Sunday, October 2, 2011

Colour transfer.... Puff!!.... and it's gone

See that darker area in the middle... It's colour transfer from my jeans :(

Puff!! and it's gone...

Shine like a new bag

There was an urgent situation as I posted here. But my bag cleaner was able to do the magic. Yay!!

The Hermes Vibrato Orange is clean now, and I have learnt my important lesson: be careful when wearing dark blue jeans with Hermes Herbag Vibrato.

I hope this will be the last incident for this bag

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  1. I have this problem a lot... What's the bag cleaner that you use?

    Really enjoying your blog, btw. Like you, I'm a total bag and ballet flats addict (not shoes, just ballet flats) :) I'm only going through your entries now in descending order. Loving it!