Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Was I able to achieve my (last month) bag resolution?

Last month I made a bag resolution to stop slow down in buying more batik bags. It has been very very difficult for me to keep up with my resolution.
My favourite batik bag seller has come up with new design which I like. The antique batik used in the bag is getting more beautiful than ever with the latest trend of demakan, adek baji, pekalongan. All antique! Oh gosh, these have caused me such difficulties to not jump into the batik bag hip.

So, have I successfully achieved my aim? In slowing down the ordering of more bags --> Yes, I made it! I had less bag custom orders in May compared to that in April. But I still have many bags displayed on my blog this month and I have the reason for it *wink*

The bags displayed on May bag acquisition was actualy from last month orders in April. They are not from custom orders made in May. Simply put, I have stopped ordering more batik bags. Yay! But, I still can not resist when beautiful batik bags in ready stock status are calling my name. It was not a surprise when I snapped 2 beauties impulsively from my favourite seller *grin*

I can guarantee that next month there will be much less batiks bags are included in my bag acquisition list. I have not made many custom orders in May, so I do not expect more bags will be displayed here next month *fingers crossed*

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