Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saint Laurent Paris Duffel Bag

I have been a loyal YSL fans in the past 3 years. The iconic YSL's Easy bag has been in my wardrobe for around 3 years. And not only had them in my bag collection but I used them quite often.

Now the brand name (and logo) has been changed to Saint Laurent Paris, under the direction of Hedi Slimane, the new creative director. So, the brand is now often called as SLP.

Of course when a new guy comes, some changes will take place (the brand name/logo has gone a drastic change obviously). New bag designs will be introduced and this small duffel bag is the first Mr. Slimane's creation available in the website.

I have a mixed feeling for this bag. I adore the bright colours that the bag offers and believe that the leather must be very soft. Yet the design is not something new. Bag lovers will easily make comments that the SLP duffel bag looks like Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag or Speedy Bandouliere. And I agree on that. But this duffel bag look is actually a classic design that can be interpreted differently by various brands. SLP for sure makes or interpretes it into minimalist design. Then it would draw more comments that the design is like a new Celine (the logo embossed on the front bag for instance looks like Celine logo/font). I hope that Mr. Slimane has made sound consideration and judgement when he instructed the change on name, logo and font. To be honest, I love the previous YSL bold logo but I wish to see more of Mr Slimane's bag designs and maybe the new logo would looks better and nicer to the overall design that he soon introduces.

I also noticed that the price under new SLP name has increased from the previous YSL bags' price ranges (to illustrate, YSL small chyc cabas that has similar size to this duffel bag is usd1850). In order to justify whether this bag is truly worth investing, one must check and see it by herself. And definitely I have to see it before a decision is made.

The description from the YSL website is as follows:

Signature Saint Laurent duffel bag with tubular handles, removable shoulder strap and key ring pouch.
  • Calfskin leather with suede lining
  • Exterior pocket with magnetic closure
  • Interior zip pocket, 2 slot pockets
  • Brass feet, double zip closure
  • Style ID: 314704 BOF0J 1000
  • Dimensions: 12" x 10.5" x 7", Drop 4.5"
  • Made in Italy 

Price USD2150 and by the time I made this post, this bag has to be pre-ordered


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