended up having 'few' continental/zip around wallets from LV, BV, Celine and Tory Burch.
But only until 3 weeks ago I discovered bought these wallets during Bottega Veneta end of season sale, then I am now a BV foldover wallet convert.
I am not sure the official names for these wallets, but I simply call them 'fold-over' wallet.

Some of the great facts about these foldover wallets are that they are roomy and lightweight, they do not feel rigid/bulky (it is a very critical issue for me!!), a mobile phone can be kept into it comfortably, it is very easy to get things out from the wallet and I got them at discounted prices *big smile*

The first style (with 2 parallel zippered pockets in cioccolato) is so handy when I need to keep a lot of cash.
And the second style (simple one in sapphire) is so cute whenever I use it as a small clutch by taking out the removable card case (so all mobile phone, some cash, cash card, a pack tissue can be fitted into the wallet!)

Without doubt I love both styles of these Bottega Veneta foldover wallets

Recent beauty haul

They are from Bobbi Brown:
  • Perfectly defined mascara in black
  • Long-wear cream shadow in beach bronze no 16
  • Shimmer wash eye shadow in black plum no 15
  • Lip color in Brownie no 33
  • Eye sweep brush

My new and favourite wedge

Just received it 2 weeks ago and I have been wearing it in the past one week. Very comfortable!!! I can wear it all day long, go up and down the stairs without enduring any pain or blisters.
And I like the fact that the wedge instantly gave me height booster (by 3 inches). Love it!!!

By the way, the official name of the sandal is 'Tory Burch Patti 3 Mid Wedge' :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celine Spring 2012

My favourite ones are fluo pink-orange clutch, croc embossed luggage, tan/caramel phantom and taupe(?) drawstring bag.


Bottega Veneta wallet family

Nero - Fire opal - Sapphire - Cioccolato

My current reading

Ordered from ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anya Hindmarch Canvas Tote Bag

Anya Hindmarch Canvas Tote Bag
image from

After the Headline Printed Canvas Shopper, Anya Hindmarch released another cute canvas tote bag in different theme. This time, the themes are beach, fruit & veg and homework.

My favourite is the beach themed-canvas bag as it will constantly remind me of the beach holiday that I need...

A chic trompe l'oeil print on crisp canvas trimmed with leather:
  • Leather double top handles, 7¼" drop
  • One inside zip pocket
  • 17¼"W X 14¼"H X 7¼"D
  • Imported
  • Price USD 295


Help! I need a cross body bag

I just came back from a family holiday and during the weekend getaway I brought my Chanel Biarritz. Before leaving home I thought that I would need a BIG bag as I anticipated to stuff my bag with iPad, mobile phone, mobile phone charger, wallet, cosmetic pouch, foldable baby carrier, mobile banking devices, small writing pad, toys and camera. As expected I ended up carrying a full and heavy bag. Plus I have to carry my 10month old baby in baby carrier (i.e. baby was carried in front or in kangoroo style). Comfort was not my main objective during the trip. I focused on my baby comfort and safety and being not-to-forget-anything-so-just-put-everything-in-the-bag.

Then I just realized that I do not have a nice and comfortable cross body bag. I do have a Balenciaga Velo Black RGGH (that can be worn cross body) and Prada nylon small crossbody bag. But they’re still too big or too small (or too heavy in the case of Bal Velo RGGH) for me just to carry my essentials.

So now I need (and want) a nice, stylish and comfortable cross body bag and officially I am in the hunt for it.

I plan to stuff my (future) cross body bag with
  • Wallet (continental/zipper style)
  • Mobile phone
  • Credit card case
  • Pencil case
  • Small mirror
  • Tissue
Yup, I do not intend to put my cosmetic pouch inside the bag :p

And the criteria that I am looking for are as follows
  • Lightweight (very important)
  • Not too big and not too small, just the right size to accomodate my stuffs
  • Stylish enough (ehm....)
  • Easy to open or to access the bag contents
  • Strap length must be suitable for my petite frame
  • Worry free (meaning that I must not worry that the bag may get colour transfer from jeans)

Then I came up with few finalists from 3 brands: Louis Vuitton (Trocadero 27, Menilmontant PM, Odeon PM), Bottega Veneta and Celine (Nano Luggage).

