Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recent haul: Webe tote bags

WEBE braided bags have become one of the most highly sought-after bags in the past one year. We can not simply buy the bags over the counter (I am not sure if Webe has an official store), yet we have to pre-order it (through resellers) with minimum waiting time of 6 months. It is locally made with superior craftsmanship. The bag is made from a stretchy thick polyester fabric and the braided finish is handwoven by local artisans.

The brand offers several bag styles, but I think this one is the most popular one: Maribel. My recent hauls are all Maribel in Large size and note that the large one can only be handcarriedI wish that I can collect a few more colours as these unique bags are great for casual outing. Yet my level of patience is relatively low, so another 6-month waiting period may not be tolerable for me.

By the way, these are actually my second and third Webe bags. Check this post when I revealed my first Maribel in dark blue.

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