Tuesday, July 31, 2012

YSL Chyc Cabas Medium in Dark Green

I am sooooo excited!
I have been drooling over Chyc Cabas for a month and decided to take the plunge and join the Chyc Club.

I am proudly presenting my latest baby, Chyc Cabas Medium in Dark Green (vert fonce).
Although initially I was looking at the Chyc Cabas small with strap (see my previous post here), but I finally took the medium size. In my opinion, the medium size looks proportional and more elegant. Further I already have several bags with long strap. So, the Chyc Cabas medium was the winner. Although it is best to be hand carried, but I can still wear it over the shoulder. Therefore, this has been a good news for me *grin*

As always, YSL makes excellent leather and this is not an exception. The leather used for Chyc Cabas is scratch/rubs resistant (not as prone as Balenciaga for sure). It can slouch nicely (when worn over the shoulder) yet it still gives a good structure when the bag is hand carried.

Then when talking about the colour, this green is unique. I saw it for the first time in the website, and it did not attract me. Yet in real life, it is a gorgeous and classic green. I fell in love immediately with this green bag (Note that I am more a pink-purple person usually). The gold hardware is the best match and it really has brightened the green tone.

I guess this bag will be a keeper (just like my YSL Easy) and I can imagine that Chyc Cabas medium is also great for travelling (considering the size and leather quality).

Now I have started thinking the next colour that I should get LOL

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