Friday, February 15, 2013

Inside my bag: Celine Cabas Citrine

Last week I wore my Celine Cabas Citrine. This cabas style is the one with zipper and the size is just right for my petite frame (height 5'1)

I am the person who loves small (and colourfull) pouches to organize my bag or to keep my bag tidy. The bag organizer simply does not work for me. I also changed the pouches regularly as I got bored easily. It is no wonder that I like to collect small pouches regardless it is from high-end designers or from Etsy/local brands.

So without further ado, these are my essential items that I carry everyday.

Wallet from Tulisan
Recently I bought another 2 wallets from the same brand. I simply love it as the wallet has bright-bold print and big compartments (for cards and money).

Pencil pouch from Longchamp
This has been my loyal pencil pouch after I got rid of the one from Jim Thompson

Pouch from Jim Thompson
This pouch is to keep my power bank. I simply can not leave home without this item

Mirror from Jim Thompson
It has a matching print with my power bank pouch.

Tissue pouch from Smiggle
Smiggle is an Australian stationery brand and I love this brand for its unique and cute designs. I bought this one from the shop in Singapore. The original title is media pouch, i.e. to keep iPod, but I purposely use it to keep tissues (wet and dry).

Card wallet from Etsy
It is a handmade card wallet which I bought from a reseller at Etsy (I love Etsy!). It can fit up to 20 cards and this is the place where I keep the discount/loyalty/membership cards. My wallet is only for money, ATM card, credit card and ID card/driving license (and sometimes receipts).

Sanitary pouch from Etsy
This cute pouch is to conceal my sanitary pouch.

Make-up pouch from Tulisan
These are my important survival kits which I keep inside a make-up pouch
  • Make up from MAC and Bobbi Brown (lipstick, blush on, pressed powder and eye brow pencil)
  • Mint
  • Toothpicks (because I am currently wearing tooth braces, it is very critical that I have this ready in my bag)
  • IKEA measurement which I got get it for free from any IKEA store. It assisted me during any online shopping session lol so that I can have better imagination on the dimension/size of the bag/dress before I hit a 'Buy It Now' or 'Add to shopping bag' button.
  • Safety pin and paperclip. The safety pin is for a wardrobe malfunction situation, while the paperclip is very useful when my iPad has problem and I have to do a reset (the paperclip is to open the sim card compartment during the reseting process).

And lastly, a Mini iPad
This is another critical gadget that I always carry inside my bag (So happy that I recently convert from iPad 1st version to mini iPad. It gives less burden to my shoulder when I have it inside my bag).

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