Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's the little details that matter


I am still in cloud 9 with the recent purchase of PS1 medium in midnight. The bag is very functional, great leather, perfect size for my petite frame (I am just 5'1  in height *grin*) and it has excellent details that keep making me saying (silently and in adoration intonation) "ooooohhh", "aaahhhh", "hmmmm", "wooow"  lol

I like the bag for may reasons. But I have to point out for its details of engraved hardwares with PS logo that I found it anywhere in the bags.... Not every brand applies this.
Note that I am the person who can get an instant crush towards great details on hardwares. In my simple thinking, a brand who specially designs and puts extra effort to engrave the logo on the hardwares reflects a thorough and careful design and execution. PS and YSL (or soon Saint Laurent Paris) are among the names that frequently have engraved logos on hardwares. Hence no wonder that these 2 names have been constantly in  my favourite shelves.

My point in here may be considered as silly for others, but if this little things have made my admiration towards the brand growing steadily...this is something not-too-silly for me, right?

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  1. Amazing bag!! I got the 'Smoke' colour this summer and its so practical. All the zips and extra pockets make it such a great day bag.

    Would you mind replying to a comment I left on your Celine Trapeze Olive bag? I was wondering if you had purchased it from Nordstrom? I know its a while ago now!

    Thanks so much