Saturday, August 9, 2014

What a nice surprise

Oh yes, I got this nice surprise from DH around a week ago. When I opened the white cotton dustbag, I instantly adored its bright purple colour. This is my first Givenchy bag. And after one week of wearing it, I love the bag even more. Very comfortable, easy to access to the main compartment, easy to open the zip while the bag is on my shoulder, gorgeous leather (and looks durable too) and relatively lightweight. Well, those are some criteria that are important for me when I choose a handbag, especially if the bag is for everyday use. And this Pandora  has passed with flying colours lol...

I will share more pictures of this baby soon ;) As always it is not easy to capture the real purple tone from a handbag. In the past I had some technical issue with my other purple bag when I took photos of them. If the lighting is too bright then its red-tone will come out. And if the lighting is too dark, then the blue-tone will get stronger. So I have to be in a proper lighting or time for the (bag) photoshoot session. Next week I will do my best to capture this purple baby and will share it here ;)

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