Friday, June 3, 2011

A LE Longchamp finding from a very nice seller @eBay

I now have a special mission for collecting Longchamp Limited Edition bags.The Limited Edition bags are styled just like the ordinary Le Pliage bags, but with the extra twist. Mostly with special prints or embellishment and issued only in one season.

The best source to find past season LE bags is of course the mighty eBay.

So browsing Longchamp @eBay is like my weekly ritual. I have successfully BIN few LE Longchamp bags from eBay, and this one has a special seller. The seller not only sent my the bag that I bought from her eBay store, but the seller also sent me Longchamp catalog and brochures on Paris. The brochures have successfully made me dreaming on Paris holiday... Oooh, such beautiful city. The city of lights. I wish I could come back again to Paris... some day....

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