Sunday, October 27, 2013

Givenchy Antigona Clutch


I have a soft spot for anything croc-stamped, especially those in black!
In my collection, I have ever had Celine phantom, trapeze and zip clutch which were all in black croc-stamped (check here).

Hence, it was obvious that I was immediately sold for this Givenchy Antigona clutch in black croc-stamped. Size-wise, it is smaller than Saint Laurent Cabas clutch, yet a continental wallet (and a mobile phone and a small pack of tissue) can still go inside this Givenchy clutch. I was quite surprised knowing that a number of essential items can fit inside this small clutch.

At the end, it was one happy purchase and I have no regret so far.

See below photo for the comparison between Givenchy Antigona clutch and Saint Laurent Cabas clutch.

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