Sunday, July 1, 2012

At the Playground

This place is my kids' favourite playground. I also like it as its coffee shop serves good coffee, breakfast menu is quite extensive and it has few gazebos that we (i.e. parents) can use to relax. I considered that the place is a 'safe' playground as the whole area is covered by non-slippery rubber mat. So if our kids fell from the swing, they will land softly on the padded floor.

It also has a nice water park area but yesterday I did not take any pictures on that part.

My bag of the day was Tulisan's siesta tote. Whenever I go out with the kids to do outdoor activities (like going to the park or playground), a Tulisan bag is always my favourite ;) Basically it is a worry-free bag (made from coated canvas material) and the size is just right for me (considering that I am petite).

What's inside my bag? The contents are the regular ones, like wallet, small mirror, cosmetic pouch, pen pouch, mint and a small pouch (for mobile phone charger). The only addition is my camera pouch.

My camera pouch is from Crumpler. By having this pouch, I do not need to carry a separate camera bag. Basically any tote bag can now be my camera bag ;)

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