Friday, February 24, 2012

In love with Goyard St Louis

I have been eyeing Goyard in the past 4 months. While I was in Paris 3 months ago, I 'almost' bought a Goyard St Louis bag. But I was in a rush to another appointment at that time, so I skipped a visit to Goyard store. I was quite disappointed at that time :(

Fast forward to February 2012, I had the chance to get the bag. Yay! And I opted orange without further consideration. The size? It is PM and it is perfect for my petite frame.

Compared to LV Neverfull, Goyard St Louis is more lightweight and slouchier. The canvas is very durable for a normal daily use. Hence it is no wonder that this bag has become my favourite tote bag *wink*

By the way, I really like the handle design of this tote. Small and sturdy. The way the handles are sewn to the main bag's body is also unique. See last picture above!

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