Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bag Inventory as of 31 January 2013

Good Bye Babies

Bag Acquisition - January 2013

Fendi 2jours orange
Longchamp Le Pliage 'Made by Longchamp' (SS13)

Pizza Night

Ocha & Bella has been our favourite place for having pizza. We like their pizza for the fresh ingredients used and perfect pizza dough.

We ordered a pan of pizza, salad and a pasta (I forgot to take photos for the pasta). All food that we ordered were excellent and delicious and the portion was enough for two people sharing.

Another thing that we love about this place is the warm and inviting decor that could create a great ambience.


On that pizza night, I carried my loyal Anya Hindmarch python flap bag. It was actually my very first python bag that I ever had and bought in 2009 in local Anya Hindmarch store. And after this bag, I started adding more python bags (mostly from local brands) into my collection

Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham bag

Victoria Beckham is seen carrying a bag from her own collection. I quite like the bag that I made a special post in here about a year ago. But having seen her with her Victoria Beckham tote bag, I know for sure that this is a 'giant' bag lol. And I am not sure if I would feel comfortable enough when I have to 'hand-hold' the bag like she does.

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Made by Longchamp

This bag is from Longchamp SS2013 collection, under 'Made by Longchamp' series.
It is my latest impulsive purchase (bought yesterday at Longchamp local store) and I really like the canvas material combined with red-blue leather trims. To be honest, the colour combination (red-blue-ecru) reminds me of French national flag lol

The bag comes in 2 sizes and I opted the medium one (32x28x17cm) as it suits me better as a daily bag. The other size is large (45x35x23cm) which will be a great travelling bag and guaranteed to be a chic cabin bag.

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Shoebox Project

I have been doing this special project since December 2012. The name 'Shoebox' is quite self explanatory for describing on what the project is all about.

The background of the project should be well understood for any shoes lover. To begin with, I always keep my shoes inside their boxes for the reason of cleanliness (to keep the dust away). It is a standard operating procedure (SOP) at my house and can not be bargained for lol. But sometimes I had difficulty to locate or to find the pair that I wish to wear. I often opened up to 5-6 shoe boxes before I got the shoes that I was looking for. Hence I set up the main objective for this special project for attaching the respective shoes photo on every shoebox.

The process was very time consuming that it took me 1.5 months to finish it. First I must take the shoebox out from the shoes cabinet and take out the shoes one by one from each shoebox. I have set up a mini studio at the corner of my living room and photoshoot session took place only when the kids were not around. Else I got continuous disturbance from them lol

Taking the photos was only the beginning of the process and relatively easy. Then it was followed by the prolonged process of selection, editing and printing the photos. The final process was to take the shoebox out of the shoes cabinet (again) and to attach/glue the shoes photo on every single shoebox.

Photoshoot session

Photoshoot session

Mini studio at the corner of living room
The shoes were queueing for the photoshoot session

After selection, editing and printing processes, these are the print outs

My favourite pairs of shoes for working.
They are very comfortable and I could stand in them for hours without enduring any pain.
Some of my 'Pretty Ballerina' collection
Various brands

I love Bottega Veneta thong sandals
I am quite satisfied with the result of this special project that I have started to do similar project for (some of) my bag collection. It is called 'bagbox' project. I will make a special post on this project when it is completed :)

2 years of bag blogging


January is the anniversary month for my bag blog. It has been 2 years of blogging now and I intend to continue doing it although I found greater challenges to make a regular blog post. The reason is that I am getting busier with my work and my toddlers demand my undivided attention at home. So my spare time at home is mostly with the kids, accompanying them for studying and playing. Quite often when I played around with my camera to take some bag pictures or was busy in front of the computer, the kids came around and disturbed the session lol. Of course I had difficulty to ignore them after looking at their innocent and eager faces wanting to play with me. I then immediately abandoned the photo session and joined the playtime lol.

My initial intention to set up this blog was very simple. I just want to have 'a diary' or 'a record' or 'a summary' for the bags that I currently have, bags that have been actively used and bags on the wishlist. And the content of this blog pretty much have stayed the same in the past 2 years, although I have added irregular posts in regards to beauty haul, flat shoes addiction, food and travel. These are basically my other favourite topics.

And after undergoing several years of severe bag addiction lol (to illustrate, I had a period for being a Balenciaga addict where my Balenciaga bags were around 15-17 bags), I can say that I am now focusing on keeping the designers/brands that I love and my current bag collection is actually my favourite items that I use regularly. So, I do not expect my bag collection will grow significantly this year. But, we'll see what happens in the next 11 months *wink*

Kate Moss and Saint Laurent Paris Classic Duffle 6 bag

Kate Moss was seen carrying Saint Laurent Paris Classic Duffle 6 bag. The bag was almost unrecognizable since the front bag (with SLP logo) was facing her body. But a true YSL/SLP fans should be able to recognize Duffle 6 bag's distinguished hardwares on its handles. It's the thin square hardwares that give the bag a 'sleek' and 'minimalist' look.

The bag and Kate Moss look chic and I like the bag's smooth leather finish. I think the bag grows on me gradually now. But I still have to see the bag in real life before making any decision :)

By the time I make this post, the bag is still available at for an immediate purchase at USD2,150.

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Flat shoes addict

I must confess that I am a flat shoes addict.
And in January 2013 I had new additions from Salvatore Ferragamo (previously revealed here), Pretty Ballerina and Tory Burch. All are comfy. But if I must rate them, then Salvatore Ferragamo Tinkerbell (the one in taupe) is the winner for its comfort.

I am a true size 37, and I got them all in size 37 except for Tory Burch Violet (the one in dark blue) that I had to go half size bigger.

Salvatore Ferragamo

:: Tinkerbell and Varina ::
Pretty Ballerina


Tory Burch
:: Caroline and Violet ::

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nicole Kidman and Celine Mini Luggage

image from
In this photo Nicole Kidman is seen carrying a Celine Mini Luggage and I assume this version is made from real croc leather. It is beautiful and rare. What a lucky lady!

image from the Purse Forum