Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My new 'toy'

I have been a loyal Canon user in the past 3 years or since I learnt about photography. Before buying my first Canon DSLR camera, I knew nothing about photography. Even until now, I am still an amateur photographer where I never took any photography class. I learnt the skills through various means, but most importantly I have a best friend who is willing to share her photography tips to me.

My favourite part of photography is taking pictures of my kids. In fact, it was the main reason when I decided to buy my first DSLR camera.

However quietly I have been observing another friends who have moved on to Leica M series camera and regularly shared the amazing Leica-quality photos (through social media) and that has gradually inspired me. However I simply can not justify myself for buying a Leica M series camera. It is damn expensive and it is like entering an entirely new league. It is like to upgrade myself from economy class to a suite in Singapore Airlines A380 flights lol.

The desire to have a Leica camera was very high on me, so that I decided to get my first Leica camera, but not M series yet. Here I am happy to settle with Leica X2 which has the manual function just like any DSLR camera, but it is not equipped with interchangeable lens. And it only has a fixed 35mm lens hence has no ability to perform zooming in or out. Nevertheless, this issue does not affect me for actively using the camera in the past 2 weeks.

After using Leica X2, I think this camera is quite handy and relatively smaller than regular DSLR cameras (yet it is not as lightweight as digital compact camera). This camera will be useful when I have a short trip or when I am lazy to carry extra bag for DSLR camera and its many tools. Well, for me this camera is hassle free and still offers the flexibility to apply manual function just like DSLR cameras. So as a conclusion, I am pleased with this Leica X2.

Psssstt, now I am still dreaming that one day I can own a Leica M series, i.e. M240, although it would cost me and arm and leg (RRP $8,000) *sigh*

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