Saturday, March 1, 2014

My first bag in 2014

Last month, I made a quick stop at local Celine store just to clarify about the gossip of near-future price increase (and the rumour was true.. hiks). Inside the store I noticed that they displayed some small leather goods (mostly wallets) in beautiful saffron and I simply love this new spring colour. My sweet SA understood well that recently I had been more interested in trio bags (not luggage or trapeze) and she quickly disappeared into the back room. When she returned she shown me this gorgeous saffron trio and I knew immediately that this baby would come home with me.

At that time I was in a hurry to pick up my kids from their school so I asked her to quickly finalize the transaction. And it was the fastest purchase I have ever made in Celine. In total I only spent around 10 minutes inside the store and when I left the store, I carried a small paper bag containing this trio. What a happy ending....

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