Sunday, December 1, 2013

V73 Birkin-inspired canvas tote bag

V73 is an Italian brand that designs and makes a Birkin-inspired bag made from canvas. They claim that the bags and accessories are made in Italy (not made in China!).

I was so tempted to get this bag as I read quite positive review from bag lovers around the globe. I have seen the other Birkin-inspired bags from Banana Taipei (a Taiwanese brand) or Thursday Friday (a US brand) and one thing that I noticed was that both brands uses unlined canvas fabric to construct the bag. Hence the inside pocket was relatively minimum (only one open pocket) and the bags do not have a nice structure (very very slouchy).

The Birkin inspired bag from V-73 is different. It is made from thick canvas and inside is lined with red cotton fabric (yes, red lining is always nice). And since the bag is lined, there are some functional pockets built-in inside the bag. Even there are 2 zip pockets with unique metal zipper pull, i.e. in number 7 and 3.

The bag is decorated with metal buckles on the front side which improves its aesthetic look. Another decoration of the bag is a set of bag charm which I do not feature in this post. Oh, and the bottom of the bag is protected by some metal feet.

Although the bag is made from canvas, it is actually a rather heavy bag. I guess it is due to the thick canvas, lining and those metal hardware used in this bag. Because the bag is heavy (even when it is empty), I  have intentionally removed the metal bag charm to reduce the weight.

I have used the bag in the past one month and yes I quite like it. I have used it as a pilates bag to keep my exercise clothes and I guess this bag would serve well as my pilates/gym bag.

If there is a smaller size for this bag then I might interested in getting another one which would be nice for daily handbag *wink*

The bag has plenty of pockets!

I bought the bag from and was so surprised when I received the package. It was delivered inside a huge black box from Reebonz. And with ribbon tied on it. Nice!

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