Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bottega Veneta Fire Opal and comparison with Hermes's Orange

Last week I went to BV store just to check out their FW11 collection. I saw Resina, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Periodot, Ametiste, Corniola, Rust and Fire Opal.

Resina is quite similar with Curry, but Resina has more yellow undertone (I compared curry and resine side-by-side in the store. Lucky that I wore my Curry Sloane at that day).
Sapphire is a nice striking blue that I also like. But I recently bought YSL Easy bag ini similar blue undertone so that I refrained from inspecting further.
Ametiste is a cute pink but not as soft as baby pink.
Corniola is simply too bright. It is a super bright orange-ish red.
Tourmaline is very very very dark blue that I initially thought it was black lol.
Peridot is a fresh green, but it only one level darker from my beloved Assenzio. Hence I did not make any attempt to inquire further.
Rust is a brick red or terracota colour.
Fire Opal is a super gorgeous orange that I fell in love with the colour at the first sight. It is like Hermes orange. The shade of orange I adore so much.

The store did not have many items in Fire Opal. I saw Large Veneta Fuzzy in fire opal which in my opinion is very beautiful. The fuzzy makes an edgy twist for the classic veneta. But I still hesitated about the fuzzy as I have 3 kids that I am afraid they will love to pull out the fuzzy part from the bag lol

And there is this continental wallet in fire opal that I could not be part with. Hence tha wallet came home with me

I am still curious for Topaz orange which is also part of FW11 collection. The SA promised to contact me if Topaz large veneta is available in the store. I really want to  make comparison Topaz vs. Fire Opal. I think I have decided to get another large veneta in orange, either fire opal or topaz.

These are some prices as of June 2011 that I can still remember.
3way convertible tote 36.5
Large veneta fuzzy 24.5
Large veneta regular 21.5
Continental wallet 7.3


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