Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bag of the day: Givenchy Pandora

The shape of this bag may look odd i.e. it is not symmetrical. But surprisingly this bag is very comfortable to wear. Its main compartment (the top zip) is quite spacious, the bag slouches nicely when it is worn and the leather is just so luscious (and durable too). My Pandora is made from goatskin or also known as 'chevre' with obvious small veins on the leather surface. Givenchy Pandora also offers another leather version called 'pepe' which is made from washed lambskin. In my opinion the chevre version looks more luxurious while pepe version gives an edgy style. 

Definitely this bag has become my favourite daily bag in the past one month and it will be great for travelling too.I simply can't wait to take this bag to my next trip.

Check here for the first reveal post.

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