Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another beauty haul


In October, coincidentally I was running out of some critical items for my daily routine. So that was the reason I splurged on cosmetics recently.

All of these items are actually repeat purchase, except for Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick. It is my first shadow stick and surprisingly I quite like it. It has a nice finish and quite durable (was told that it is waterproof). I can keep it handy inside my small make up pouch and it is much lighter having this stick rather than carrying an eye shadow pallete at all times (just think about 7-colour eye shadow pallete with mirror, where only 2-3 colours will be used and the rest are rarely touched lol)

Giorgio Armani
  • UV master primer
  • Sheer blush #4
  • Microfill loose powder #2

Bobbi Brown
  • Brow pencil 'Ash'
  • Cream shadow stick 'Bark' (Note: certainly I will add more colours)
  • Instant long-wear make up remover (Note: for me, this is the best eye make up remover!)

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