Friday, January 10, 2014

Inside my bag: Proenza Schouler PS1


From my last trip to India in September 2013, I wore my favourite handbag for travelling, i.e. Proenza Schouler PS1. (Well, I confess that this is a super late posting lol)

Inside my bag, I brought my usual stuffs as travel companion, such as wallets, make up pouch, travel pouch (for ticket, hotel confirmation letter, passport, internet banking device/token, luggage tag), foldable nylon bag (from Harrods), mini iPad, pen, tissue (and tissue pouch), power bank (and its special pouch). See, I like to use small pouches inside my bag. Using a bag organizer is not as effective as using small pouches.

Notice on the photos that I had several wallets or money pouch: grey Prada, black Bottega Veneta, blue patterned Tulisan pouch. The grey Prada wallet was my 'Singapore wallet' (We flew with Singapore Airlines and had a stop over in Singapore, hence I carried some Singapore notes). The long black continental wallet from Bottega Veneta had my local currency. While the money pouch was to keep some Indian rupees and US dollars.

I always attempt to carry minimum stuffs inside my handbag when I am travelling. And those shown on the photos are my 'minimum requirement' to be an efficient traveller while I am on the way to other country.

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