Saturday, September 13, 2014

Inside my bag: Goyard St Louis PM

Goyard St Louis PM is one of my favourite tote bag. It is super lightweight, (surprisingly) strong and the material is quite durable. Just perfect for mommy bag and for traveling. Last week I wore my St Louis as daily bag with very few contents, meaning that I did not carry a lot of stuffs. Just the basic necessities.

To be honest, I can never get enough of Goyard St Louis. I want to collect all colours lol. Every year, this bag is always on my wishlist but I always end up being confused for the colour to be chosen hahaha. Six months ago I was so eager to have another St Louis in red but then I ever had a red Sac Hardy (here). Nowadays I am thinking about St Louis in yellow or light blue or grey. Having 2 Goyard St Louis PM is simply not enough for me... Give me more... haha

Please see similar post here for my other Goyard St Louis (the black/tan)

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