Saturday, February 9, 2013

My new found love: Celine Edge Medium

I never thought that I was instantly smitten by this bag. Having seen the bag from Celine's website only made me more curious than ever. I was glad that I had the chance to see the bag in real life and it was an instant love!

The leather is simply amazing. It is thick enough and it has small/very faint grain (which sometimes it reminds me of Hermes' togo leather). The bag is so easy to wear. The zip can be easily open while the bag is still on my shoulder (the long leather tab attached to zipper pull is a great help to open the zipper). And the small back pocket is very very useful to keep my mobile phone or parking ticket. While the bag is worn over the shoulder, it doesnt loose shape shape (thanks to its thick leather) and it doesn't feel boxy at all!

This may look like a simple bag but in my opinion the bag was carefully designed so that it has smart and luxurious details that makes me constantly amazed. This Edge bag is totally a great refresher after the ubiquitous mini luggage and trapeze. So for sure it is a keeper for me ;) I can't wait to see what colours that Phoebe Philo will offer in Fall 2013 collection.


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  1. Hi! this bag has caught my eye too and i'm thinking of getting it. Could you share how this bag holds if carried half open? for e.g. does it put a strain on the strap , look too floppy or lopsided etc? I am someone who likes to be able to access my things easily, and don't quite like zipping and unzipping my bag all the time. Would really appreciate your comment!