Louis Vuitton Trocadero 27, Menilmontant PM and Odeon PM
images from

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa crossbody bag in nero, shock, turquoise, sunset and steel
images from

Celine Nano Luggage as worn by Nicky Hilton
images from Purseblog

Honestly I have not made my mind on the most preferred style or colour. I still want to try on those bags, especially LV Menilmontant and Bottega Veneta crossbody bag. I did try the Celine Nano Luggage few months ago and the size or weight is just perfect. The bag actually met my criteria. But again, trying the other bag finalists is still worth doing before I spend some cash on a rather small bag.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Perfect beach bag from Emilio Pucci

Having looked at this printed PVC tote bag from Emilio Pucci, suddenly I am thinking of beach holiday. Definitely this will be my perfect beach bag.

Emilio Pucci Printed PVC tote
  • Weighs approximately 3.3lbs/ 1.5kg
  • Width 15" / 38cm
  • Height 13" / 32cm
  • Depth 6" / 16cm
  • Handle Drop 10" / 25cm
  • Min. Strap Length 25" / 63cm
  • Max. Strap Length 21" / 53cm
price £362.50


Dotty black and white handbags

Images from and

Ok, another bag trend that I saw this season: black and white polka dot.

I really like this Jil Sander dotty bag ....... that one big black dot gave the super cute effect to the simple hobo bag! Niceeeee.......

sourceL net-a-porter, bergdorf goodman

Chanel Holiday 2011

24 December

25 December

31 December

My fave will be the small lambskin flap bag and quilted lambskin cuff.

Geometric black and white handbags

Images from,,,

Recently I noticed that some designers were applying a bold theme of geometric black and white into their handbags collection. By combining 2 contrasting colour of black and white in a simple bag design, it could strongly emphasize the geometric atmosphere. YSL so far has actively applied this black and white theme in their handbags.

My fave is of course the Chanel Boy Bag;)


Hermes belt duo

Last weekend, this small orange box came home with me:) It was something rather out of plan.....

Well, one and a half month ago, I just bought an Hermes belt kit: gold hardware +  black-orange bicolor leather in Paris (size 90). And now the belt doesnt fit me well, because I have recently lost weight (as part of my work out for 'post-baby weights'. Yay!). The only suitable outfit that I can wear is a very very low rise jeans, so the belt could rest well at my lowest hips. Sadly I only have one pair of a very low rise jeans, and I rarely wore the jeans hence I rarely wore the belt :(
I know that most people would advise me to get another holes for the belt so that it can be fastened more. But unexpectedly I decided for the other alternative solution, i.e. to get another belt kit, in differet hardware of course;) Well, the other consideration was that I also needed wanted a belt kit in silver hardware, hence I simply took home the belt kit with me (and it was the only one in stock). This time I opted black-gold bi-color leather in one size smaller (size 85).

Without further ado.....

My Hermes belt duo

A mod pic.....

Kutubaru-styled batik top Allure + Victoria Beckham jeans + silver belt :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

I am falling in love again with YSL Muse Two

Muse Two medium in Red-Navy-Beige

I used to have a Muse Two bag, but I decided to let it go :(

It was a patent Muse Two in large size with suede lining. In my pinion, the design was fantastic and large size was still suitable for me (I am a petite 5'1). I had no issue with the clasp or buckle for opening/fastening the bag. I could managed them well although some people found this as quite troublesome. Yet one thing that annoyed me most was the fact that it was a heavy bag:(((  Mine was lined in dark coloured suede. Suede that was made from real leather that gave some extra weights to the bag.
So, I ended up in selling the bag :(

Since then I tried to control the strong temptation to get another Muse Bag (as the replacement), as I reminded myself that I did not want to have another regret.

