Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bag of the day: Balenciaga Work Outremer and others

It is common that when I leave the house I would carry several bags, where each bag has its own purpose.
Like today, I intentionally prepared 3 different bags. One is for my handbag (Balenciaga), another one is used as a camera bag (because I don't favour the masculine-looking camera bag) and last one is my pilates bag (Tulisan tote bag).

I do not always carry a DSLR camera whenever I leave the house. It is heavy and my photography mood is not always in good condition. But today was special, where I promised to take some photos of my daughter while she's at school. Luckily it was sunny in the morning and I had a wonderful photo session. At the school field I chased around my daughter and her friends and begged them to pose and smile and to look at to my camera for 5 seconds just before they ran away. After doing this kind of  'exercise' (i.e. chasing around the kids/standing on my knee frequently while carrying the heavy camera) for another 30 minutes, I sweated a lot and I thought that I successfully burnt several hundred calories lol

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