Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inside my bag: Goyard Hardy PM Red

Continental wallet, make up pouch, small note book, tissue pouch, pencil case, card wallet, pouch for power bank, sanitary napkin pouch, mirror and candy

My current favourite wallet. It's a birthday present from DH.

Longchamp red card wallet and a stack of discount/loyalty/membership/doctor/hospital and name cards
 All those cards can fit into the wallet and I carry them everyday.

My make up pouch from Etsy. I wish to share the new zipper pull that I got it from Smiggle :)

Jim Thompson pouch to keep the power bank (simply can't leave home without this tools).
See the cute zipper pull that carries my son's name :)

A cute pouch from Smiggle to keep tissue and wet tissue.

Balenciaga coin purse to keep or to hide the sanitary napkins.
(Hey, it's always good if we have it prepared. I am often not aware when 'it' is due to arrive.)

Longchamp red pencil case. A matching case with my card wallet.
I always carry a black pen, pencil, eraser and small post it.
Jim Thompson mirror. It is a matching print with my power bank pouch.
See the cute elephants print.

Another (not so recent) bag acquisition in 2012, a Goyard Hardy PM that I successfully scored in Peninsula Hotel Arcade Hongkong 3 months ago.

Today I wore the bag for running some errands and here I wish to share what's inside my bag. As usual, I am not a 'bag organizer' (bag O) kind of girl. I much preferred to arrange my essentials in small pouches or wallets. The pouch must be colourful (no black please) so that I easily find it and take it out fast from the bag.

From time to time I will change the pouches depending on my mood :)

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