But 1.5months ago in Galerie Lafayette Paris I saw, touched and tried on a Muse Two medium in stunning three color combinationthat I really really like. I could say that I experienced a 'love at first sight' syndrome for this bag. And .... I am officially falling in love again with Muse Two *sigh*

Indeed it was beautiful combination in basic colours of red, blue and beige. The colours remind me of the national flags from France, Russia, Netherland, America, Great Britain, etc.... :D  Given the bag is in medium size, it should not be very heavy (compared to large Muse Two). But honestly I still prefer a Muse Two bag in canvas lining as comfort will be guaranteed. For me, a comfortable bag is a 'must' criteria on my bag checklist. I was not so sure if I could compromise this 'comfort' factor from the checklist.

In the meantime, I still have time to think about getting this bag (or not). Since the bag is part of SS12 collection, it was not available yet in the store (as of last week).  I was told it will be released starting end of December.
Whenever the bag is available in the store (a SA promised to give me a call if the bag arrives), I will check and try again before making any decision....

By the way, the other tricolor Muse Two bags in medium size are also gorgeous. Love them.

Muse Two medium in Yellow-Chocolate-Light brown

Muse Two medium in Magenta-Green-Light brown

The bag description on
A practical and sophisticated silhouette gets a YSL update with the Muse Two handbag. The addition of functional satchel straps and a beautifully designed metal closure on the front flap add flair while also allowing for the bag to be securely closed. Outside, rich suede is covered in soft, grainy leather while inside, a large central zip pocket creates two compartments for optimal organization. An exterior flat pocket and top handle long enough for shoulder wear make it the perfect go-anywhere accessory.
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 13" x 9.5" x 5.5", Drop 6"
  • Style ID: 197149 D22MG 6277
Price USD1895 for medium size with suede lining (and USD1250 with canvas lining).


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Some goodies from the Longchamp store visit today

It is already December and it is now the year-end/xmas sale season!! Panic attack happened almost everyday whenever I saw my coveted items were on sale. And today is not an exception. I saw this ads in the newspaper in the morning and was wondering whether the bags that I liked would be on sale (and whether they were still available). What a coincidence that I had an appointment in a place that was close enough to a Longchamp store and I successfully managed to visit sneak out to the store *big smile*

And for sure I did not leave the store empty handed....

My Longchamp shopping haul today:
  • Planetes medium short handle in hazelnut brown
  • Le Pliage wool stripe in grey
  • Veau Foulonne leather pencil case in cinders red

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My bag of the week

It's been more than a week that I countinuosly wore this classic Chanel Jumbo Caviar in black.... Really love this bag and surprisingly it fits my daily necessities despite it's small size and boxy shape :p

A small orange box that came home with me during weekend ;)

Many people advised warned me that once we know Hermes, it will be a very slippery orange slope, and it's so true... lol

Friday, December 2, 2011

Colourful flamenco shoes

Cute and colourful flamenco shoes on a window display

They are soooo cute!!! And their colours just reminded me of Balenciaga bags. So I thought I had to make a post on this.

I snapped the pics in Seville (Southern Spain), a beautiful city with laid back atmosphere and friendly attitude.... For sure I still want to come back to Seville....

Chic Outlet Shopping in Paris & Barcelona: don't forget to ask for their discount vouchers

My shopping trips to Chic Outlet Shopping in Paris and Barcelona have been here posted here (La Vallee Village in Paris) and here (La Roca Village in Barcelona).

But I forgot to mention that upon our arrival in each shopping outlet each visitor received a booklet of discount vouchers which entitled us to get another 10% discount. We got this from the welcome desk or the customer service office at the main entrance in each shopping outlet.
This 10% voucher was considered as an additional discount on top of the factory outlet prices (which were already at 20-50% off retail prices). Yay!!!

Hence, it was not a surprise that everyone had a big smile on the face during return journey to capital cities lol

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's learn the 'Prada' alphabet

They are cute little things from Prada that each has retail price of eur110. The 2 or 3 stripes on each letter have increased the level of cuteness of these keychains.