Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tote bag of the week

I was quite busy during this week due to my work :(

So I did not change bag that often. I wore my trusted Chanel Biarritz during weekdays. It is just a perfect tote bag for working. Big, roomy and the bag is quite structured (not so slouchy). My iPad and some work documents could easily fit into the bag.

But since I got more work documents to be read at home (ehm, as homework), then I had to carry additional/extra (tote) bag for those documents. So I opted to carry this bag from Tulisan. I think this one is called 'atelier box'.

On Sunday morning we visited our favourite park and arranged a kid's playdate with our friend's kids. My 5-year old boy was quite excited as he met his friends. For this outdoor activity, I changed my Biarritz to (another) tote bag from Tulisan. This one was from Hotel Batavia print series. As always, the bag also served as my camera bag ;)

On Sunday noon I had lunch with best friends and I wore a simple black jumpsuit. To brighten my outfit, then I decided to wear a bag in pop colour. And Goyard St Louis in orange was the perfect choice ;)

To conclude, I could say that I had a great weekend ;)

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